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Is it OK to eat California rolls when pregnant?

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aurorec Tue 22-Jul-08 13:29:35

OK I am 34 weeks pregnant and craving sushi like mad.
I'm aware that it's obviously not recommended to eat raw fish, however as far as I know California rolls are made with 'fake' crab.

Does that mean it's OK to eat?

Anglepoise Tue 22-Jul-08 13:32:36

I've eaten a fair amount of sushi (now 32 weeks). I think fish used for sushi in the UK has to be frozen first, so that kills any nasties, but yeah, if it doesn't have any raw fish in it then it should be fine I think (tbh I have stuck mainly to the crab stick/prawn mayo/tofu ones)

aurorec Tue 22-Jul-08 13:37:54

Sounds good, I'm happy to stick to those!

chandellina Tue 22-Jul-08 13:40:12

i've had lots of cooked sushi like california rolls. also had some of the uncooked stuff too at really good restaurants (nobu, etc.)
the risks are tiny - you just have to use your judgment and do what feels right for you.

notcitrus Tue 22-Jul-08 15:53:00

The FSA say cooked fish/seafood is fine (eg crab or crabstick), as is UK smoked salmon.

I've been craving sushi and spending a fortune at Wasabi on the salmon, tofu, and cooked mackerel nigiri and the crabstick and prawn hand rolls...

I only read that I was supposed to avoid raw fish as I chomped on the last of a very large order from my local Japanese restaurant. Oh well. I think a place that has high turnover of fish is probably fine - and I'm planning a delivery of sushi after I give birth. Important to get lots of easily digested protein, I think! grin

MrsTittleMouse Tue 22-Jul-08 16:15:25

I have been eating stacks of cooked and vegetarian sushi. It is wonderful for the soy sauce to cure my salt craving and the wasabi to clear my sinuses.
Good point re: needing lots of protein post-birth too. I wonder if I can get DH to drive to the restaurant to pick some up? M&S sushi is rubbish.

hanaflowerisnothana Tue 22-Jul-08 16:17:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aurorec Tue 22-Jul-08 19:21:50

Waitrose sushi is lovely!
I actually went there this afternoon but they didn't have any California rolls left...

LeonieD Wed 23-Jul-08 08:47:30

Message withdrawn

MrsTittleMouse Wed 23-Jul-08 08:55:09

Ooo, good. There's a Waitrose near us. I was talking to DH last night, and he asked when DD2 is born why I just don't go out with him to the restaurant and get a babysitter. I like his optimism, but I'm not sure that I'll be too keen when DD2 is cluster feeding in the evening, I'm trying to establish BFing and I'm bleeding constantly.

rockinmum Thu 24-Jul-08 09:39:30

Well what do they think Japanese women do? They don't stop eating all through pregnancy do they? Would be like tellnig us not to eat potatoes lol

notcitrus Thu 24-Jul-08 13:04:37

mmm...sushi in Japan...happy memories...

The sushi-grade fish is definitely even fresher in Japan than here. I'd be happy with any sushi restaurant than had got its fish direct from Billingsgate that day - don't think I'd trust say Yo Sushi - their fish often looks a bit tired.

pellmell Thu 24-Jul-08 13:15:06

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