Swapping kitchen /2nd bedroom In Glasgow tenement

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Rainbowshit Thu 25-Nov-21 20:51:54

I really wouldn't move the kitchen. I think it would devalue the flat.

urbanbuddha Thu 25-Nov-21 13:28:48

You'll spend more waking time in the kitchen than the bedroom - I wouldn't move it. It's a better size for a kitchen dining room.

Skeumorph Thu 25-Nov-21 13:18:04

Agree with the above (tenement veteran).

Much better to have the bigger kitchen, and that's what people want as this classic layout has only the one living space. No such thing as dining rooms!

The only good way to create more space is to use the presses and make an internal kitchen, which gives you either a dining room separate or a third bedroom.

17to35 Thu 25-Nov-21 13:12:41

I found the flat and agree with above. Good buy! You will devalue the flat by changing it.

yourestandingonmyneck Thu 25-Nov-21 13:09:08

Having looked at your floor plan, I wouldn't change it.

That's a good sized flat with decent storage and a great dining sized kitchen. That is what people want.

If I had the choice to buy that, or one with a small galley kitchen and larger bedroom, I'd go for it the way it is, everytime.

Once you start factoring in the cost involved, it's a no brainer for me. It's better as it is.

I would spend the money kitting out the bedroom and kitchen really nicely instead.

Remember, if you swap the kitchen and bedroom you will have nowhere to eat. You will have to have a dining table in the sitting room, so it has a knock on effect on the whole flat. And it's not what people want. People want a big dining kitchen for eating and entertaining.

Bedrooms don't have to be massive to be nice. Especially not at the expense of living space.

17to35 Thu 25-Nov-21 12:39:29

I'm sorry for the late reply. Having looked at the floorplan I am wondering why you want to swap? I don't think the kitchen is so much larger that it justifies all the work?
A small internal kitchen could be made in the middle of the flat using the presses in the living room and kitchen.
This is a very common thing to do. As mentioned above. This would give you a 3 bed flat with a small functional kitchen.
As you are on the ground floor, drainage runs should not be too problematic.

ChocolateDeficitDisorder Thu 25-Nov-21 10:02:14

I imagine that the water and drains all run up the rear of the building as the bathroom is next door the kitchen.

Big job to move everything, maybe not viable.


LornaaMb Wed 24-Nov-21 16:52:25

Floor plan added. We’ve no basement as far as I know.

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goldenshoe Wed 24-Nov-21 16:41:24

I renovated a ground floor tenement in Glasgow but a good few years ago now so the price won't be comparable. You probably have a basement which will give good access for rerouting pipes etc so it may be reasonably straightforward. If you have a hatch go down there and take a look.

Bideyinn Wed 24-Nov-21 16:33:49

Does you kitchen have an alcove/bed recess and your hall a cupboard? Lots of people use this space for a kitchen.

17to35 Wed 24-Nov-21 16:27:40

Can you post a floor plan? Kitchens in tenement buildings have been moved frequently so it maybe possible.

WhatAWasteOfOranges Fri 19-Nov-21 06:45:24

I’ve never undertaken such a project but I imagine it will be difficult as all the pipes for water / Wastewater/ gas/ electric ring for oven/ venting for extractor etc will have to be moved which will be costly and depending on the layout of the building may not be possible cause you’ll be connecting to the building supply.

LornaaMb Wed 17-Nov-21 22:11:59

Hi all. We’re buying a 2 bed ground floor tenement in Southside Glasgow. There’s a large kitchen at rear and bedrooms are small. We’d like to switch the kitchen into front bedroom and vice versa.
Has anyone undertaken such a project - are you able to advise on cost and share any advice, ideas, photos ? Thank you !

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