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So moving on from the confessions thread, how many people have you had sex with?

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elsmommy Thu 26-May-05 18:52:28

I've slept with 6 - not many compared to most of you posting on the other thread

lou33 Thu 26-May-05 18:58:21

said on the other thread

QueenEagle Thu 26-May-05 18:59:58

erm.....far too many men and not enough women by far...

hatsoff Thu 26-May-05 19:19:10

oooo where's the confessions thread. sounds interesting

Ulysees Thu 26-May-05 19:20:50

Lots, but that was back in the good old wild days

Did I say good? Meant bad of course

tealeaves Thu 26-May-05 19:22:39

a few no women yet.

kama Thu 26-May-05 19:41:55

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Thu 26-May-05 19:43:27

how far can you count?

WigWamBam Thu 26-May-05 19:44:13

A very innocent 2 here ...

tealeaves Thu 26-May-05 19:46:25

perhaps there ought to be a who have you done the deed with, the local vicar, daughter's teacher (not speaking from experience of course....for real!!!!!).

Louise1980 Thu 26-May-05 19:46:57

Erm.... I forgot!!!

Is that bad? Only 2 who got me pregnant so they ar the only I need to admit to! Only 2 I was in love with and only 2 that ever made it nice iykwim. Soe does that mean 2? (must admit its nearer to 20!!!)

mytwopenceworth Thu 26-May-05 19:47:25

how many ACTUAL or how many does dh think........

Louise1980 Thu 26-May-05 19:47:28

No women that I remember!!!

charleepeters Thu 26-May-05 19:47:44

3 people

<halo shines bright>

blueteddy Thu 26-May-05 19:51:20

8 I think!

Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 19:58:51

Could count them easily on one hand.

I'm glad too.

charleepeters Thu 26-May-05 19:59:21


MistressMary Thu 26-May-05 19:59:24


Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 20:00:43

No more than you Charlie peeps!

charliecat Thu 26-May-05 20:03:13

over 20.
no married men.
a woman.
a school teacher.
a few junkies.
a load of twats.
and one who I couldnt possibly sleep with as his willy was pencil thin

Caligula Thu 26-May-05 20:04:25

Not enough.

charleepeters Thu 26-May-05 20:05:27

Gobbledigook i thought you said you couldnt count them on one hand sorry will read it properly next time

Donbean Thu 26-May-05 20:06:51

Am speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessicasmummy Thu 26-May-05 20:08:21

respectable 4???

PinkFluffPudding Thu 26-May-05 20:10:34

A little over 20 men, and two women

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