Reasons your kid is pissed off today...

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Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 11:15:28

1. I have said we aren't visiting our support bubble today as i have things to do as I'm.working tomorrow.

2. She's now worried she can't see her dad as we weren't going out today hmm she will see him tomorrow while I'm.working.

3. I.said she had to tidy her room.with her sister ( its shared )

4..I just told her to get dressed.oh no clothes....

5. Shes been asked to clean her teeth for more than 10 seconds so she's been sent back to do it properly.

She's now.crying. i.have no idea why.

Its going to be a long day . Luckily I have gin and wine for later.

cake brew for anyone else with an over emotional child this morning.grin

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itsgettingwierd Sat 29-May-21 11:18:00

Mine couldn't stomach breakfast he was so annoyed when he woke up.

The issue? He woke at 9.45am and he hates waking up after 9am.

He's often up at 4am as a swimmer.

He's autistic so he does get irrationally annoyed over certain rules he seems to decide must exist in his life confused

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 11:26:48

Welcome. Can I interest u In a.can of g&t fir later?

Sounds like.we are both in fir a long day

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Onesnowynight Sat 29-May-21 11:43:59

Ds16 (this admittedly was last night)

1) leaving McDonalds and I ask is all our food there

2) ds checks and says yes

3) 5 mins from home he says they have forgotten ds21’s food

4) go in and I say to ds21 what had happened (I asked ds16 to check and he said yes)

5) dd16 kicks off ‘it’s not my fault!!!’ (Unmmm I asked you to check whilst we were there so ummmmm yes it is!)

6) 1 hour later ds16 comes down and apologised

In all fairness he will always say sorry when he is in the wrong, be it about an hour later, but it does come lol

Onesnowynight Sat 29-May-21 11:45:08

Oops I didn’t realise this was in preteens!!! Oh well he’s a tale for you all- get used to it for a few years to come!!!

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 11:46:02

Ha ha I appreciate the heads up!!

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Letshavesometea Sat 29-May-21 11:46:51

Because his brother looked at him
Because his brother walked in his shadow


Letshavesometea Sat 29-May-21 11:47:34

Oops I didn't realise we were in preteens either, sorry mine are young!

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 11:49:51

Hey misery is misery... no kicking off for thre " wrong board" here

I've escaped to the garden to fight with some sticky weed. My arms are now realy itchy but I Darent go back inside..

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itsgettingwierd Sat 29-May-21 11:51:05

Mines 16 too so not a pre teen either.

They don't get any more rational as they age through the teen years grin

MiddleClassMother Sat 29-May-21 12:00:35

I said no to pancakes for breakfast! Still won't talk to me, gonna be a long day...

howisyourcat Sat 29-May-21 12:06:07

Because she had to get dressed
Because she didn't like the 10 options on offer for breakfast
Because she didn't get to go on her iPad
Because she didn't get McDonalds yesterday hmm

Such fun. And it's half term! brew

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 12:10:42

No pancakes?

You lot are meanies wink

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Andi2020 Sat 29-May-21 12:42:33

@Whatwouldscullydo preteen to teen is hardest. I am right in the middle of it
Ds12 not too bad
Dd16 bit moody
Dd17 have seen ever mood going if she doesn't get her way

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 12:45:58

I already have a 14 Yr old. To be fair she's not to bad she's usually just out with friends.

Dd2 is quite erratic hmm she's 10. The past year or 2 she's been quite the character. A few weeks of being fine then a day or 2 if being really overly emotional/over reactive then she goes back to being fine grin

Luckily I'm.working over half term so I can escape from bit . grin

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ProfessorInkling Sat 29-May-21 12:51:23

My 10 year old has been upset about a dream she can’t stop thinking about - to do with ears 🤷‍♀️
And then because she can’t decide between eggs and soup for lunch.
I’m tired.

BigSandyBalls2015 Sat 29-May-21 12:56:13

Sneaking her ex boyfriend in at 2am when she thought we were asleep. We don’t like him as he doesn’t treat her very well and I’m pleased he’s an ex. Apparently we’re the strictest weirdest parents ever who embarrass her, as I asked him to leave 🤷🏼‍♀️

BigSandyBalls2015 Sat 29-May-21 12:56:26

Sorry not pre teens ... obv I hope!

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 13:05:28

Good on you for throwing him out! Yes there's definitely alot they will not understand until they are older and/or parents themselves. Then she will thank you for implementing the standards she was unable to.

wine fir the mean time

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Christmasfairy2020 Sat 29-May-21 21:02:55

Had a sleep over with her friend last night had a gr8 time cruella and afternoon tea today and a park visit. Her sister stopped at inlaws last night. As soon as she came home my eldest dd had face on as her friend was playing with her 6 year old sister confused

Whatwouldscullydo Sat 29-May-21 21:05:24

Sounds great fun..

I finally have my are in bed. Let's all hope for less drama tomorrow

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Whatwouldscullydo Sun 30-May-21 12:34:42

And all was fine until its all just kicked off again 😬

Dd1 said to get ready to go to their dads. But dd2 wasn't ready and told dd1 she couldn't get ready as she wouldn't let her in the bedroom. She had a point however its set off the foul mood again.

So glad they are going to their dad's.. however shame I have to go too nice a day and I can't be bothered

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HugeAckmansWife Sun 06-Jun-21 18:25:48

This is a typical scenario with DD 10. 'mummy can you help with craft / baking / homework?' 'yes darling' (anticipating lovely FB worthy bonding time).. Literally 30 seconds later she'll be screaming at me that I've ruined it, doing it wrong, she's tried that, she's TOLD me already etc. So fine, do it yourself then. 'NO MUMMY HELP MEEEEE' 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Whatwouldscullydo Mon 07-Jun-21 06:54:26

My sympathy huge

That's a very familiar scenario grin

Sending you brew it's a bit too early for wine.

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HugeAckmansWife Mon 07-Jun-21 20:16:11

Thank you - it drives me round the absolute twist because its so contrary and achieves the exact opposite of what we both want. Frequently she'll start yelling at me before I have even set eyes on the task or read the first line of the homework or whatever. Sigh...gin is >>>>

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