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37 years old and WHAT the hell was i thinking!!!!

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Cornishwench Tue 26-May-20 12:55:16

So im 37 yrs old and 9.5 weeks pregnant with my 4th. Terrified. Isolated. Fealing a bit bloody silly and wondering what i think im doing!!!
Not planned but we are happy
Im too old for this surely!
I need some possitivity people if you could possibly help
Thank you xxxx

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onedayinthefuture Tue 26-May-20 12:57:48

Nowadays 37 isn't old, if you're happy that's all that matters!

Fourfoot Tue 26-May-20 12:59:18

I'm 38 and having my first! My boss is 40 and just had her 4th. You'll be absolutely fine.

lockdownpregnancy Tue 26-May-20 12:59:39

Hi OP! I'm 35, 36 in October and pregnant with my first, and he is due in September.
I do wonder this myself sometime about what I've got myself into, but looking back I so wasn't ready for a child until now!
If you have 3 already, I'm sure you're a total pro!
I know women that have had children in their 40's. As long as your healthy I don't see why women can't have more children later on!
Later on..... we're only in our 30's! 😂😂😂

Nowisthemonthofmaying Tue 26-May-20 12:59:57

Congratulations! And that's not old! I'm 37 and 25 weeks pregnant with my first, it's pretty normal for my friendship group.

june2007 Tue 26-May-20 13:03:59

37 isn,t too old.

ChocolateQuiltedShitPig Tue 26-May-20 13:05:17

I'm 38 and 39 weeks pregnant with my first!

sel2223 Tue 26-May-20 13:11:03

I'm 37 and pregnant with my first. I thought I'd be told I was old and stupid but it seems under 40 is totally normal these hasn't even been mentioned since my booking in appt.
I'm nearly 29 weeks and nothing to compare it to but don't feel like I'm coping any worse than I would have 10 years ago.

NiceTwin Tue 26-May-20 13:13:54

I had my second at 38 and didn't look out of place at the school gate.
You'll be fine!

Kezmum14 Tue 26-May-20 13:15:57

I’m 37 and felt the same, however, at my midwife appointment last week she asked my date of birth and then said ‘oh you’re a baby yourself’ so guessing more and more Mums are a lot older smile

OnlyJudyCanJudgeMe Tue 26-May-20 13:16:15

I had my first at 27.

OnlyJudyCanJudgeMe Tue 26-May-20 13:16:24


Selfsettling3 Tue 26-May-20 13:17:46

I’m 37 and have a 4 year old and a 10 month old. I don’t think you are too old. I do think anyone with more than two children is either slightly crazy or a super parent.

Ceara Tue 26-May-20 13:18:13

Had my first and only a week before I turned 39. You're not old!

PoodlesAreMySpiritAnimal Tue 26-May-20 13:18:36

I’m 40 and 31 weeks’ pregnant. Totally planned and hubby and I are very excited. I’m really fit and active as a person (way more than I was in my twenties) so I definitely don’t feel 40 - and apparently don’t look anywhere near it either. My role models if I have any are fitness trainers who are in their 40’s, have young families and are crushing it!! If your health is good and you take care of yourself I honestly think you’re as old as you feel. Hubby and I hope to have a sibling for the baby I’m currently carrying in a few years‘ time, when I’m e.g 43 and fingers crossed, still not looking it wink, ha ha!!
I think maybe you could try looking at your age as a blessing? I know I can offer a lot more to my baby at this age than I could have in my twenties when I was being d*cked around by idiot guys and didn’t have the resources or depth of character I have now. I now have an awesome husband (after getting it wrong first time round and getting left), am way happier in life and my head is in the game. It’s such a personal thing though. I guess I just found my happy. It doesn’t mean it’s right for anyone else.

FraterculaArctica Tue 26-May-20 13:19:27

I had DC at 36, 38, and 41. Like most of my friends.

missymousey Tue 26-May-20 13:21:28

Holy moly OP, 37 isn't old! Having your first at 37 isn't even old! Had my first at 36 and my second last year at 38. You'll be absolutely fine. Your kids will help with the new baby. And with 3 already, at least you know what to do! Congratulations!

Susanna85 Tue 26-May-20 13:22:06

Loads of older (some really very old) parents around here. I have confused some parents at the school gates for grandparents.

37 is fine, don't worry. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

Cornishwench Tue 26-May-20 13:22:56

Oh your all so lovely thankyou

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Eskdale2004 Tue 26-May-20 13:23:27

37 isn’t old! My step mum had my brother at 43.

IDontLikeMondays88 Tue 26-May-20 13:23:30

I am 41 and having my first!

Hollyhobbi Tue 26-May-20 13:26:54

One of my sister's was 45 having her 3rd and the other was 37. Two of my Aunts were 43 and 44 having their 3rd and 5th. And a first cousin was 42 having her 3rd. So you're only a Spring chicken really op.

butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter Tue 26-May-20 13:27:56

I’m in a similar position to you...I’m 39 and expecting our 4th, oldest is nearly 15. Was planned but I do have moments of thinking are we completely mad? Very excited too though. 37 is in no way old!

Cornishwench Tue 26-May-20 13:34:06

My eldest is 18,then 8 then 7
I havent done this in ages!

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butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter Tue 26-May-20 13:41:09

I know what you mean, my youngest will be 7. Feel like I have forgotten everything!

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