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Need help with selecting a range cooker...

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Rollmops Tue 18-May-10 10:09:31

...that won't break down within 12 seconds. According to different review sites, most Britannia, Smeg, DeDietric, Flavel, etc.etc. are utter junk as the repair is madly expensive and parts hard to find.
Looking for a 90 cm dual fuel free standing cooker. Anyone who owns such trusty and hardworking beastie, please do point me to the right direction! Also, which ones should one definitely avoid.
Not really fussed with the make as long as it's reliable.
All advice greatly appreciated!

bubblerock Tue 18-May-10 10:19:08

We have a Stoves one, it's just gas though but we've had it 6 years, bought from a local shop that sells appliances with slight flaws - it literally had a scratch on the side!! Only cost £499 and has 8 burners, 2 ovens, grill etc.. and is cream. I love it and we've used it loads with no problems! smile

Rollmops Tue 18-May-10 20:27:40

Thanks, any chance of getting the model number blush

snhall Tue 18-May-10 20:43:06

rangemaster 90? i love ours.

akidu Tue 18-May-10 20:50:20

I used to have a DeLonghi one and I loved it. Sorry I can't remember the model number (I sold it along with my house)

BettyBizzghetti Tue 18-May-10 20:50:55

Aga 6.4

rubyslippers Tue 18-May-10 20:51:55

Rangemaster here

2 ovens (gas and electric)

6 burners (including a wok burner)

grill too

will check the model number - we inherited with our house and i love it ...

Pannacotta Tue 18-May-10 21:15:05

We had Leisure cooker in our first house (made by Rangemaster) and I loved it.
Much better than the Smeg cooker we bought for our nexr house.

herethereandeverywhere Tue 18-May-10 21:29:41

We have a smeg and I regret to report that the element has just gone in the main oven after only 3 and a half years of light use sad

The repair is costing £35 for the diagnostic visit, plus £30 for the repair visit plus £30 for the element (we're in London). angry We're selling the place so I won't even see the benefit but I'm too honest to sell it with a bust oven.

Fayrazzled Tue 18-May-10 21:30:41

I have a Britannia- was recommended by JL and a couple of independent kitchen shops for build quality and excellent after-sales customer service. I haven't had to test any of that out though- have not had any problems.

I'd recommend you do the same and speak to JL/kitchen shops to get their view: for example, I was going to go for a Falcon (owned by Aga) or Lacanche but was put off after doing this.

A lot depends on your budget too. I bought at the upper end of the market because I wanted something to last 20+ years (fingers crossed it does) and bought this:

If you buy something for £600 then it's a different beast (but no worse for that- it probably just won't last as long or have as many features- depends what is important to you. I have a crap car!)

twofalls Tue 18-May-10 21:35:09

Rangemaster Toledo. It is fab.

mumblechum Tue 18-May-10 21:37:01

We have a Godin, which was imported from France. It's red enamel, 6 burner, huge oven 9which cleans itself). It cost an arm and a leg, but looks fab. It has gold plated knobs & trim (how bling is that!)

Rollmops Wed 19-May-10 09:16:10

Thank you all!
Have drooled over Godin, it's tres' bling, yes, but built like a battleshipgrin!
twofalls, had a peep at Rangemaster Toledo and was left wondering about the main oven- it had a very small oven tray on the shelf attached to the door and that seemed it?! Can one use anything larger than the tray included?
Have thought about Britannia and it's on top of the list; was slightly put off by the negative reviews the customer care etc. got, but love the solid feel of itsmile.
akidu, do you remember which DeLonghi did you have, was it the Professional one?
Many thanks again to all who answered!

SiriusStar Wed 19-May-10 09:25:36

I have a Rangemaster and love it.
But, it is black and really shows the dust and the metal rests for the hobs are matt and a bugger to clean. If I was choosing again I would get one with a glass lid or smooth "gloss" finish on the hob rests.

weblette Wed 19-May-10 09:29:09

We've a Rangemaster Toledo Dual Fuel 90 and love it.

You can take the little tray off, tbh I find it a bit of a faff to use.

Their customer service dept is very good - we had a problem with the main oven's thermostat, they were out in a couple of days to fix it.

