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My DP is a lying cheating bastard

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Supercherry Tue 09-Jun-09 12:16:40

After being very on/off for a long time and after putting up with alot of verbal abuse I find this on DP's FB:

June 4 at 9:31pm
DP: Hi X were do i no you from ?

June 4 at 9:35pm
Report Messagehi, dont think we do, i was loking for my friend ..... and saw u and though yum so added u lol.
hope u dont mind. im on facebook chat if ur on x

June 4 at 9:44pm
O right lol just looked at your friends and you no .... dont ya from Sedgley
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 9:48pm
Report Messagehey, only just added him, dont know him either really lol.

go on facebook Chat?
or add me to msn if u want to

June 4 at 9:50pm
Add me hun LCT@
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 9:53pm
Report Message k

June 4 at 9:55pm
Report Messagefunny addy? lol, awww i wanna chat to u tho, u goin online at all tonight? oh and i just added u x

June 4 at 10:13pm
Babe cant get on aint been on there 4 ages x
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 10:19pm
See ya later X dont know what your doing really your adding every one from sedgley
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 10:27pm
Whats the game then
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 10:40pm
Report Messagewhat game? i added who u on bout? w/e u looked fit was all but clearly ur bit wierd. no probs. bye

June 4 at 10:47pm
Chick you added ..... as well another mate Sorry just a bit strange but fare play short and sweat wasnt it take care X
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 10:51pm
Report Messagehow u kno ..... u bi to
? me and him used to fuck ages ago and have 3sums, as for .... .... said he was fit but never got round to adding him and saw u and added u, i use face book to pull and get good casual fucks. u clearly bit wierd so no hard feeling. bye chick

June 4 at 10:59pm
known him a long time chick aint wired have to be care full about my job thats all but take care :-)
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 11:00pm
Report Messageknown who? ...? and wot u mean carfull bout ur job, y wot u do? god i only wanted to suck ur dick not be part of a james bond movie lol x

June 4 at 11:03pm
lol to do with football babe when ya wanna suck my dick then ?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 11:05pm
Report Messagei hate football well like fit players like beckham, wot u do then. and erm whenever if ur fit like ur pic. how bigs it? id do lot more than suck it lol, im not a slag well a bit, jus love no stirings sex and pulling fit guys. id suck u and swollow ur hot cum mmmmmmmmm, how cum u only msg? can u go on face book chat ? x

June 4 at 11:11pm
Im the safety officer where in Brum you from ?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 11:19pm
Report Messageby nia in centre, u goin on facebook chat?

June 4 at 11:20pm
what the Fuck is face book chat ?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 11:23pm
Report Messagelol, bottom righthand corner of your facebook, click on it and can chat live like msn is better x

June 4 at 11:28pm
Im on my phone babe battery about to go carry on this conversation tomorrow meet up weekend ? X
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 4 at 11:50pm
Report Messagedpends how dirty u are? ive only seen one pic lol, how bigs ur dick? how u like to fuck?
cant u go on chat ewen u get home ill be on for a while x

June 5 at 12:05am
Need to see more pics of you to hun :-) im Dirty Fuck babe dick s 8''
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 5 at 12:17am
How do you wanna be Fucked ?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 5 at 12:19am
Report Messageim up for anything, love it deep hard and ruff. wud do anything anal, rape role play w/e love dick. u?

June 5 at 12:32am
What is w/e gotta ask ? I love to Fuck be wile licking Pussy , bondage , Fucking in public , x
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 5 at 12:39am
Got to go hun meeting in mornin gonna be distracted now ay i
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 5 at 12:56am
Report Messagelol, tell me sum dirty stuff u like to do then tho first x

June 5 at 10:35am
G day X
Sent via Facebook Mobile Advertise
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Greensleeves Tue 09-Jun-09 12:18:22

ugh ugh and ugh again

he's a louse - I wouldn't touch him with somebody else's bargepole shock

Supercherry Tue 09-Jun-09 12:18:32

I have confronted him and he cam up with a weird excuse that he thought it was me trying to trap him.

I feel sick and quite frankly, like I could die at the moment. Sorry to be so melodramatic.

madameovary Tue 09-Jun-09 12:22:38

Classy hmm
Tell him
"Off you fuck, dont let the door hit you in the arse on the way out"

And walk away without a backward glance.

