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if you had a membrane sweep,

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katiepotatie Mon 27-Apr-09 22:32:23

how long was it before you went into labour? I am terrified of being induced, after too many horror stories!

ConnorTraceptive Mon 27-Apr-09 22:33:43

Sweep on the friday, waters started leaking saturday night, second sweep on the sunday, baby arrived on the monday.

warthog Mon 27-Apr-09 22:35:14

didn't work for me. went into labour a week later. the obstetrician said it's just as likely to work as not, and it's worth giving it a shot.

katiepotatie Mon 27-Apr-09 22:41:30

I had a sweep today, it was very painful, midwife says if nothing happens we will try again on Friday, but it still might not work sad I had a natural birth with my dd, and was hoping for the same, it was a lovely birth. I wonder why you only ever hear the horror stories?

Technofairy Mon 27-Apr-09 22:47:27

About half an hour. It was the most excrutiatingly painful thing I have ever experienced. My waters were leaking but nothing else was happening. My contractions started shortly after DP managed to get me down from the ceiling.

The birth itself pailed into insignificance after that and I have been left with a morbid fear of large West Indian midwives 21 years on. Apart from that she was lovely though.

Lubyloo Mon 27-Apr-09 22:48:33

Sweep on the Friday but was told that cervix was not at all ready - barely scored on the Bishop's Scale or whatever it's called. Waters broke on the Saturday morning, contractions started on the Sunday afternoon and baby born on Wednesday morning!

Good luck and keep us posted!

deleting Mon 27-Apr-09 22:50:28

pretty much straight away. felt like period pains straight after it was done and went on from there.

PlumBumMum Mon 27-Apr-09 22:51:55

Sweep on Tuesday was told I was 3cm would be in before the weekend, Saturday night went to bed v pissed off, woke up at 2.30 had dc3 at 6.20am, just got to the hospital on time

good luck hope it goes well, but don't be scared of inductions I had 2 before dc3 and they weren't scary at all

katiepotatie Mon 27-Apr-09 22:53:03

I hope it happens before Friday, really do not want to do that again in a hurry! Hot needles in eyes may be more preferable grin Off to bounce on my birthing ball!

PlumBumMum Mon 27-Apr-09 22:54:23

Oh yes I sat on mine alot, esp that Sat night (maybe should have got off it to go to hosp sooner thoughwink)

mrsjammi Mon 27-Apr-09 22:55:28

Message withdrawn

Tabbykat Tue 28-Apr-09 07:56:49

I had a sweep one week, nothing, then another a week later. she said she could tell then it wouldn't be too much longer - waters broke two days later,x

carbooty Tue 28-Apr-09 08:47:41

Didn't work for me I'm afraid - ended up being induced.

Portofino Tue 28-Apr-09 09:08:34

I had 2 a few days apart I think. Didn't work for me either. I was induced at 41+6.

shootfromthehip Tue 28-Apr-09 09:13:03

I had about 3 sweeps with Dd and nothing. I had 1 with DS and had him the next day. Don't think that it is an exact science!

Good luck

brettgirl2 Tue 28-Apr-09 10:25:08

I had a sweep and went into labour the next day. Of course there is always the possibility of coincidence anyway!

BriefEncounters Tue 28-Apr-09 10:26:05

Sweep on Monday at 1:30pm.

Contractions started on Tuesday at 6:45am. DD born at 1:26pm

lizziemun Tue 28-Apr-09 10:54:18

Like carbooty, nothing happen. Induced a week later

AnguaVonUberwald Tue 28-Apr-09 10:58:23

Nothing happened for me too, induced a week later.

BelleWatling Tue 28-Apr-09 11:05:35

Sweep on Wed, weak contractions started within 12 hours, 2 days of low key pre-labour, established labour on Saturday morning - baby born in afternoon.

mum2b09 Tue 28-Apr-09 11:20:16

sweep on wed, had been having false labour pains for weeks was 3 days overdue.. plug came out over the next few days.. went into labour early hours sunday moring

although i dont think it actually sent me into labour.. having the sweep dialated me to 1cm on the wednesday and i was 2cms for a few days before going into labour.. this was my first baby and i was in labour for just 5hrs i think havin the sweep made things move along alot quicker than hey would have without it x

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Tue 28-Apr-09 11:21:38

Nothing happened for me. I went into labour naturally 10 days later.

Hawkesy Tue 28-Apr-09 14:24:39

I had my first sweep last Friday and my second yesterday. Midwife advised that nothing had changed! Am now 11 days over and booked in for an induction tomorrow (if there's a bed available for me!).

Saying that, there was another lady in the clinic who had a sweep on Friday and her baby Saturday morning. Lucky thing!

notnowbernard Tue 28-Apr-09 14:26:54

Sweep at 8 days overdue

Delivered 10 days overdue (less than 48hrs after sweep)

nelix2000 Tue 28-Apr-09 14:46:04

one sweep at 39 at 41weeks(the day before my induction was booked) went into labout that not sure if I will get one this time round esp at 39 weeks...but then I like to know where I am at so might ask them to have a look anyway!

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