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Do you think I could get a makeover in Glasgow on Sunday?

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chocolatestar Fri 29-Oct-10 19:09:05

I have never had one but would like to have some help creating a natural everyday look. I am rubbish at make-up so need help. Could I go somewhere in a dept store or something this Sunday or would I need to book in a salon or something?

providentielle Sat 30-Oct-10 00:09:59

Don't know about salons but the dept stores normally do this without an appt, you might need to wait a bit if they are busy. Are you going into town? Debenhams, boots and body shop def all do it

YourCallIsImportant Sat 30-Oct-10 00:33:22

If you phone Clarins, Bobby Brown, Clinique, MAC etc in Fraser's in Glasgow, you'd probably be able to get an appt for a makeover. You'll be spoilt for choice in there, enjoy your day. grin

prettybird Sat 30-Oct-10 00:33:32

There's a Bobbi Brown counter at Frasers: that's a good brand for a natural every day look. You could give Frasers a all and ask them to put you through to Bobbi Borwn (or Lancome or Clarins or Clinique or Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder......) and ask if they'd be able to do a makeover on Sunday.

YourCallIsImportant Sat 30-Oct-10 00:48:54

Great minds prettybird wink

chocolatestar Sat 30-Oct-10 02:01:41

Thanks! Would you recommend one brand more than the others or are they all pretty good?

scottishmummy Sat 30-Oct-10 02:09:02

yes, frasers and boots clinique

scottishmummy Sat 30-Oct-10 02:09:39

brands-bobbi brown, clinique

deathjeff Sat 30-Oct-10 02:28:35

Although debenhams makeup counters are usually quieter.... and fwiw I recommend Estee Lauder.

RipMacWinkle Sat 30-Oct-10 07:59:26

Also, a wee thought. I recently bought mineral makeup in Debenhams and the girl gave me one of their Beauty Club cards like a loyalty card. You get points when you spend in their Beauty dept.

I did end up spending a bit between that a present for sil. But this month I did get a tenner off my new perfume.

Could be worth it if you find a counter you like/can get a rec and are planning to spend a bit? You might up with some money back to spend for Christmas or in the Jan sales?

I'd never heard of it before I bought the mineral stuff.

Good luck anyway! I'm jealous. It sounds great.

geordieminx Sat 30-Oct-10 09:55:29

John Lewis have Bobbi brown too. My fav. Quite ££ though - bought foundation, gel eye liner and a brush to apply yesterday and was £70

prettybird Sat 30-Oct-10 11:15:14

I'd normally recommend only buying from one of the "brands" if they've got an offer on - but the porblem for you on this occasion is that if they've got an offer on, they'll be inundated with people and will only be taking bookings for makeovers at some future date. No use for you.

chocolatestar Sat 30-Oct-10 11:46:42

Ek, £70! That's more than I thought.

deathjeff Sat 30-Oct-10 12:52:51

You could wait till debenhams megaday in Nov and get the discount then.

chocolatestar Sun 31-Oct-10 18:39:40

Couldn't get in for today but made an appointment with Mac for a lesson next Sunday. Keep swinging from being very excited to feeling guilty for spending money on what is a total indulgence.

RipMacWinkle Sun 31-Oct-10 20:19:01

When I spoke to one of the girls in Mac in Glasgow HOF recently, she was really patient and totally clued up. Very helpful.

Hope you have a fantastic time and come back to let us know how you get on.

Enjoy grin

chocolatestar Wed 10-Nov-10 21:11:46

Just to update. Had my appointment on Sunday I and I thought it was really good. The makeup artist was totally cool with the fact that I was completly clueless and bit nervous about it all - especially when I had to apply one half of my face. I looked great when she was finished.

Only problem was to make me look that way took 15 different products!! No way I could afford them all so I bought foundation, concealer, lipgloss and mascarra. Maybe be able to buy more over time.

prettybird Thu 11-Nov-10 18:14:42

Glad you had a good time. Now that you have got an idea, you can maybe buy some chepaer products (eg No 7) while you save up to buy the fancy stuff.

Also, make sure tolook out for offers and buy then

Bet you looked fabulous! grin

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