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How much did your new bathroom cost?

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BreakingBadWind Sun 21-Sep-14 23:29:18

Just had a quote for ours £8.5k. Too expensive but before I negotiate wanted to know what others paid.

Is small bathroom. Quote is to rip out everything and start again. New bath wth shower on wall (so you stand in bath). Loo and sink. New heated towel rail radiator. Tile the walls (plain white) and floor (we'll provide the floor tiles). Also paint (though not much to paint) and also mirrored cabinet. And extractor fan.

pippop1 Sun 21-Sep-14 23:40:38

Work out the cost of all the items via a bathroom website e.g. lights mirror and so on. Add, lets say £500 for pipes, electrical bits e.g. shaver sockets and so on.

Can you source these items yourself? This will give you control over some of the payments.

Ask the installer how many days the work should take (if they can work out a quote they can give you a rough idea of how long) and how many people will be doing it at any one time.

For example I would expect a London daily rate for a plumber doing a longer job (not just popping in to fix something) to be £150-£200 per day (8am - 4pm).

If you spent £4k on the materials and it took two weeks (so 10 working days with 2 say people per day) that might be another £4000 in labour. However I think it would be quite difficult to spend £4k on materials unless the things are particularly fancy!

BreakingBadWind Sun 21-Sep-14 23:54:27

Thanks. Break down on quote is 6500 for labour and electrical parts and then 2000 for the parts.

catsofa Sun 21-Sep-14 23:55:33

I've just had a similar sounding job done for just over 3.5k, got a quote from the Bathroom Store which was about the same although we didn't use them in the end.

Can't remember room dimensions but it's just big enough for bath, toilet, sink and for the door to open. Tiles on offer from Wickes website, including floor tiles. New suite, bath plumbing moved to opposite ends of bath so we could fit a shower over it, no cubicle just curtain. Electric vent fitted to existing hole in external wall. Radiator replaced with heated towel rail. There were lots of extras needed as we went along that we just hadn't thought of, which pushed the budget up but which were very obvious things genuinely needed. We just hadn't realised how much grout it would take, had forgotten tile spacers and all sorts of little things. Paid for delivery for everything as we don't have a car.

You absolutely could spend over 4k on materials alone, there is some extremely pricey bathroom stuff out there! But there is no need, although we were advised that choosing white tiles, plain white suite and cheapest white everything would actually result in a very nasty cheap looking room (like some restaurant toilets), so we spent a little more on a plain black border and large tiles laid in a "brickwork" pattern, which looks smarter.

This was in East London, we used a local firm. Took much longer than they said it would which was very annoying as we were without a toilet for over a week. But they were nice guys.

catsofa Sun 21-Sep-14 23:59:38

BTW we started off by getting a quote from the Bathroom Store, where they sat us down and went through every single bleeding thing while I lost the will to live (take snacks!), then gave us a printout of the quote all priced up.

This gave us a nice starting point from which to see if what we could source ourselves was good value, although like I said there were all sorts of materials costs that we just didn't think of, so allow maybe £200 - £300 for random other stuff needed that you have to pop out to Homebase for suddenly at 9am on Monday before they can start.

RCheshire Mon 22-Sep-14 07:54:47

Recently been replacing a bathroom. About 11k all in. 7k materials 4+k labour. Originally (pre choosing of materials) were aiming for 7k total.

Involved ripping out old suite, removing one wall to use some of old airing cupboard space, three new studs in total, significantly moving pipework, replaster, new electrics etc.

Putting aside the electrics and plaster (as we already had people in,) our bathroom fit quotes (pipe work, fit suite, u/f heating, rad, floor and half wall tile) ranged from 2.7k to 5k.

Materials added up but of course you choose what you pay there. Also separate shower cubicle and bath.

PossumPoo Mon 22-Sep-14 08:07:17

SW London here, bathroom not quite complete but around £3500 for everything including labour.

specialsubject Mon 22-Sep-14 10:37:06

I replaced a bathroom last year- reused shower and radiator but all else was new. Materials were £800 odd from a plumbers merchant/Wilko and it is all perfectly good stuff.

took about 2 weeks full time.

BreakingBadWind Mon 22-Sep-14 16:52:10

Thanks. They've knocked £1500 off it.

specialsubject Mon 22-Sep-14 20:03:23

17% off just for asking, with no reduction in the scope of the work?

that's a company that either takes the piss or can't do sums...

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