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Registering for gifts?

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Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 16:08:30

An American friend I have asked me where I was registered for gifts. I hadn't even thought about it. Is this something that anyone does over here and if so where?

missbumpy Tue 21-Aug-07 16:10:50

I wasn't planning to do it because it seems a bit rude to ask people for gifts. I've noticed that Mothercare have a gift list service and I suspect that places like Mamas&Papas do too.
Is it just me who feels a bit uncomfortable with the whole baby shower/gift list idea?

Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 16:15:08

It feels kind of weird to me too but at the same time I would rather get stuff I need than 1001 babygrows or something.

compo Tue 21-Aug-07 16:16:24

You can do it at toysrus too.
But tbh I'd just say 'just send whatever you like'

tigerschick Tue 21-Aug-07 16:19:13

IME you can never have too many babygrows!!
Not something I'd do, I have to say.
You can always return things if you have 2, or more. Also, most people asked before they bought big things.

Peachy Tue 21-Aug-07 16:24:24

Too American for my liking tbh

If anyone asks, i just say mothercare vouchers- having been caught with a very small abby in the past and having to buy an entire size in a hurry, its handy. Plus, even if you don't want anything major from them you can still get all the general bits in there. Just easier, ime.

Nbg Tue 21-Aug-07 16:26:11

You can register for baby gifts!!!

Ask for vouchers. Then you can spend them however you want.

MrsBadger Tue 21-Aug-07 16:28:12

JL do it too but ime it isn't really done here. Leave the tags on stuff and take it back if you get duplicates.
(btw 1001 babygros are a Good Thing; it's the 1001 stuffed animals you want to avoid)

missbumpy Tue 21-Aug-07 16:28:19

I agree. I'm going to ask my mum for a few bits and bobs and I'll tell anyone else who asks to give whatever they like or Mothercare or John Lewis vouchers.

Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 17:11:42

Vouchers are a great idea! I am much more comfortable with that option. I had not even thought about it until someone asked where I was registered so they could get me something. I would rather just say send a voucher as people are asking me what I want but I don't want to assume how much they are going to spend if that makes sense.

Eaglebird Tue 21-Aug-07 17:28:35

I've never heard of registering a gift list for a baby. I'd find it a bit rude to say to people 'I'd like A, B & C please'. If friends & family want to buy a gift, then that's lovely. I'd be happy to receive whatever it was, knowing they'd spent not only the money but the time & effort in choosing it.
If we end up with 30 identical babygrows, then so be it

NAB3 Tue 21-Aug-07 17:29:12

Not my cup of tea at all. Find it a bit grasping tbh.

Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 17:58:47

The problem I am having is that people are asking me to ask for specific stuff and I don't feel comfortable saying something specific. The vouchers are a great solution though thank you!

Pheebe Tue 21-Aug-07 18:07:46


I've had people virtually harassing me about what to buy (mainly my lovely mum ). My tactic is to say assume we have all the basics and just choose something special for lo to keep or put some pennies in their trust fund. I have never been comfortable with the 'lists' approach, seems very grabbing to me.

Pheebe Tue 21-Aug-07 18:09:00

Forget to say, have also said if peeps opt for the trust fund option that they give lo a card saying thats what they've done, this then gets put in his special treasures box so he knows and can say thanks to all the people who contributed when he's older.

Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 18:29:58

I hadn't thought of the trust fund thing either. That is all much easier and I really feel weird about the registering thing so I would rather not go there. I did need a way to respond to people though so I am glad I have something I can suggest!

MerlinsBeard Tue 21-Aug-07 18:31:48

one thing to bear in mind. if you do ask fro things, make sure you ask for 3-6 months or 6-9 months. They grow so quickly!!

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