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the Friday night thread...

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signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 18:21:54

Hi everyone, how's life been?

we had first (not done by mummy) hair cut this week, with the application of lots of snacks and our lovely hairdresser, who picked a really quiet time, (and was prepared to take him upstairs to the flat it he didn't cope) ds managed really well, and looks very neat.

DS has also decided he does like flip flops, (didn't like the toe post) and has walked around in them saying 'fippy fops' to himself, grin

and i have lost (tum tiddy tum tum tum tum!) nearly a stone, (or did I tell you all that last week??) anyway v v proud, (lots more to go tho,) blush.

and as dh is away i get to keep the computer on this evening and don't have to rush away and watch Dr Who, grin wink

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 24-Jun-11 18:28:45

well done sign on the weight loss smile and well done ds for the haircut.

fairly quiet week here, finally got the hearing aid settings sorted which has been a huge relief all round, next week we have the teachers strike and a long weekend due to inset days, mightn't be so quiet then! After having dd3 in school for 2 years now they still haven't learnt that they need to enlarge everything to at least A5 otherwise she can't see, todays pictures sent home smaller than half that size [sigh] roll on the end of term.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 24-Jun-11 18:29:33

oh, will get the gin out for after dinner smile

Vroomfondel Fri 24-Jun-11 18:30:25

Hello. Can I officially join you? (Tis I AtYourCervix in hiding).


DD officially diagnosed AS on monday. Worked nights (hate nights) and a large financial holiday fuckup.

I need a beer.

Vroomfondel Fri 24-Jun-11 18:31:13

and very well done on the weight loss.

hazeyjane Fri 24-Jun-11 18:33:40

Hello, can I join in?

I am trying to get ds to sleep, whilst dh baths our dds.

My goodness this felt like a very long week.

Ds doing a poo.

Will be back later with

moosemama Fri 24-Jun-11 18:37:04

Well done sign, a good week all round for you then.

I am very envy of your weightloss. I've joined a thread in the slimming section and have managed to lose 8lbs so far - only 46 to go then! shock blush

Ninja, glad the hearing aid got sorted ok.

Hello Vroomfondel/AYC - beer sounds very well deserved. I'm sticking with detox tea and water tonight. [boring slimmer emoticon]

My week has been ok-ish, other than the barking teacher incident, as per my thread. She was all smiles this afternoon. confused

Vroomfondel Fri 24-Jun-11 18:39:24

i'm impressed moose. i have to go and get DD from tennis but will be having a couple of glasses later.

moosemama Fri 24-Jun-11 18:40:05

Cross posted.

Hello hazeyjane <<waves>>

signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 18:40:43

Everyone welcome! (like the wine idea Hazey) grin
and hi vroom (like the name) sad re the holiday mess up...
glad they sorted it ninja, angry re the sizing!

ds is been given an electronic bongo drum shock hmm. so i currently have a combination of rap rythym, loud 'BOING!', a machine gun, and a sort of 'farting frog' sound about 6 inches from my ears..... roll on bed time.

signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 18:43:26

cross post, hiya moose I think I have lost it cos the diet was so appallingly crap before that any improvement has been grabbed by my flabby body with both hands (IFSWIM).

justaboutWILLfinishherthesis Fri 24-Jun-11 18:46:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 18:59:05

sounds like your week has been busy justa see you later

moosemama Fri 24-Jun-11 19:13:55

I am in a similar position smile. I only started on Thursday last week and am the bigest loser wink on my weightloss thread, basically because I have the most weight to lose, so the pounds will come off quicker in the first couple of weeks. I feel a bit guilty when the other ladies have been sweating their guts out doing the 30 day shred and such-like, but then they'll have been gaining muscle, which balances things out and ultimately helps them burn fat more efficiently.

I'm dreading reaching the point where things slow down and I only have a two pound a week loss to look forwards to, even though I know that's the healthy way for it to go. Have been investigating exercise dvds to see if any of them are a good option for me, but I'm so ridiculously unfit that they all seem way too hard. I don't think they do one called "Exercise for the old, infirm and ridiculously flabby". blush

Are you following a specific plan at all?

madwomanintheattic Fri 24-Jun-11 19:22:43

oo, hello moosemama grin hadn't realised you frequented these parts!

moving next week, so am bracing for the meltdown from dd2, but so far, so calm. (before the storm, i know, i know...)

i have lost a litle bit of weight too, despite farewell drinkies here and there, so feel quite positive.

this move will be fab for dd2. they have a brilliant brilliant club which does loads of activities for kids and youth with disabilities. not posting the link to brag, but because i'm so chuffed about it! grin and the other two are looking forward to it too.

