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A tile like Fired Earth "retro metro" - but cheaper?

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linspins Mon 11-Oct-10 14:29:37

Does anyone know of a white tile like the fired earth retro metro one - but a little cheaper? It's 7.5 x 15 x 0.5 cm. We want to tile the bathroom mainly in white, and can't afford all the tiles we like. We could splash out on a band of fired earth ones in an accent colour, and do the rest on a cheaper you think that'll work or economising too far?

Pannacotta Mon 11-Oct-10 15:49:07

Johnsons does a satin metro tile in various colours, but its 200x100.

Much cheaper than the F Earth range. .pdf

littleomar Mon 11-Oct-10 15:54:07

Topps Tiles - I considered for the kitchen but decided they were too bathroomy (this was a couple of years ago mind).

kitsmummy Mon 11-Oct-10 16:07:11

how about these, which i believe are genuine fired earth. they have loads of different options, look at all the metro tiles metro

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Mon 11-Oct-10 16:09:25

I completely love these Fired Earth tiles. Thanks for the link kitsmummy.

kitsmummy Mon 11-Oct-10 16:18:55

No problem, a couple of my friends have done their bathrooms with them, they look fab

linspins Mon 11-Oct-10 21:33:33

Ooo, thanks Kitsmummy. Bathroom planning can commence! grin

SparkyUK Wed 13-Oct-10 09:51:34

We've ordered ours from Tons of Tiles and would also recommend them.

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Oct-10 12:01:24

Tons of tiles, agree.

EXACTLY the same tiles, from the same factory as Fired Earth but loads cheaper. Fired Earth quoted me £900, but tons of tiles was £275

You can't say they're Fired Earth tiles, obviously, because they're not from FE but they are identical.

Be aware that it's pallet delivery so you might need someone to unload it into your house, they won't bring them inside for you.

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Oct-10 12:01:45

Oh and I checked, it is the same factory in Spain apparently.

linspins Wed 13-Oct-10 16:37:47

Thanks everyone, I love you all!!

metrotiles Sat 16-Oct-10 07:23:00

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lalalonglegs Sat 16-Oct-10 09:28:50

I used those in one of my bathrooms and my kitchen and they look great. I was a bit worried that they might be slightly porous and absorb stains but they don't, they're gorgeous (I got mine from a discount bathroom shop in Wandsworth and I think they were even cheaper <<skinflint>>).

SparkyUK Sat 16-Oct-10 22:03:12

lala can I ask where your store is? Are they the beveled tiles or flat ones?

lalalonglegs Sat 16-Oct-10 22:25:10

Just been to check, they're flat. The store is close to Wandsworth Town Hall, just a few doors along from the entrance to the modern annexe. I think I paid about #16 m/sq (but it was a couple of years ago - I couldn't swear they still have them).

linspins Sun 17-Oct-10 15:23:35

Lala, are the ones you have crackle glazed? I'm worried that the water will seep in, in places like behind the taps which are always a little damp...

lalalonglegs Sun 17-Oct-10 18:36:16

Been to check again and no, they aren't crackle-glazed (so can't be the same - please ignore earlier boasting about my bargain) but they are very, very similar.

linspins Sun 17-Oct-10 20:21:45

Have been staring at the sample ones I bought all day now and am wondering if plain, not crackle glazed, might be better anyway! Oh, the decisions!

SparkyUK Mon 18-Oct-10 11:27:14

We have crackle glazed in our bathroom and there is no problem with water seeping in, BUT they did have to be sealed.

Also, our bathroom fitters (who were sh*te and we have to do it over again because of their incompetence) had a lot of trouble cutting them down. They said this was because they were crackle glazed. I looked into this online and found tips like seal an individual tile before cutting it OR soak an individual tile before cutting it and that will keep it from cracking. Not sure if that is fool-proof but it may have helped.

Anyway, the crackle glaze looks really nice and I think is slightly softer looking. But, I grew up in New York City where all bathrooms are subway tiles which are the non-crackle glaze version of the metro tiles. I really like that look too, and will have it in the shower when we add the bathroom in the attic one day. The hard part has been getting a tiler who can do the super thin super straight grout line. (*Lala*, I'm not that far from you I don't think so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!)

Pannacotta Mon 18-Oct-10 13:42:06

The Johnsons range I mentioned are plain not crackle glazed (they have a matt finish) and are much, much cheaper than the F Earth ones.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Sat 19-Mar-11 17:47:03

Thank you SO much for this thread. I fell in love with Retro Metro Lime House tiles today, but thought they'd be outside my budget. Hurrah.

Maddikins Sat 19-Mar-11 20:01:12

metro tiles including Lime House colour

We ordered the white metro tiles from here. Very good price and fast, cheap delivery.

KateMiddletonsEyebrows Tue 01-Nov-11 13:33:46

Ordered - hurrah. Fired Earth quote £1050; Tons of Tiles £585.

Ellie1975 Mon 06-Feb-12 15:30:54

Been a long time lurker on Mumsnet and decided to register so i could post a big thank you to Kitsmummy- i have been longing over the Fired Earth metro tiles for sometime as i am planning bathroom refurbishment- but they are so expensive!!

I can get the same tiles from Tons of Tiles for a quarter of the price!! Thank you!! thanks

DottyP Mon 06-Feb-12 15:52:29

I've just tiled my shower with bevelled edge metro tiles from Wickes. Think I paid £18 square m and they look absolutely fab.

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