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Co-sleepers Anonymous

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kiskidee Tue 24-Jul-07 12:10:30

hi, My name is kiskidee and I cosleep.

and it looks like I am not the only one

anyone else? sign in here.

puppydavies Tue 24-Jul-07 12:17:13


MegBusset Tue 24-Jul-07 12:40:53

mummypud Tue 24-Jul-07 12:43:27

yep .up till about a month ago .will i be shot now

evenhope Tue 24-Jul-07 12:54:54

I co-sleep with my 4 mo, much to the disapproval of my mum and HV.

I also co-slept with DS3 until he was 11... he has been the teen I've had most trouble with, so I'm not convinced of the "calm adult" arguments

mamado Tue 24-Jul-07 12:58:59

I've co-slept with both dds - I think its fab , but can see its not to everyones taste! But I do think they are the ones missing out

moljam Tue 24-Jul-07 13:00:30

why are people ashamed.we slept with ds till about 6 monthsish ago,he grew out of it and needed space-6 months on i still crave his little sleeping body in my bed!(how sad!)if it makes you happy and your little one is happy do what you like.

PrettyCandles Tue 24-Jul-07 13:02:09

I'm an ex-cosleeper, and I wish I could turn the clock back.

I co-slept with my newborns in the hospital, and expected to get a telling-off, but never did. In fact, with ds1 the midwife tucked us both in tightly to make sure he didn't fall out .

belgo Tue 24-Jul-07 13:04:44

Hi. My name is Belgo, and DD2 aged nearly two still shares our bed at least half of the night.

And I love it

moljam Tue 24-Jul-07 13:06:02

prettycandles my midwife with dd and ds2 did same.lovely

Pabamella Tue 24-Jul-07 13:09:14

I co-sleep everynight with 2 kids, 2 & 1

not though choice though

belgo Tue 24-Jul-07 13:15:10

Pabamella - can you not just get them out? It might take some perseverence and a few sleepless nights!

hoxtonchick Tue 24-Jul-07 13:17:26

meeeeeeeeee. co-slept with ds 'til he was 3.5 & dd came along. she's just 2 & in our bed most nights.

tibsy Tue 24-Jul-07 13:46:02

me too!!! ......... an 'out and proud' co sleeper

kiskidee Tue 24-Jul-07 19:43:07

from the comments at the bottom:
"As a man, pre the birth of my daughter never would I dream of co sleeping - maybe the occasional time under sufferance.

Now that I've grown up and realise the sense of security and belonging my two year old gets from co sleeping. long may it last - well until she is ready. "

aaahh, that's my man.

"One negative point the snoring from two women can be unbearable."

lljkk Tue 24-Jul-07 20:03:33

I never admit this to anyone in real life...No, that's not entirely true. I have some cousins who were keen cosleepers -- they're the only ones I could talk openly to.

DS is 3 and still sleeping with me -- DH sleeps in DS's bed.

DH complains about a poor night's sleep if he's in with me (he'd like to grope all night). These arrangements didn't stop us conceiving another one (due Feb 'o8). We want to get DS to sleep with DS1 or DD before baby is due.

ratfly Tue 24-Jul-07 20:07:01

I co-sleep sometimes. I find that if you are open and go on about how lovely it is, other people admit to it too..

zookeeper Tue 24-Jul-07 20:10:28

I have three - always very proud to say they have never spent a night in our bed.Two months ago split up with dp - woke up the first morning to find dd(2) in bed with me and there she remains.

And I love it.

katelyle Tue 24-Jul-07 20:16:46

Co slept with ours til they moved out of their own accord. We still occasionally wake up 4 to a bed - and they are 6 and 11!

lispy Fri 27-Jul-07 11:35:52

I love moljams message saying that she craves the little body in her bed! That's how i feel and he has been a fabulous sleeper. He can happily sleep in his cot but i enjoy having him with me for now!

NoviceKnitter Fri 27-Jul-07 11:45:16

We've ended up co-sleeping by accident - it was a needs must situation - I hadn't really heard of co-sleeping before DD was born (4 weeks ago). It's working a treat for us and I love waking up with her next to me. Also, having started out feeding hourly at night she's now only waking up at 3 and 6. Only thing is I wake up anxious about the duvet and have left DP with that on his side while I have a sheet and cell blanket. What do other co-sleepers do about bedding???

gillhowe Sat 28-Jul-07 11:42:20

I co-sleep, we've been pretending that its temporary for 9 months now (since he was born) but am just going to admit it and go with it now!

DS used to sleep lying on my chest, he sleeps by my side now unless he is ill (21lb baby on your stomach not that comfy!)

I also co-nap(stuff the housework )

Shoobiedoo Tue 31-Jul-07 13:34:01

Novice we do the same - DH has the duvet and I have a very light weight old single patchwork quilt that is probably only about 3 togs, and then DS is in his grobag, I don't cover him with the patchwork quilt. Luckily we have a super king bed so there is plenty of room for everyone. On work nights often DH will sleep in the spare bed, then I just put DS in his grobag on one side of the bed, and I sleep on the other with the quilt.

DS (3 months) will sleep happily most of the night apart from a few feeds (BF) during which neither of us really wakes up. If I try to put him in his cot he wakes more frequently and doing the night feeds does result in a much more broken nights sleep.

Sazisi Tue 31-Jul-07 13:43:15

Yep, works for us! Mainly, it's just practical -makes those middle-of-the-night feeds a lot easier on me; but also I love to sleep with my face snuggled into DD3's sweet-smelling head

jaspersslave Tue 31-Jul-07 21:23:36

i co-sleep now and again, my ds nearly 3 did sleep in our bed quite alot when younger if he woke in the night but now he wont even when he really really poorly he will come into our bed for a cuddle and no matter how much i wish he would stay he waddles back to his bed.
dd 7 months has just realised she can sleep in our bed and taking advantage of the situation
its nice now and again to cuddle up but not every night

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