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Infidelity...... not such a bad thing?

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cronullansw Wed 08-May-13 01:19:55

''social sanctions around ANY sexual infidelity have hardened to try and keep us true to one another. All 'cheating' is considered wrong and the ethos is 'one strike and you're out.' The trouble with this new ethos is that I believe (after three years' research for a book on infidelity) that the myths and taboos surrounding infidelity are doing more damage to relationships than the extra marital sex itself.''

Taken from this article on the main site......

My view is that infidelity is no reason to wreck a home, but I know I'm swimming against the tide compared to the MN moral majority's standard LTB kneejerk response.

It's an interesting read smile

DottyboutDots Fri 10-May-13 09:27:27

I think the OP has a point but then in RL, i've known couples get over infidelity without doing everything that is stated on here. The main consideration seems to be 'will my life be worse without this person in it'.

At uni I had a boyfriend who was chronically unfaithful. He was a blast though and so much fun. We drifted as I didn't want to commit. My other serious boyfriend was quite a possessive type, moody if he didn't get his own way though we obviously had some good times! When I reminisce it's not the moody one I think of with affection.

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