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Bio Oil

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kittenpeak Sun 30-Aug-20 22:09:11

Hi. I want to start using something to before I start to get big to prevent (or as good as) stretch marks.

Everyone talks about Bio Oil, but should you use that when you have not stretch marks and you want to prevent them? Or do you only use Bio Oil if you already have them?

Basically, I don't have any (at the moment) and want to find a tried and tested product to help them never make an appearance!

Any tips?

Thanks all

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delilahbucket Sun 30-Aug-20 22:12:12

Stretch marks are hereditary. You're either predispositioned to get them or you're not. I religiously applied bio oil every day. 12 years later and my shrivelled up stomach has still not recovered. It looks worse now I'm thinner.

MrsP2015 Sun 30-Aug-20 22:19:11

I had a huge bump and I used loads of different creams/ oils about 2-3 times a day. Oils at night as they were greasy and creams in the morning/ day.

I 100% believe they worked as I don't have 1 stretch mark on my stomach.

However I breast fed so my boobs went up 2 sizes and I didn't use creams or oils as I didn't like the thought of newborn getting sticky or the smell over them. My boobs are covered in stretch marks.

So imo they work/ at least help.

Viletta Sun 30-Aug-20 22:50:15

Yes you can use it, I heard though that it has vitamin A and it's not recommended during pregnancy or early pregnancy so started using bio oil from week 25. I also use Palmer's stretch mark lotion (sometimes mixed with bio oil) and some other fancy pregnancy stretch mark butters. Love having my belly all moisturized and shiny. 35w so far no stretch marks.

xxxemzyxxx Sun 30-Aug-20 22:51:14

I’ve been using bio oil since 18 weeks when I had some start to appear on my boobs and stomach.

I’m 35 weeks now, the ones I had on my boobs are non existent, however my bump grew really quickly between 28 and 32 weeks so it hasn’t been able to prevent stretch marks on my stomach. But I think they would have been a lot worse had I not been using the bio oil. It helps keep the skin subtle and really helps reduce the itching when the skin is stretching!

Highheels87 Mon 31-Aug-20 06:45:06

I used it religiously throughout my first. I got to 36 weeks thinking I’ve avoided stretch marks and bang they appeared lol. I definitely think it helps when you apply it during and after pregnancy and mine faded pretty quickly. I do think it’s hereditary in any event. My two siblings haven’t got one between them. They have never bothered me personally it was more the jelly belly afterwards grin

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 31-Aug-20 06:46:34

It's basically sunflower oil.

sarahc336 Mon 31-Aug-20 06:51:38

Trust me you can use all the oils in the world but if your going to get them you'll still get them, they are hereditary and down to how your skin copes whenever stretches confused x

user1493413286 Mon 31-Aug-20 06:54:40

I used coconut moisturiser in the morning and bio oil at night in both my pregnancies from before 12 weeks and have no stretch marks. I have read a lot that says stretch marks are genetic but I figured it couldn’t hurt and it also helped with the itchiness as the pregnancy developed

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 31-Aug-20 06:58:36

Any moisturiser may help. I used nothing extra than the palmers unscented or aveeno just for comfort. We don't get stretch marks inorganic family

theresaplaceforus Mon 31-Aug-20 07:26:42

I’ve been using Bio Oil religiously since around 15 weeks, twice a day,
I’m 34 weeks now and I don’t have a stretch mark yet.

Daisysandviolets Mon 31-Aug-20 07:31:56

@Highheels87 I've literally just had this thought I'd made it safely through and bam here ate he stretch marks at 36 weeks! 🙈

I've been using bio oil and palmers butter daily and I've gotten a stretch marks the only thin I will say is, mine are not itchy or causing me any grief so it must be helping a bit 😊

Cookerhood Mon 31-Aug-20 07:32:39

3 pregnancies, no stretch marks. No bio oil.

sarahc336 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:09:41

Yeah my stretch marks hit over night at about 35/36 weeks x

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 31-Aug-20 10:12:25

I wouldn't bother:

Just use coconut oil or olive oil or a nice scent free moisturiser with lots of glycerin in it if skin feels uncomfortable.

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 31-Aug-20 10:14:22

Stretch marks are to do with the structure of the skin and how stretchy it is.

It's in the dna. Topical stuff won't make a difference.

These oils can help to fade scarring afterwards but I think it's as much the massaging as anything.

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