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Where can I find narrow fitting shoes for dd (12) that are reasonably fashionable?

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Fimbo Mon 06-Sep-10 13:53:41

We have surprisingly ended up with a school shoes from Clarks ladies range which is a slip on as they came in a narrow fit (for this purpose i think).

We have a wedding anniversary do shortly and whilst we have the dress and everything else, the shoes are the problem.

Please tell me where I can find narrow fitting shoes (probably around a C fitting).

purplepeony Mon 06-Sep-10 18:03:10

You can't. smile
Sorry- my DD was/is that fitting and it's impossible. she was in startrite for years and years.

I am a AA fitting and it's hell. You could look at somewhere like James Ingles which are women's shoes and try...ut they might be old fashioned.

Another one is Medissa shoes, nad Special Feetures- both online.

Good luck.

Magicglassesfairy Mon 06-Sep-10 20:54:14

Boden kids shoes are quite narrow fitting - I have AA feet and buy their size 39 (6) which are great for me.
Duo boots sell shoes in width fittings if she is an adult size.
As PP says it is a complete pain - for adults and children with narrow feet.

purplepeony Mon 06-Sep-10 22:46:58

I find Duo shoes really wide, TBH. I have 4 pairs of their boots but have to choose the style carefully as often the feet are big.

My DD and I get so annoyed- shoe shops cater for wide feet, but not slim feet. It has become worse as people have become fatterlarger, as although I had the same problem in my 20s it's worse now.

Fimbo Tue 07-Sep-10 13:32:36

Thanks ladies. Never had this problem myself being fat of feet but she takes after her dad.... Will check out Medissa and Special Features. Never thought about Boden.

Thank You!

roary Tue 07-Sep-10 19:41:26

I have this problem. purplepeony is right.
I don't find Boden shoes run narrow. If you have narrow feet shoes have to run really really narrow to fit. James inglis is excellent for service, and there are some lovely shoes but also frumpy horrors.

If you have narrow feet you must be v careful to avoid buying shoes that are too small so they will stay on. I have incipient bunions from this.

roary Tue 07-Sep-10 19:42:41

Also, I can't wear duo....and they don't have free returns.

Fimbo Wed 08-Sep-10 09:55:00

Thanks Roary. Looked at the other sites mentioned and there is nothing that is suitable for her. Boden is too ladylike and JohnnieB has a pair of pumps.

You would think someone would catch on to this market somewhere............

Magicglassesfairy Wed 08-Sep-10 10:06:55

I meant Boden children's shoes rather than adults - they go up to a size 6 but are narrowish.
Duo boots are wide you're right but their shoes start at 21cm I think.
Medissa shoes also good service.
Failing that ship to the UK (from USA) but sometimes it would be lovely just to be able to have a proper choice.

AliAmble Mon 21-Jan-13 17:22:54


Sorry if this is repeating some of the answers above.

I have UK size 4.5 AA feet. I've used James Inglis (Peebles), Medissa Shoes (West Yorkshire) and Special Feetures (near London) (all three shops have mail order facilities) although unfortunately they normally start from an adult UK size 5. Medissa shoes and James Inglis have some smaller lengths.

I've had success for my young daughter (who has the same narrow feet as me!) at a shop called Jump on Gosforth High Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. I even got myself a stylish pair of boots there! The shop stocks Italian and French shoes which suit my daughter's narrow and shallow feet. They are very helpful.

Hope this helps. I know from experience how much of a pain it is to have narrow feet, and to try to find narrow fitting shoes for kids!

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