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New bathroom costs

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dietstartsmonday Fri 10-Feb-17 10:41:16

So looking at redoing one of our bathrooms.
Remove bath put in walk in shower new toilet and sink.
Tile through.
Bathroom is 6ft x 6ft
First quote today was £9.5k
So what have other people paid please. We are south east

YakiUdonYumYum Fri 10-Feb-17 10:44:36

Smaller bathroom, keeping the sink and toilet but replacing bath with a large shower, tiling throughout (20 square metres): just under £6K.

YakiUdonYumYum Fri 10-Feb-17 10:44:54

SE too btw.

dietstartsmonday Fri 10-Feb-17 10:46:53

Have you one company doing it all or buying the stuff and someone else install?

Formerpigwrestler9 Fri 10-Feb-17 10:49:17

South east, remove and replace bath sink and toilet, floor and walls fully tiled, 5k
Same size bathroom

Formerpigwrestler9 Fri 10-Feb-17 10:50:13

I sourced suit and tiles, employed plumber to install

Finola1step Fri 10-Feb-17 10:51:29

South east as well. 18 months ago. Complete rip out and removal of weird boxing in for dodgy pipework. Replastered, new floorboards, tiled floor, half tiled walls, repositioning of pipework, new ceiling and spot lights, new bath, loo, sink, shower. Storage cabinets. Did it for £10k.

First quote from Tesco Finest bathroom came in at £13k. Other quotes around the £11.5k mark. Brought it down by buying stuff from Victoria Plumb and Topps Tiles and then getting my own fitters. Took 2 people 2 weeks to do all plumbing, replastering, electrics, tiling, painting. Bathroom is 8 by 6 ft

ProseccoPoppy Fri 10-Feb-17 10:59:18

South west, independent plumber bought and installed everything (bathroom suite and tiles from screwfix, vinyl flooring from b&q), ripped out everything including all the tiling and all the plasterboard behind the bath/shower (we'd had a leak). Installed new flooring, plasterboard, bath, toilet and sink, tiled up to ceiling around the bath, up to about halfway by sink and loo, £2,500 all in. Wasn't a fancy suite (we were selling the house) but wasn't the rock bottom basic one either and did the job and looked really clean and nice.

ProseccoPoppy Fri 10-Feb-17 11:00:33

Bathroom approx 2.5x2 metres.

dietstartsmonday Fri 10-Feb-17 11:06:52

Thanks all
It's helpful to see what others have done

purplecollar Fri 10-Feb-17 11:06:59

I think it's cheaper to do it in bits. We've paid £500 to a plumber to fit the suite, like for like. Then employed a tiler at around £38 per squared metre. Then got a flooring company to fit the floor (just lino) for £350. Plasterer for £130. We are in SE. It's a bit more work sourcing materials, finding people but it works out so much cheaper.

Kiroro Fri 10-Feb-17 11:25:15

£6kish to totally 'do' bathroom 3mx2m (fully tile). I provided all sanitary wear, fittings, tiles.

I had included in that:
- Take up old floorboards and put down new boards(old floorboards were a bit rotten around an old long term leak). This ended up adding aver £500 onto the job. I didn't provide the boards actually.
- Electrics put in for fan and bathroom mirror with lights
- Build a false wall for toilet cistern with recessed shelves to one side.
- Remove and dispose old suite
- Plaster walls and ceiling
- Fully tile - big tiles so a bit of an annoying job. Only about 10 that weren't cut somewhere!
- Fit bath, shower over, sink, toilet, fan, big mirror thing
- Build new door frame as old one was in bad condition and had glass over the top.

Oh and I also paid a plumber to come and totally re do all the pipework when the floorboards were up because the pipes were old with dodgy joins and I was getting some leaks.

I spent about £3k, maybe £3.5k on all the fittings.

coolpatterngirl Fri 10-Feb-17 13:07:44

In what order would you need to arrange the trades? Would the plumbing of the toilet and sink come before the tiling of the walls?

miggleswiff Fri 10-Feb-17 13:18:01

We have gone with a local bathroom company and paid £11k. That included ripping all the old stuff out, putting in new top of the range digital shower and fitted units, tiling, plumbing etc. Not cheap but our last bathroom lasted 20 years and we have chosen to go for high quality fittings etc. due to the property price bracket. I also like the fact that if anything goes wrong there is one person to complain to - no plumbers blaming the tiler, or electricians blaming the plumber etc. - and they organise it all.

miggleswiff Fri 10-Feb-17 13:18:44

Yes you would need all the plumbing done first as the tiles will need to be cut around the fixtures. Also flooring, if you're redoing that.

Stickaforkinimdone Fri 10-Feb-17 13:27:54

Our bathroom is 6x6ft too-full refurbishment (the room was totally gutted and stripped back to the brickwork) cost £4500 in labour and £1500 for parts
Fully tiled and looked fab once it was done
We're in central London (zone 2)

miggleswiff Fri 10-Feb-17 13:39:32

£3k of our £11k cost was labour, so I guess you can see that we paid a lot for higher end materials.

TattiePants Fri 10-Feb-17 13:53:25

Our bathroom is being refitted in two weeks time. Costs so far are:
- £3.5k to purchase bath, walk-in shower, loo, basin, taps, underfloor heating & heated towel rail.
- £2.2k for bathroom fitter, plasterer & electrician
- £550 for tiler

I still need to purchase the tiles, lights, mirror and other accessories but allowing for any contingencies it should be less than £7k. I purchased everything myself (in the sale last year) and am using local tradespeople.

JoJoSM2 Fri 10-Feb-17 14:07:47

I've also always found own materials for less and employed individual trades to save money. I'd imagine to spend about 5-7k on a good quality shower room.

BackforGood Fri 10-Feb-17 14:11:16

Half that.
Bathroom is quite a big room.
Replaced toilet, sink, bath like with like, and replaced an existing separate shower with a larger one. Added a heated towel rail (left radiator as it was) and replaced tiles around bath, around sink, around toilet and obv in shower with paneling boards. Replaced flooring.
Can't remember exact £s but was between £4.5 and £5k all in, last year. Midlands

FinallyGotAnIPhone Fri 10-Feb-17 14:25:59

I think once I'd added tiles, bathroom suite, fitting, it was in the region of 5grand. Maybe a bit less. This was last year for a bathroom about the same size.

dietstartsmonday Fri 10-Feb-17 14:30:47

Thanks all

I had a max if 6.5k so it sounds doable

80sMum Fri 10-Feb-17 14:34:50

Our shower room was redone in 2009. It cost just under £10k. It's about 6ftx4ft.

So, your quote doesn't seem too bad at all.

TattiePants Fri 10-Feb-17 14:45:22

Cool we are having 2 days for rip out, first fix plumbing, electric points installed, stud wall built and plastered and shower tray installed. The following week the walls and floor is being tiled / grouted and the underfloor heating installed. The week after the bathroom fitter returns and will fit the sanitary wear.

coolpatterngirl Wed 15-Feb-17 11:34:02

Thanks. Awaiting a couple of quotes now and will see if we can do this in the next month or two.

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