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What will you be wearing on your feet this autumn...?

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RockyAddict Sun 04-Sep-11 16:36:53

I know it's still a little bit hard to tell, but I've got the feeling that summer may be on it's way out...hmm

After living in Birkenstocks pretty much since April, I am now rethinking my footwear but am stuck for ideas. Still too warm for boots, bit sick of Converse type bumpers. What will you be wearing and can you inspire me please?

neuroticmumof3 Sun 04-Sep-11 16:41:05

I never know what to wear inbetween seasons - not warm enough for flipflops, not cold enough for boots. I just look forward to getting back into boots tbh.

pissedrightoff Sun 04-Sep-11 17:13:28

Tan leather loafers, Black suede moccasins,Wonder woman converse, Taupe suede biker boots.

Also wellies when walking the dog.

Gillybobs Sun 04-Sep-11 18:04:40

Brown knee high boots, brown heeled brogues, camel suede ballerinas

higgle Sun 04-Sep-11 18:17:31

Today I have bought some Fly Yedi shoes in Brown here and some black Camper clogs here I have some really nice ( much better than you might imagine) M&S black wedge boots, that now seem to be sold out these ones- that seems enough to be going on with! (Shoe Envy have some great prices ATM)

RockyAddict Sun 04-Sep-11 22:35:51

Thanks guys, loafers and ballerinas could be the way to go... higgle thanks for the shoe envy, going to have a squint at it now...

PattySimcox Mon 05-Sep-11 08:19:35

Can I ask the sane of people who walk a lot too please? I work in a nursing home so on my feet lots and the school run is 5 miles so cannot be done in heels try as I might.

HallnotOates Mon 05-Sep-11 08:51:45

OOH OOH heeled loafers

MissBeehiving Mon 05-Sep-11 09:49:10

New Look loafers are not bad atm here

fishie Mon 05-Sep-11 10:19:06

i don't wear shoes. only boots and sandals. oh and clogs. have really short camper ankle boots and suede biker jobs for transitional season wear. then 1000 pairs of boots for the winter. latest purchase is boden chelsea boots, they are much nicer in rl, not so toddler-tastic as would appear on the site.

Insomnia11 Mon 05-Sep-11 10:38:40

Have pumps/ballerinas in lime green, pewter/gold and converse grey. Also flat boots in grey green, heeled and biker boots in black, and green Hunter wellies in the rain/snow!

SevenAgainstThebes Mon 05-Sep-11 11:46:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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