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Hunter wellies - worth the money?

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PassTheTwiglets Thu 13-Jan-11 07:00:07

Are Hunter wellies expensive just because they're trendy or are they actually worth the money? I'm sick of buying cheap wellies which only last a few months or which are really uncomfortable to wear so I was wondering if Hunters are good quality or just a fashion statement.

PassTheTwiglets Thu 13-Jan-11 07:07:07

Oh Good Lord, I've just seen how expensive they actually are! I thought they were £40 expensive, not £140 expensive! shock

Also, does anybody know if they are uncomfortable if you're short, as the boots look much taller than others...

Lavitabellissima Thu 13-Jan-11 07:25:44

Hunters are great quality but if you have an equestrian or farm shop near you, they are still the original price. I think I paid £37 for mine, they last for years.

SlowComfortableShrew Thu 13-Jan-11 07:29:44

I love mine- so comfortable. Mind were 50 quid on da interweb.

gregssausageroll Thu 13-Jan-11 07:53:26

Where did you get £140 from? I paid £50 for mine from Hunter and that was delivered.

overthemill Thu 13-Jan-11 07:59:32

not sure. I bought mine about 8 years ago spending £40 and am about to throw them away cos the lining is all rucked and give me a blister. Wore them regularly but not every day for about 4 years and since hardly at all. I think they should last better than that - I assumed they'd last years n years. Wouldn't buy again

WhyHavePets Thu 13-Jan-11 07:59:49

They are narrow around the calf and they don't do half sizes so getting the perfect fit can be tough - and for £40 I would want them to be fitting just right myself.

they are worth trying as they can last well - it does depend on the person though, I know one person who splits hunters in months every time but gets on great with Joules and Mudruckers!

Personally I have ended up with some that are about half the price and seem to last about the same time (for me) are comfortable and fit well - but it was trial and error!

PassTheTwiglets Thu 13-Jan-11 08:31:37

'Narrow aroud the calf' - hmmm, maybe not for me then

The £140 was from the Hunter website but that was the link I clicked on so maybe they were fancy-schmancy ones...

What a shame about yours, overthemill

greentomato Thu 13-Jan-11 09:34:10

Mine are 10 years old and going strong. They grip you nicely round the ankle so don't slop about when you walk. Great walking wellies.

diddl Thu 13-Jan-11 09:41:50

I had Huntress & found them crap tbh.

The soles wore down really quickly.

maryz Thu 13-Jan-11 09:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greedygoose Thu 13-Jan-11 09:54:52

Big fan and I've tried them all!
Went through 3 pairs of Joules last year hmm

hogsback Thu 13-Jan-11 10:04:35

Hunters have gone seriously downhill since they became trendy. Nearly everyone I know involved in farming and horses wears Dunlops. They're cheap from an agricultural suppliers (no VAT on the safety ones as they count as PPE), very comfy, wide range of styles, fur lining if you like that kind of thing, excellent grip in mud, snow, ice and last forever. Had my current pair for 15 years!

MrsTumbles Thu 13-Jan-11 10:11:53

£140 shock I saw some in TK Makks in the summer for £27, I should have stocked up!!

FrameyMcFrame Thu 13-Jan-11 10:46:39

I second the Dunlops, they last for bloody years.
Though they're not at all trendy and don't come in lovely colours. (as far as I know)
I think the Hunters are becoming a bit like the Uggs of the welly world.

LadyBiscuit Thu 13-Jan-11 10:55:13

Ooh I'm so glad I saw this thread. I was going to buy some Dunlops but thought there might be a reason why Hunters were twice the price. I tried on my nephew's Dunlops and they were really comfy so you've just saved me £20

hogsback Thu 13-Jan-11 12:00:20

Hunters are now made in China whereas Dunlops are still made in Europe (Netherlands and Italy) although sadly the old Dunlop factory in Liverpool shut down some time ago.

hogsback Thu 13-Jan-11 12:03:56

Oh, and if you want seriously posh boots, look at Le Chameau and Ariat.

LadyBiscuit Thu 13-Jan-11 12:38:56

Really I covet a pair of Ilse Jacobsen wellies but they are v expensive and as they're lace up, I'm not sure they'd be as good for dragging DS out of rockpools which is what I wear wellies for

mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 16:38:27

I really rate Hunter Wellies! Altho I must say, I purchased a normal pair and they were too tight around the legs! I've now invested in the adjustable ones (so I can squeeze my legs into them)! ha. Cost £56 - worth the pennies!

madammecholet Thu 13-Jan-11 19:08:24

I bought a pair of Barbour. Twice the quality, half the the sales lady said She did sell both so she was in effect down selling, but she was honest and I am really pleased with them.

mum295 Thu 13-Jan-11 19:12:44

Love my Hunters. DH got some too, and we both found that we needed a size bigger than our normal shoe size.

PassTheTwiglets Thu 13-Jan-11 19:47:10

Good tip about the Dunlops, I'll try them all kand see what I think. Much appreciated, everyone!

purepurple Thu 13-Jan-11 19:53:08

I love my hunters, they came in really handy for the snow at the beginning and end of last year. Mine cost £50 from the internet a couple of years ago and I have the trendy lace-up festival ones.

Dominique5905 Thu 17-Dec-15 23:20:33

Hunters?.. I'm spitting blood-I hadn't touched mine since early spring, after jet-washing the buggers at the end of Autumn, and leaving them in the mud-room, hanging downside-up for the last few months... They cost me £85.00 last year, and they've split!.. I was persuaded by a girlfriend to buy these-I didn't trust them, I thought they were a bit too 'show-ey', but I acquiesced-being bossed again, I suppose... Well, never again... I've gone out and bought another pair of Barbours, as I've been using for years... Cost me £95.00, because I couldn't shop aroud, and this was the local country shop price... But they'll last me for donks, I know the brand, and I'm not paying for sexy marketing... *Quietly fuming*

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