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True handleless kitchens

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3kidsandus Fri 26-Aug-16 14:15:49

Can anyone recommend a kitchen supplier (Surrey area) that does true handleless? I.e. Not the J-groove. Many thanks!

SanityClause Fri 26-Aug-16 14:19:48

Can I just say, we stayed in a holiday apartment with these doors earlier this year.

They were high gloss, and always had greasy marks from people's hands.

They were never shut, as you have to push them shut properly, rather than just swing them shut.

So basically, they might look lovely in a show room, but in real life, they might look a bit untidy, unless you are very careful to shut them properly and to wipe them constantly.

3kidsandus Fri 26-Aug-16 14:39:11

Do you mean just handleless? Or the J-groove?

DillyDayDream8 Fri 26-Aug-16 18:52:31

Hacker ( a German company) do true handleless.

blardyfeck Fri 26-Aug-16 18:55:22

Yes Hacker. We've just ordered one. Pm me if you want details (we're near you)

SarahSea1 Fri 26-Aug-16 18:59:46

A number of German brands do true handleless - Schuller, Nobila as well as Hacker. Crown Imperial (UK) also do one. If you have your own fitter, look at Supply Only kitchens - they do true handleless but (as the name suggests) supply only - good prices though. I'll PM you a couple of suppliers in Surrey as I've just done the rounds myself.

loopsngeorge Sat 27-Aug-16 00:39:12

Was going to recommend supply only kitchens as I asked the same question recently on here and sarahsea suggested them. Had a great quote from them and was all set to visit the show room, but found out today that they have ceased trading!
Crown would be my next choice, other than that I have only found true handleless in more expensive independent kitchen places.

Ntinyn Sat 27-Aug-16 07:02:06

Hi, I'm in Surrey, and have ordered a german true handleless kitchen from a supplier in Kingston. Message me for details if you like.

SarahSea1 Sat 27-Aug-16 09:23:12

loops. Thank God you didn't order from Supply Only - coincidentally I saw one of their vans in London a few weeks ago and thought they must be doing well. I'll take them off my list. I agree about Crown - much shorter lead time, cheaper and loads of options. So sorry I reco'd Supply Only..

loopsngeorge Sat 27-Aug-16 11:16:49

Not at all Sarah, they were fantastic on the phone and had loads of helpful ideas. I just feel so sorry for the employee I was talking to. I wonder if they have been under charging, as the amount of bespoke options they were offering seemed amazing for the price.

3kidsandus Sat 27-Aug-16 11:48:42

Oh no!! What a nightmare loops! I've found a crown supplier locally. Am I right in thinking crown imperial are sold by independents and they don't have their own showroom?

SarahSea1 Sat 27-Aug-16 12:29:00

3kids Yes, Crown sold by independents - Ashbee and Wood in Redhill has a good range on display - they're a premier dealer.

Ntinyn Sat 27-Aug-16 15:11:24

Crown do a really nice range, v competitively priced vs the other European ones and they can supply quickly. Sarahsea, we were chatting a while back while I was posting questions, did you order you kitchen in the end? I've just got the sink and tap to buy now.

SarahSea1 Sun 28-Aug-16 13:27:34

Hi ntinyn, I have ordered my kitchen - went with Hacker in the end mainly because they did a nice taupe (which I know is a bit 2013). Slightly wish I'd gone for Crown (shorter lead time/price) but tbh the endless decisions had me in a spin! Are you going to get a boiling water tap? I was thinking square undermount sink such as Franke Peak, although someone suggested getting one with offset waste so more usable room in the base cupboard e.g. 1810 Zenuno.

DustOffYourHighestHopes Sun 28-Aug-16 16:50:09

Sounds like sanity's holiday kitchen was shit because it was shit, not because it was handless. Handless doors shut in the same way as any others. You can get soft close etc.

The only thing is that handless fridges are not easy to open.

But I would also advise matt, as finger marks are an issue.

Schiller next125 was the brand I liked most. Slightly cheaper than hacker but better quality.

We went for siematic in the end.

3kidsandus Sun 28-Aug-16 17:58:29

Ooh pictures of your kitchens please for those that have done it! smile

Ntinyn Sun 28-Aug-16 19:33:48

Glad you ordered, sarahsea! We decided to narrow down the search to local supplier only as had major party wall issues with neighbours and had to change the location and design of the kitchen last minute, I was angry and stressed to the max!!
Major deliberation between Crown and Rotpunkt (yes i know they are perceived to be poor value...) and settled on Rotpunkt, a mix of matt stone and grey.
I really want a hot water tap but DH is dead against it for budgetary purposes.
I ordered my sink this morning actually, after reading threads on here decided to get rounded corners rather than pointy as supposedly easier to clean, so ordered the undermount Franke Kubus KBX 11055.

3kidsandus Tue 06-Sep-16 17:28:51

Wow! Really surprised by my quotes!!
Howdens (j-groove) £7500
Crown imperial £8100
In toto £8700
Hacker £9361

I thought they'd be a much bigger difference between the crown and in toto quote!

3kidsandus Tue 06-Sep-16 17:34:32

Though Crown did say that they put a plinth at the top of the tall units/wall units so there's no gap between units and ceiling for dust and gunk to accumulate. Would this be something other suppliers could do?

Ntinyn Tue 06-Sep-16 17:49:34

Yes others will do it too.

loopsngeorge Tue 06-Sep-16 19:05:58

Out of interest 3kids, if they did that would you need a vent above the ovens (if you have any on that run)? I'm getting mixed messages from different suppliers, as well as very different quotes. For my kitchen hacker is working out cheaper than crown?!

3kidsandus Tue 06-Sep-16 23:41:01

Loops, I have no idea! I'll have to ask! Is your quote for the classic or systemart? Is the only difference really the size of the base cabinets. My quote was for systemart but was told would be just over a grand cheaper with classic range. My head is so confuddled!!!

3kidsandus Sat 10-Sep-16 20:56:33

I think I'm going to go for Hacker. Does anyone know if any other difference between classic and systemart other than plinth height and base cabinet sizes?? There's about 1k difference in price!!

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 11-Sep-16 20:36:24

Hi 3kids - if hacker were cars not kitchens the three ranges might be marketed as 'Skoda - VW- Audi '
Classic being Skoda and Systemat being VW !
Hope that helps a bit !!

ie different marketing and pricing structure to suit different budgets - but all good stuff !! smile

loopsngeorge Mon 12-Sep-16 09:27:40

Oh god, I hope a Skoda's alright then as we've just put in an order for the Classic Art!! I was told that Classic have 16mm backs and sides whereas Systemat is 18mm and that there was a wider choice of colours. I don't think there was any difference in the door quality between the two.

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