Just happy in your own company?

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Alwaystired4 Thu 22-Apr-21 18:33:11

Anyone else just quite happy without many/any friends? Not in a grumpy way (not a grumpy post!)
I'm married, have 2 children, work evenings and just don't feel any need to do all the girly mate things so many people seem to do?

I'm quite happy doing fitness and gardening at home and I've never really felt the need for a big gaggle of girlfriends.

Is it just me? Just happy doing your own thing on ya onesie? 🙂
(No grumpy comments needed just a curiosity post 🙂)

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Beetlewing Thu 22-Apr-21 18:34:02

Yes I've always been like this, self sufficient.

Windmillwhirl Thu 22-Apr-21 18:35:11

I became more like this as I got older, personally.

Februarycat Thu 22-Apr-21 18:41:26

Yes I am like this since my divorce 10 years ago, I am quite happy on my own doing my own things at home. I do work part time and have friends at work but don't meet outside of work. I never feel the need for large groups of friends meeting up and going out, not for me.

Mabelface Thu 22-Apr-21 18:43:39

I love being at home on my own.

Woodlandbelle Thu 22-Apr-21 18:45:32

Totally me. I am happy doing things by myself. I like a small element of socialising but I find it draining if it's constant. It might be that I haven't found my tribe yet.

YouShouldLeave Thu 22-Apr-21 18:45:33

Yes, but more extreme than you.
I could never have a partner or kids, that would be hell to me.

I was suprised to read you had a family, i would assume that would be too much by the way your post was going.

Amdone123 Thu 22-Apr-21 18:48:18

Me too. I love my own company. I am happy when the house is full to capacity, so OH, DS and GD, but as soon as they clear off and I'm left with my dog, I'm happy then, too.

Poppie363 Thu 22-Apr-21 18:48:21

Yes I am like this, I have two groups of close friends who I enjoy spending time with every now and then but mostly enjoy being on my own. I find it really frustrating when people try and force me into social situations or think I'm 'missing out'. I'm happy in my own bubble world!!!

sammylady37 Thu 22-Apr-21 19:04:42

Absolutely. It’s one of the many reasons I’ve lived alone for more than 20 years, holiday alone sometimes, will never have a committed partner and will never have children. I love my own company and am totally self-sufficient.

I have friends and I socialise, don’t get me wrong, but I can only take so much of that before I get uncomfortable.

Alwaystired4 Thu 22-Apr-21 19:05:41

Aw not just me 🙂 I'd rather watch an episode of Rosemary and Thyme than head into a bustling restaurant or bar! X

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Mimilamore Thu 22-Apr-21 19:37:15

Yup, this is me too. I have a small number of friends who are mostly the same and we understand one another. The thought of a ' girlie' night out makes me cringe inside and my idea of a good time is so different. When I was younger I felt obliged to go along, always wanted to leave after 1 hour max but often a new round was bought and before I knew it I was there for what seemed like forever.
I remember a particularly horrendous work do when as we waited for our food, the until that moment quiet Nursery assistant started singing 'join in' drinking songs... never, ever again!

Piglet92 Thu 22-Apr-21 19:46:32

Yes this is me, love being with my daughter and partner but never felt the need to have besties as such iyswim. Can't be without a dog though.

bettertimesarecomingnow Thu 22-Apr-21 21:42:58

I like my own little family - dps family are nice too and I don't mind spending time with them

But I have no desire to see friends really other than for a quick coffee or a walk.

And sometimes I just like curling up on the sofa with the dog and nobody else!

AutumnBrooke Thu 22-Apr-21 21:46:53

I have been feeling really lonely during the past year as a lot of my friends seem to have fallen away and just not replying to my messages or calls any more. I was feeling quite sorry for myself. Then spent a few hours with a friend the other day. She's lovely but when I got home I felt like I needed to just go to bed and sleep for 5 hours and felt completely drained. The good thing is I don't feel lonely any more smile

StalkerAlert Thu 22-Apr-21 21:57:37

I'm the same OP. I love just being on my own and doing my own thing. I find friends too needy? If that makes sense.

I don't have the time or energy to spend making sure friends are okay. I have a handful of friends who I know are always there for me but we don't need to be with each other or speak 24/7. They're just there when I need them.

I'm more of a family person, I spend a lot of time with my close family.

I'm even going off the idea of dating because they want too much and I'm not willing to give it. I'd happily have a partner for a couple of hours a week when I'm feeling a little lonely. But I'll be getting a couple of kittens soon so I don't think I'll need a man for quite a while yet 😂.

OldWomanSaysThis Thu 22-Apr-21 21:58:03

I don't understand these posts about being happy alone or happy in own company and then the person states they have a spouse and children.

Dirtystreetpie Thu 22-Apr-21 22:01:22

It’s not that hard to understand hmm

Jojojo32 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:01:25

Yes!! Single mum to 3 children here, I'm 32 but would quite happily stay single forever just love doing my own thing, has for friends, I have drinks with friends once a month, I have to force myself to go otherwise I would quite happily be a hermit at home forever 😂

Moonface123 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:08:32

Yes and l was the same whilst married.
Even as a young girl happy in my own company.
I am not a complete hermit,.but l just love being at home, with my two teenagers, and my pets.

Ragwort Thu 22-Apr-21 22:11:29

I agree with OldWoman - happy 'in your own company' to me means perfectly happy being on your own; stating you are 'happy in your own company with your own little family <hate that expression> is surely not the same as being totally on your own? confused. Likewise having three children is not 'living like a hermit' ... unless your DC live on the other side of the world I suppose.

Maybe the OP meant 'being happy without having lots of friends'?

teenagetantrums Thu 22-Apr-21 22:13:31

Yep I'm so happy in my own company. I have a partner we live together but work different shifts so l love it when I'm home alone.
We moved 200 miles away from friends and family 4years ago. While l still catch up with friends a few times a year ..pre covid. To be honest l wouldnt worry if l didn't see them. We call and txt occasionally and that's enough for me.
I love my own company.

HappyGoPlucky Thu 22-Apr-21 22:43:23

I like seeing 'friendly' people at work and I love my family, but I don't really have many friends and am happiest just spending time with partner. At a push!

Am happiest by myself to be honest. I like my own company. I'm very introverted so social things are tiring and time alone helps me recharge my batteries.

Some people are just like that!

CarmelBeach Thu 22-Apr-21 22:48:17


I don't understand these posts about being happy alone or happy in own company and then the person states they have a spouse and children.

I also find this odd.

Alwaystired4 Wed 28-Apr-21 16:22:40

Was just a chit chat post, always jolly on here 🤭🤭🤭 Yes i did mean on the subject of lots of friends ! Xx

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