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what's 'in' for eyewear (glasses!)?

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DuelingFanjo Fri 08-Apr-11 18:18:50

I'm off to specsavers soon to look at new frames. Last time I went for dark rectangular frames but I feel they make me look old.

So what's in? I have a heavy fringe and a long face, can you help?

FoofffyShmoofffer Fri 08-Apr-11 18:26:50

Ooooh marking my place with I need everyday specs and prescription sunnies.

whoamamma Fri 08-Apr-11 18:31:56

Me too : 0

DonaAna Fri 08-Apr-11 18:42:15

All the hip, beautiful, young people where I live wear specs that remind me of young Bill Gates. Most of them have black frames but the occasional very self-confident one sports this look in ivory.

FoofffyShmoofffer Fri 08-Apr-11 18:43:42

Good God, I had a pair of them and a bad perm when I was twelve! I looked like Dierdre Barlow.

BrainThrustMastery Fri 08-Apr-11 18:44:41

I'm in love with these pretty but I fear they make me look a bit French (especially since I have a tendency to wear at least one stripy thing every day grin)

dottyaboutstripes Fri 08-Apr-11 18:54:15

Specsavers have a fairly cool new Gok teenagers are fans and my 6yr old REALLY wants the ones he calls "Harry Potter glasses"

DonaAna Fri 08-Apr-11 19:16:51

The other look that's in is also vaguely prosthetic - these sunglasses. I think Tom Ford started the trend and now they are everywhere.

polyhymnia Fri 08-Apr-11 20:29:39

BrainThrust - I like those Missoni. I'd be only too pleased to be taken for French (though don't think it's going to happen ...). Not keen on those Tom Ford inspired ones!

DuelingFanjo Fri 08-Apr-11 20:47:43

ah, see I have been told I look like harry Potter more than once. I want to get away from that.

BrainThrustMastery Fri 08-Apr-11 21:50:38

polyhymnia I'm so tempted to buy them but I don't think they'd suit my face...actually, I'm not even sure what shape my face is [stupid emoticon]

Shhhh Fri 08-Apr-11 21:55:41

I am glasses hunting atm...

Wish I hadn't started. I love a bit of bling but there is v little about atm.

Want to know whats in fashion...hmm
Geeky specs shock.

Big frames, plain and nerdy..hmm.

I can see its going to take me aggees to find frames I like.sad.

Shhhh Fri 08-Apr-11 21:57:03

My problem is that everywhere I have been, I have been told my face is petite hmm which doesn't help when all the frames about are large and over powering iykwim..

DuelingFanjo Fri 08-Apr-11 22:05:49

see, I thought big and geeky was in 2 years ago when I got the big and geeky glasses I have on now. I suppose I want glasses which make me look like I am not really wearing glasses.

BrainThrustMastery Fri 08-Apr-11 22:16:04

I have these Moschino (but not in pink...more of a graphite) but I'd like something different now. I rarely wear my glasses but since it's coming into hayfever season I'll need to start wearing them more often!

MrsMeow Sat 09-Apr-11 10:15:49

I've just ordered two pairs of Osiris glasses from Specsavers (going to pick them up in a minute actually!) They're both heavy frames which seem to suit me the best, but I see that you don't really want those...

There were a few pairs of Missoni specs in there that were gorgeous. I dithered between those and the Osiris ones for ages! It's definitely worth taking your time looking.

Not sure if you're after sunglasses but I've also ordered these from Boots using a half price ticket that I got from the till. Got them for £40 and I can now see when I'm driving in the sun!!! grin

I was really looking forward to seeing the Gok Wan specs, but I don't like them they're a bit too fashion forward for me I think!

moragbellingham Sat 09-Apr-11 16:32:54

Gotti and as worn by Johnny Depp.

moragbellingham Sat 09-Apr-11 16:34:02

I've also just got some half price prescription sunglasses with a voucher when you spend over £5 at Boots (also valid at Dolland and Aitchison).

SpecsPost Mon 13-Jun-11 12:09:27

Hi! I work for SpecsPost (an online glasses shop) and we stock Jill Stuart glasses which are specially designed for petite faces. They come in lots of styles and colours and prices start from £40.
Hope this helps smile

SpecsPost Mon 13-Jun-11 12:09:34

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

TattyDevine Mon 13-Jun-11 12:37:15

Just thought I'd add my favourite glasses place at the moment that my next frames will be coming from - Kirk Originals - all sorts of shapes and colours, hours of fun!

drzeus Mon 13-Jun-11 22:40:53

Love my specs - these. Got the brown ones. Also got prescription sunnies which are tortoiseshell Guess.

I'm a bit of a specs girl - really like wearing my glasses hmm grin

bethelbeth Mon 13-Jun-11 22:49:19

I get mine from a place called Niche Optical Tailors. In Glasgow. They specialise in unusual or vintage style frames.

I am trying to work up the courage to go for a winged pair! similar to these so not entirely outrageous but very feminine

cardoon Tue 14-Jun-11 09:02:56

I've just bought a pair of Guess glasses (with demo lenses) from TKMAXX

Has anyone had their optician fit prescription lenses for them?

fishie Tue 14-Jun-11 09:30:01

I've got really nice ones from Booth and Bruce here but that is lots more than I paid, got them in a glasses shop in Covent Garden. I have got a small head / face too, wear children's swimming goggles.

I had my optician put the lenses in, they were a bit grumpy about it but never mind. I did try to link to the proper B&B site but it plays ghastly jazz music which has upset my colleagues, don't want to do the same to any of you without warning...

I disapprove of the large and geeky glasses fashion when it means that everyone wears the same, we should be able to adapt to suit us.

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