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DS's Purple Piedro Boots!

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Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 00:32:59

Yes, Fio, they are exactly as you described, purple with patent mock-croc panels. DS looks like a member of The Sweet (but I am probably the only MN-er old enough to remember glam rock), especially as one shoe has a hig platform sole to make up DS's leg length discrepancey.
Never again will I allow DP to go to the orthotics appointments and choose DS's shoes.
Hey ho!

ScummyMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 00:43:09

Blu! Stop making me laugh. Doesn't ds look rather fabulous in them? Or am I clutching at straws here?

Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 00:55:52

W-e-e-ell, I got home after DS was in bed, but he did tell me on the phone that he is very pleased with them. DP thinks they are 'very 70's' and therefore cool.
Thank goodness DS is only just 4, and doesn't realise things.
And serve me right for advocating 'boys in frocks' - Spidermama (XXXX!) this is all your faul;t .

They're girls' boots! There's no doubt about it! Why did the orthotoist even show them those pages in the catalogue! I spent f**g months writing letters of revolutionary calibre in order to force the local NHS trust to agree to DS having more than one pair of shoes at a time! And what do we get? Girls Boots!

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 08:01:50

pmsl... I know the subject matter isn't funny but a 4yo member of The Sweet? Fantastic! Will he be wearing a matching purple paisley cat suit?

He's happy for now though and surely he'll grow out of them soon enough

potty1 Tue 19-Jul-05 08:10:17

Blu - I'm old enough to remember the Sweet too......I'm sure he looks brill, just as long as he doesn't want the rest of the clobber to match!

aloha Tue 19-Jul-05 08:24:58

Oh, this is very funny! And I have to admit, I did think instantly of boys in frocks...
It's a good think BoyBlu doesn't have long blonde hair, eh?
I also cannot imagine what your dp was thinking of, but ds likes them so that's good (she says, clutching at glam-rock straws).
And this, dear reader, is why I maintain an iron grip over all children's clothing related matters in our house.

Hausfrau Tue 19-Jul-05 08:46:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 09:01:52

LOL - yes, I like the matching paisley jumpsuit and elton john specs.

DS has curly hair which i was going to get trimmmed tomorrow - but maybe the Full Marc Bolan will look good.

Aloha - your sartorial grip is noted. It's the only way to go!

hester Tue 19-Jul-05 09:30:34

Oh this is funny, Blu. Take LOTS of photos for tormenting DS in his later years!

Only hope that he doesn't decide he hates them in three weeks...

gingerbear Tue 19-Jul-05 09:45:30

like this??

Fio2 Tue 19-Jul-05 11:39:32

hey stop taking the mick my dd wears them too!

tamum Tue 19-Jul-05 11:41:25

Oh bless him! Presumably he chose them? (I also remember The Sweet, FWIW )

Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 12:13:00

Oh, yes, he chose them, and he's very proud of them. He showed them off at nursery this morning - everyone was most impressed! (phew!)

They are actually a gorgeous colour - very dark purple, and in a sort of matt nubuck-y stuff. It's just the patent mock croc that makes them....girly!

And Fio, I do have a bit of a feeling that your dd is, actually, a girl?

Does anyone know the way?
there's got to be a way,
To BlockBuster?

The things they wrote songs about in those days!

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 12:39:58

And the man at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz

Ahhhh... memories. Sweet were my brother's favourite band for a short time.

Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 12:41:33

And of course, our very own WigWambam!

JakB Tue 19-Jul-05 15:13:02

Bless him!

coppertop Tue 19-Jul-05 15:23:40

LOL at this thread!!!

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