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Ballpark cost to replace bathroom

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poppy711 Mon 08-Sep-14 18:03:40

An elderly friend needs to remove her bath and replace it by a walk-in shower. Can anybody recommend a reliable company that won't rip her off please - she lives in West London.

MyTub Mon 02-Dec-13 12:28:34

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cantspel Thu 04-Apr-13 13:21:53

I did my bathroom and separate toilet last year.
I went to a local independent bathroom shop and spent £1100 on a short projection loo and fittings, a middle of the range bath, shower with thermostat tap, riser and glass shower screen, basin and mixer and a large slim fitting bathroom cabinet and matching high gloss bath panels.
The marble flooring in the loo i got for free, the tiles and border came to just under £500 from wickes (i went for a plain large white tile with a black border so the money i save of the white tiles i spent of a better border tile to give it a nicer finish) A new towel radiator with valves and fittings was around £100 from screwfix.
We ripped out the old ourselves and got a couple of pipes moved then paid a tiler/plumber £1800 to tile,replaster both ceilings fit a shower plump,loo etc.

NotMostPeople Wed 03-Apr-13 23:16:20

Brilliant all great advice everyone, we won't want basic fittings but I'm not bothered about specific brands more how they look/function. MyCatsRule were are you? your deal sounds amazing.

fussychica Wed 03-Apr-13 23:09:55

Just finished ours. £2.5k - Walk in shower, 8mm 1000mm glass screen, loo, vanity with sink, towel warmer, floor to ceiling tiles and flooring - mainly sourced from the internet. Inc fitting by plumber but DH did the tiling.
We thought Topps were v expensive. Try wallsandfloors - samples and brand names available (ours are Laura Ashley)

FamiliesShareGerms Wed 03-Apr-13 20:34:08

We're about to pay around £7k for a complete refit of a small bathroom (new bath, loo, tiling, fitted units), but we're in London and haven't gone for the cheapest (ie Polish) fitters.

You can go through Quidco for Topps Tiles too, about 8% cash back I think

myron Wed 03-Apr-13 20:30:18

What finish you actually pick out can vary enormously - yes, you can pick up a basic bathroom suite for £200. In fact, this is what tradesmen will supply you if 'that's all you want' (and there is nothing wrong with that if the budget is very tight)

Do your research and if you're picky - like me, know exactly what model you are buying and source it yourself. More hassle but you're less likely to feel taken advantage of.

My MIL was supplied a Grohe shower by her bathroom fitter - she didn't see beyond the fact that it was 'Grohe'. What was supplied was their cheapest and most basic bar shower that retails around £140. She was charged £300 for it! Especially when I know that trade can get at least 20% discount off the RRP so he made a massive mark up. The main difference is that she didn't want the headache of choosing nor did she want to spend the time to research her products.

To save money, you need put the legwork in and research the products you want and the prices you can source them at. You definitely WILL save money. The labour part is easy - get a few quotes in. All I can say is that if you're replacing a bathroom, you're probably only going to do it once so you want to minimise any regrets. I managed our renovation project last year so was very much queen of the budget/spreadsheet. I also did a lot of legwork - I coveted Matki and Laufen but didn't have the budget so I visited a lot of places and touched/saw tons of products. I sourced/approved everything bar the type of extractor fan!

Groovee Wed 03-Apr-13 20:02:15

It will depend but dh would do this for £3k to £5k dependant on the price of stuff you choose. It could be more for certain taps/showers etc

MyCatsRule Wed 03-Apr-13 19:32:40

Wow think we got a bargain then! Our £2k included ripping out, replastering, new everything, inset lights in ceiling, tiles and tiling (wall & floor), power shower, heated towel rail - literally everything except decorating and a loo roll holder! We chose and the guy doing it supplied and did the lot. Looks fab too and good brands - Grohe shower, taps etc. smile

myron Wed 03-Apr-13 15:14:24

I think £3 - £4K is a good guideline. A typical breakdown would be :-
£2K for materials : - bath, panel, mixer tap & waste, basin, mixer tap & waste, WC & S/C lid, shower, tray & waste and shower enclosure. Also, a chrome towel radiator and LED demister mirror. Extractor fan plus LED downlights.
Say £2K for fitting and tiling/painting.
I would source your own materials - you only change a bathroom once. You can definitely source for <£2K - I haggled hard for my Hansgrohe Raindance Mixer showers and also bought 8mm glass shower doors (not exactly budget options). I made savings by going for plain white tiles with a blingy border and half height rather than full height tiling. No vanity units but a custom built floor to ceiling cupboard (incidentally cheaper than said vanity unit). No electric underfloor heating either due to budget - bathroom mat is more than adequate! Browse a Screwfix and a Plumbase catalogue for pricing. Spend more on the taps and the shower fittings especially the shower tray. Shop around for 8mm glass shower panels - it is possible to get a good price on them. Plumber's merchants are a must. A cash account will get you a minimum of 20% off the bat. HTH.

georgedawes Wed 03-Apr-13 13:58:44

All bathrooms and kitchens sherbet?! We spent 1k on bath toilet etc and nearer 2k on fitting.

sherbetpips Wed 03-Apr-13 13:27:47

Bathrooms cost £5k kitchens start at £10k. Whatever the cost of the actual bathroom, double it for the fitting then add another grand for tiles, fittings, etc.
Also depends on if it is a complete rip out, everything replastered, new flooring, electrics, etc. Or if it is new units but the rest stays reasonably intact.

georgedawes Wed 03-Apr-13 13:23:26

We spent 3k. I'd use a local independent bathroom shop rather than the nationals and ask them to recommend a fitter.

StealthPolarBear Wed 03-Apr-13 09:25:18

Webe been quoted 14k to have all old stuff removed and new put in, under floor heating New lighting. They do it all.

BoBoo Wed 03-Apr-13 09:23:04

A useful tip I had on here is that you can exchange Tesco vouchers for Topps Tiles - £5 voucher gets you £15. So if you shop at Tesco and start saving them now, it could make a big difference.

NotMostPeople Wed 03-Apr-13 09:13:23

Ahh interesting, I thought it might be a lot more. We won't have the money to do it immediately so I wanted an idea of how long we'll have to wait.

MrsTwgtwf Tue 02-Apr-13 21:00:17

I mis-read your OP - thought you were replacing your bathroom with a ballpark...

FrameyMcFrame Tue 02-Apr-13 20:56:46

My DS just got new bathroom from BnQ, paid £150 deposit then nothing to pay for a year then £50 per month for 3 years....
So now she just has to pay for fitting and tiles.

MyCatsRule Tue 02-Apr-13 20:43:40

Just done ours! We had all the old tiles removed, everything ripped out, walls replastered, new bath, loo, sink, vanity unit, shower, tiling on walls and floors - cost £2k all in, inc skip. One guy and his sidekick did everything, do it was v easy for us.

NotMostPeople Tue 02-Apr-13 15:58:54

What do you think it would be the costs to replace a bathroom? The existing one is very dated, half tiled walls with both a bath, separate shower, loo & handbasin. If we took this all out had the whole room tiled and new bath, shower, loo and basin put in. Not so sure on the tiling, but the old tiles will definitely have to go.

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