SwansEatQuince Wed 19-May-10 09:35:33

Had Rangemaster 110 for eleven years and only replaced the oven light and one element. Rangemaster spares here.

spiralqueen Wed 19-May-10 13:32:04

Definitely Rangemaster - we have a Toledo 90 and both our kitchen fitters and electrician said you can't go wrong with them in terms of build quality, reliability and customer support.

We originally saw ours in Homebase but our local Euronics shop was able to supply the same one but 20% cheaper (not in any sale) and with free delivery. Euronics gave a better deal than anything we could find on the internet or in likes of Currys/Comet.

ceres Wed 19-May-10 19:05:40

i've got a britannia and wouldn't buy one again. i too liked the solid feel of it and felt it would last for years. it probably will but, tbh, my mum's cheapie oven is better than mine.

it looks great but as a keen cook i am disappointed (and dh is banned from mentioning the cost and i will NEVER admit to him that i don't like the damn thing!)

Sarahlou8 Wed 19-May-10 19:12:52

I'm so glad I've seen this, we are searching the same. Moving house in about 2 weeks time. The one we've pretty much decided on is a Rangemaster 90, its on the Comet website and I like the fact it has a glass lid. Seen it in store in black, it's lovely.
Really glad to see Rangemaster gets good responses!

scaryteacher Wed 19-May-10 22:45:10

Mil has a Belling which is great and she can cook 48 mince pies at a time (don't ask), and it has a warming drawer, separate grill, 1 conventional and 1 fan oven. Gas hob, electric ovens. I had to cook on it for a week in Feb, and was pleasantly surprised. Mil is keen cook and uses it heavily, so if it stands up to her it must be OK.

SparkyUK Wed 19-May-10 23:52:20

I absolutely love our Britannia, and it was requested as part of our buyer's offer, so even tho I am gutted to be parting with it, I'm convinced it was a good investment and will be getting a new one (or perhaps a new used one this time depending on our budget) when we do over the new kitchen.

We've had it for 3 years and never had any problems with it, looks and works as good as new. I absoltely love how solid it feels, and also that the even when the ovens are blaring the triple glazing keeps the doors from going hot hot. And the rotisserie. I am a sucker for that

If you have room, I'd recommend going for the 100 cm rather than the 90 as there is just a bit more room in the smaller oven.

I'm a bit of a foodie and have never had anything but gratitude for my britannia...

ceres Thu 20-May-10 06:34:31

sparky - i can't wait to sell our house to get rid of our britannia!!

probably not selling for a couple of years but when we do we will sell the cooker as part of the kitchen - the rest of the kitchen is planned around it and unless the new owners want to rip out the kitchen (unlikely) then they are welcome to it.

i love cooking which is why i was seduced by the 'top of the range' waffle. unfortunately i have not found it to be a good cooker. the oven - with all it's multi functions - is a huge disappointment. the oven cooks unevenly, even when the fan settings. in fact, when i made our wedding cake i used my mum's oven as her oven is great........and cost a couple of hundred as opposed to the 5000 we sunk on ours.

it does look nice in the kitchen though!

tbh i have read some very mixed reviews on britannia range cookers, seems to be a 'love it or loathe it' theme going on.

ouchitreallyhurts Thu 20-May-10 07:50:49

we have a rangemaster 90 in cranberry and i LOVE IT!!! managed to knock out a whole xmas dinner for 13 people totally stress free because the tall oven takes loads of stuff and it looks scrummy (I think!) in our kitchen. attracts lots of positive comments from visitors and the AGA people came straight out to sort out the loose connection that we had on day of installation when we panicked that we had a faulty oven! never had a problem since - oh and its easy to clean but like someone else has said can look a bit dusty (ours in fitted in a chimney alcove so gets more dust that most despite attempts to seal it off!)

minko Thu 20-May-10 07:55:19

Another vote for Rangemaster here. We're moving house soon and I'm really going to miss ours. Would definitely buy one again.

strawberrycornetto Thu 20-May-10 15:05:35

We have a falcon. Ours is 100cms but I absolutely love it. We are moving and I am gutted to be leaving it behind. It doesn't do anything gimicky, just cooks really well at the correct temperature and in the right time, and looks great in our kitchen. Our new house has a cheaper range and I am very sad about it, but ours is built in and it would have ruined the kitchen if we had taken it.

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