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Laminate or tiled floor in kitchen/diner?

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confusedperson Thu 24-Mar-11 16:09:36

Probably a very boring question, but really need to know. I would like dark grey slate tile type flooring in my kitchen/diner.
Love tiles as they are hard wearing and possibly more "posh", however don't love when the grout goes missing, or the idea of two small children falling over on tiles if anything.
I can find tile imitating laminate flooring on sale, but not sure if it a good option for kitchen. It is called hardwearing, but would it hold well if a knife drops? If water leaks? Would it look cheap?
Any opinions?

Rhian82 Thu 24-Mar-11 16:15:22

I think it probably depends on the quality you go for, but I've hated laminate flooring in the past as it's a nightmare when it gets wet. It warps pretty quickly, and if it happens around the joins it's then very easy to catch it on a shoe and start chipping bits off.

notquitenormal Thu 24-Mar-11 16:33:19

We have a dark blue/grey laminate tile in the kitchen and it still looks like new after 6 years.

It was expensive as we bought it when it was a relatively new product, but we knew we were going to remodel the kitchen layout and wanted something we could lift and relay (worked well too)

You have to buy the stuff that is specifically for wet areas. And the cheaper stuff we've used in the utility, which is supposedly also suitable, hasn't faired so well.

Fiddledee Thu 24-Mar-11 19:55:23

How about posh lino that looks like tiles - Amtico or Kardean, although tiles may be cheaper but less hard on kids heads.

confusedperson Thu 24-Mar-11 20:03:37

Fiddledee, Amtico may be great but I doubt if it will suit to my Victorian features, like bay window or fireplace. Or will it? Maybe sligthly too modern?

Fiddledee Fri 25-Mar-11 21:24:46

You are considering laminate but think Amtico is too modern hmm suggest you order a catalogue.

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Sat 26-Mar-11 21:37:57

I hate my tiled kitchen floor, the grout needs so much scrubbing to not look foul and it's totally unforgiving if you drop anything or if the DC fall over.
I'm definitely going to get something with a bit more give when we finally get the kitchen redone.

headless Sun 27-Mar-11 09:38:14

Can I recommend the Camaro range by Polyflor - just had some laid in our kitchen and its spectacular! It is the same idea as Amtico and Karndean, but cheaper and the fitter said he finds it preferable to fit. Plenty of different designs and they do a dark grey slate too. Polyflor . I don't think the website does justice, so try to get a catalogue.

confusedperson Sun 27-Mar-11 12:21:20

headless, I checked the website and it does look lovely. I will try to get some samples.

jaspercat2002 Sun 27-Mar-11 13:21:45

Headless - have been trying to find out some info about Camaro as our local flooring company have recommended it as a cheaper alternative to karndean. I gather its quite a new range which is why I can't seem to find out much about it.

Do you mind me asking roughly how much cheaper it is than Karndean? Is great to hear you are pleased with it. Have been looking at the technical spec and from what I can see it looks to be pretty much the same as the knight tile range in terms of wear thickness etc.

headless Sun 27-Mar-11 18:18:09

Yes, jasper, I'd agree with you about the Knight tile range comparison, although I'd add that the Camero range seems a bit more contemporary than Karndean. As for price, we had a quote for Karndean knight tile stuff that was approximately £500 more expensive than the Camero including fitting, however, those quotes were from two different companies, so hard to make a full comparison. As I say, we're delighted with it.

lalalonglegs Sun 27-Mar-11 19:41:46

I'd go for tiles. I have tiles in some parts of the house and all my Italian family have them throughout their homes - children falling on them has never been a problem (although probably larger than average number of glasses and plates get broken wink).

Jacqueline1874 Wed 10-Dec-14 13:50:33

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