Tidey Tue 09-Jun-09 12:25:25

I found that quite difficult to read as I'm no good at txt spk. I get the gist though. What a wanker.

FenellaFudge Tue 09-Jun-09 12:26:47

God, thats awful.
The only redeeming point I can see is that he seems to be trying to brush her off a fair bit. Kind of.

Unicornvomit Tue 09-Jun-09 12:26:48

words fail me

what an absolute idiot

and as for her? she is adding total strangers to facebook and wanting to meet up for sex? is that right?

people are bizarre

pack his bags and leave them outside for him if you are feeling generous

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Tue 09-Jun-09 12:29:03

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun Tue 09-Jun-09 12:29:48

Very sleazy, and not his finest sounds like it could quite possibly be bored wank-assisting though and that he didn't see it as personal or ever have any intention of meeting up with the lovely young lady in question iyswim.

The fact he has concocted some stupid story since though rather than telling the truth is pathetic, and he should be crawling to explain to you, and apologising for upsetting you, not weasling out of it.+

FabulousBakerGirl Tue 09-Jun-09 12:29:51

So what are you asking?

prettyfly1 Tue 09-Jun-09 12:30:41

yuck, yuck and yuck again. tell him to do one.

ingles2 Tue 09-Jun-09 12:30:56

well being generous to your lying cheating scumbag, He was baited into that. Has he actually gone off and met her or is it all crappy facebook?

BitOfFun Tue 09-Jun-09 12:32:00

Actually, I've just noticed you mentioned verbal abuse at the top - sorry...he sounds like far too much hassle, you deserve much better, kick his arse till Tuesday!

Tidey Tue 09-Jun-09 12:33:29

I'm not saying you should, but I would be very tempted to use his account to send a message saying 'If we're going to meet up, I feel I should admit my dick's only 3", not 8. I don't want to disappoint you.'

morningpaper Tue 09-Jun-09 12:33:36

Sorry but I did LOL at this, they both sound like they should be sterilised for the good of society

If this is his attempt at internet flirting it is rubbish "I'm the safety officer" ?

If this is an on-off relationship then I would switch it permanently to OFF

Supercherry Tue 09-Jun-09 12:34:28

That's right unicornvomit, she is randomly adding men, he seemed a bit suspicious at first but then gets into the swing of things and he is clearly loving it.

If he thought it was me or some kind of honeytrap then why wouldn't he have just ignored her?

She is very pretty too, 10yrs younger than me and skinny.

Most of the conversation took place while I was in bed.

He is still holding to his bullshit story.

GypsyMoth Tue 09-Jun-09 12:34:54

Time to move on........ This is so easy for him to act on. Which he has agreed to do

Unicornvomit Tue 09-Jun-09 12:36:04


ditch him


AbricotsSecs Tue 09-Jun-09 12:36:42

Message withdrawn

Greensleeves Tue 09-Jun-09 12:37:01

pretty and skinny she may be but she is a thick skanky cow

don't you DARE let this affect your self-esteem!

I'm so sorry your dp is a grubby little wankstain. You deserve better.

Tidey Tue 09-Jun-09 12:38:40

But morningpaper, it's the classic fantasy role! 'Darling it would really turn me on if you could dress up for me and pretend you're a safety officer. Ooooh, yeah, run that fire drill.' etc

Supercherry Tue 09-Jun-09 12:39:20

FBG I'm not asking anything.

Ingles2, just crappy FB, she never replied to his request to meet up and he was in Blackpool the weekend on a Stag do.

Tidey grin, that's funny but I blocked her, because initially I wanted to believe him but I know I am just being a mug. I'm 4.5mths pregnant and have a DS, 16mths, so it's going to be hard. My last long term partner cheated on me too. I attract losers, I really do

Greensleeves Tue 09-Jun-09 12:40:36

Does she have to be asking anything? Maybe she just wants a bit of human input/empathy?

Why are some posters so chippy on threads like this?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Jun-09 12:40:47


I presume you are going to kick him to the kerb asap.

Tidey Tue 09-Jun-09 12:41:07

I'm really sorry he's turned out to be such a knob, Supercherry, I will stop making jokey remarks, it's not funny really sad

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