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bisphenol A-free bottles

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Yankunian Thu 17-Apr-08 15:14:10

Anyone know who makes 'em?

MrsBadger Thu 17-Apr-08 15:34:40


why do you need them?

WombFor1More Thu 17-Apr-08 16:29:04

Oooh there were 2 new packs of 2 of these in my local Oxfam today! Wondered what exactly they were.

kiskideesameanoldmother Thu 17-Apr-08 16:45:03

MAM bottles are also bisphenol free. you can normally find them in boots and john lewis, possibly mothercare.

Yankunian Fri 18-Apr-08 11:57:57

Thanks, that's great.

MrsBadger, I want them because I understand there's some evidence that suggests they leach toxic chemicals. This seems to be more widely reported in the US, where I'm from, than over here. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, but I'd rather not take any chances...

MrsBadger Sat 19-Apr-08 17:44:39

I meant are you planning on having a go at breastfeeding?
avoids all sorts of worries like this...

Anagram Sat 19-Apr-08 22:07:03

Yankunian, we ordered Dr. Brown's glass bottles through -- for some reason, they won't ship them overseas. Had them sent to my MIL in Boston, she mailed them to us in London. Whole thing took a week. Canada, btw, just banned bisphenol from infant products.

Anagram Sat 19-Apr-08 22:07:28

BTW, I contacted the UK rep for Dr. Brown's and was advised that they might start selling their new glass bottles in the UK sometime around June.

chipmonkey Sun 20-Apr-08 01:04:34

Even if you bf you might want to give the odd bottle of EBM. The adiri natural nurser is also bisphenol A free and is available on ebay. I had a hell of a time trying to get ds3 to take a bottle so will probably get one for ds4 to try. Assuming he's not as stubborn as ds3!

kiskideesameanoldmother Sun 20-Apr-08 03:57:12

worth a read

Yankunian Sun 20-Apr-08 16:13:46

Thanks for all the help, folks. I like the idea of glass bottles - sure my family can hook me up with some from the states.

MrsBadger, I am planning on breastfeeding, but will be using a pump and a few bottles to enable my husband to do the odd feed and allow me more freedom.

MrsBadger Sun 20-Apr-08 16:21:55

ah now
as I understood it the main risk of BPA was from heating liquids in the bottles / using them with v hot liquids (eg making up formula with boiling water, microwaving etc)

you never do this with expressed milk, just stand it in jug of warm water (and in fact we just thaw/warm the freezer bag of milk in the jug of water then pour into bottle)

so the risk is lower if feeding EBM than formula.

but I might be wrong smile

kiskideesameanoldmother Sun 20-Apr-08 17:37:58

one of the links i was reading last night Mrs B was saying that that was not the case. it said that both bisphenol and phthalates leach quite freely into foods and water. The concern is also that a lot of bottled water contains it.

Apparently Japan has banned BPA's use for 10yrs now!

In fact, i may ahve read some of it this morning in the Stella magazine in the Sunday Telegraph.

chipmonkey Sun 20-Apr-08 18:57:05

The only thing about glass bottles is that they are heavy! I found one in my Mum's house which had been mine ( my Mum is such a hoarder, I will be 40 next birthday!) and coudln't believe the weight of it!

kiskideesameanoldmother Sun 20-Apr-08 19:08:42

i remember glass bottles from my baby brother in the late seventies. they look pretty but can imagine that they are heavy.

chipmonkey Sun 20-Apr-08 19:24:23

I remember telling my Mum when ds1 was born that I was going to get a steam steriliser. She said, "Oh, don't, they're so inconvenient and take up so much space on your cooker!hmm
After another talk, it transpired that the steam steriliser she had used was a big thing like a pressure cooker/steamer that sat permanently on her cooker. She thought Milton was a great invention!

Anagram Sun 20-Apr-08 21:08:45

The new glass Dr. Brown bottles are not heavy. Not the same as 1950s or 60s bottles. My only issue (and it's a minor one) is their profile -- tall and thin -- which might make them a bit less stable if left on a kitchen counter.

fledtoscotland Mon 21-Apr-08 09:21:00

MAM bottles are bisphenol A free and you can get them from boots, toys-r-us and ebay.

Yankunian Mon 21-Apr-08 11:35:51

Even if you are using breastmilk in bottles and don't have to heat them, surely you have to sterilise them before use? - which in my understanding would heat them up to the point where leaching BPA would potentially be a problem.

I had wondered about the heaviness issue with glass too. I do like the look of those MAM bottles, and they do seem to be widely available, so maybe that's the easiest option.

MrsBadger Mon 21-Apr-08 11:47:13

dishwasher is all you need re sterilisation

and surely the BPA leaches out of the bottles into the water you're washing/sterilising them in, so once they're dry the water's gone and so's the BPA?

if this really is for occasional-EBM-only use I would not get too het up about it.

chipmonkey Mon 21-Apr-08 12:50:14

The only thing I found with the MAM bottles is that the bottom of them screwed off and sometimes if you stood them in a bottle warmer, milk would leak out a bit through the join.

kiskideesameanoldmother Mon 21-Apr-08 12:58:02

the thing with the bottom of MAM bottles is that you have to pay close attention to assembling teh bottom bit like chip said or it may leak. I had a few leaks at the start when hurrying and not paying attention, but you get better at doing it. I only made sure my hands were clean before doing it.

chipmonkey Mon 21-Apr-08 14:27:38

I just lost patience and ended up putting the MAM teats on to Avent bottles! This was before I found out about BPA!

Essie3 Mon 21-Apr-08 14:34:35

Hahaha, the glass bottle discussion amused me. Our little family legend is that my Grandfather, and his twin sister (youngest with 8 older siblings, and obviously twins a bit of a shock plus a feeding problem in a poor family) were given a neighbour's gin bottles with teats on. And also some residual gin...

sjb500 Thu 30-Apr-09 10:15:40

I'm currently struggling to calm my post natal distraught partner - she has become very depressed about this apparent problem and she has been looking at various sites on the internet that seem to paint a terible picture. Has anyone got any helpful evidence based advice in this area that I might be able to use to help her put things in perspective? My common sense rationalising has so far failed to allay her fears.


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