everyone except dd1 has visited the schools, they are all registered. all i need to do now is sort dd2's referrals and find a paed. am a bit behind on this compared to usual, but tbh she's pretty stable at the mo and so we can afford to tag onto the end of waiting lists if there are any. and the school have a great learning support teacher who also has a daughter with cp who's a few years older, so she is going to signpost me to all the right places. grin

so this is a good friday in madland grin

and i'm having my hair cut this afternoon. it's long, long, long, and curly. and i'm getting it practically pixied. shock i also haven't mentioned it to dh...

signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 19:23:46

bloody hell, am now envy of you, 8lbs in two weeks! well done u!

i am in the 2 - 3 lbs a week bracket, but have only cut out cake chocolate and booze, also eating more veg, and stopping eating when not hungry anymore, had spent so long in 'weird head place' with food couldn't tell what was hunger and what was any number of other things hmm , so am practicising 'mindfulness' and stopping when no longer hungry. im always gonna be 'vuloptious' (sp) but reacon if can loose 2 stone it gets me back into clothes stocked by average shops IFYSWIM, can already see waist coming back, i have 2 left feet, blush so exercise dvds no go for me, am back swimming, tho, and enjoying that.

madwomanintheattic Fri 24-Jun-11 19:24:19

those drums are fab sign, dd2 loved hers, but has now moved onto a keyboard with a really annoying selection of backbeats... and obv can't play anything, just hits keys randomly.... (it was supposed to be good for her fine motor.... <sigh>)

signandsmile Fri 24-Jun-11 19:26:26

hey mad, you sound really well prepared foir the move, hope all goes well... lol at thought of husbands face!

justaboutWILLfinishherthesis Fri 24-Jun-11 19:27:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Fri 24-Jun-11 19:30:24

Hi all. Well done on haircuts, hearing aids, weight loss. Yes to wine

Vroom, I caught your thread about the flights? Even sorrier now I know it's you. sad

Strange old week, here. DS2's TA has been made redundant from July, a big shock, it was expected she'd become a class TA further down the school. She's been there since DS was in Reception. She's been very upset and off 'sick' a few times. DS has had some transition visits at his secondary, which went well. His TA made it in for those, thankfully.

Also went to a party last weekend, a 'friend' latched on to me, got drunk, told me her marriage is on the rocks. I made the stupid mistake of agreeing that her DH is a bastard (he really is) and she'd be better off without him. Almost inevitably, once sober she's now back in lurve, and I'm enemy no. 1 who's never liked him, etc etc. She sent me a horrible text and has de-friended me!

justaboutWILLfinishherthesis Fri 24-Jun-11 19:31:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moosemama Fri 24-Jun-11 19:31:28

Hi madwoman - likewise! grin

Sounds like you will have lots of great support for dd at your new place. Glad to hear you are having a good Friday.

I was considering doing that to my hair. I always had pixie cuts when I was young (and thin) but now I'm old and its currently curly and down just below my shoulder blades at the back. I find its always up, either in a plait, pleat or ponytail, so there's not much point in having it long. I asked ds1 the other day if I should have it cut and he said, "no, because I wouldn't be able to recognise you". confused I wouldn't mind, but I had short or shortish hair up until I was pregnant with dd (2008) so he's had more years of me with short hair than with long. Ds1 just doesn't do change. wink

dietcokegirl Fri 24-Jun-11 19:36:14

Evening all

I am on the wine and waiting for pizza delivery. I have done an hour on the treadmill so hoping it will cancel out the feast!

Well done on the weight loss ladies! Such an effort isn't it? I just can't seem to give up food or wine. I am short so the extra weight is not good. DH has lost a few stone so need to catch up with him!

We are starting ABA soon...getting a bit nervous even though I think we are doing the right thing.

DS1 (3.11, ASC) is starting school part-time in Sept. Have had the transition meeting etc and the school is fab. It is mainstream and they have lots of experience of children with ASD. So glad we moved here! Just hope they live up to their reputation.

Enjoy your evening.

ps - Moose - tea and water? Have you tried low cal wine?!!!

EllenJaneisnotmyname Fri 24-Jun-11 19:39:02

Justa, she was a good friend but has fallen out with everyone I like over the last few years, over friendship problems with her DD, and has dropped everyone in her DD's class and moved on to her DS's Y1 mums. So, maybe no great loss. But still upset me. Glad your DS's move is working out!

Hi, madwoman, crossed with you, hope the move turns out brilliantly!

hazeyjane Fri 24-Jun-11 19:40:13

I don't know if someone with more experience might be able to offer some help/advice/handholding to the lady on this thread. She really sounds desperate.

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