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IVF pregnancy

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Ste34 Tue 06-Aug-19 06:59:16

We have had our second round of ivf, a frozen embryo and had our test day Saturday just gone which was positive !!!! We did a re test yesterday and again it was positive.
My partner has had symptoms over the last couple of weeks, however, she has said the last couple of days she hasn't really felt anything.
She is now upset and worrying. I know everyone is different but any advice or reassurance would be great!

melissa1215 Tue 06-Aug-19 08:18:59

I'm 31 weeks along with an ivf pregnancy, I didn't really feel many symptoms. Around 6 weeks I got period type cramps (stretching pains) but that's it.


melissa1215 Tue 06-Aug-19 08:19:04

I'm 31 weeks along with an ivf pregnancy, I didn't really feel many symptoms. Around 6 weeks I got period type cramps (stretching pains) but that's it.


Ste34 Tue 06-Aug-19 13:14:15

Thanks for the reply. Congrats to you too!

She is a bit worried as she has had symptoms for a couple of weeks but last couple of days hasn't felt much

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 06-Aug-19 13:55:07

@ste34 congratulations. We’re in the same boat albeit first round ivf. Tested positive last Wednesday which was official test day. Felt some symptoms but was t sure if it was the drugs (feel like a walking pharmacy) had a bit of cramping but has died off now. Lots of ladies have said this is normal. I totally get how she is feeling. I’m just trying to stay sane until the viability scan at 7 weeks. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x

babasaclover Tue 06-Aug-19 14:26:05

Congratulations!!! I have a 3 year old, after 2 rounds of ivf. I didn't have any symptoms until about 6 weeks pregnant when I got really incredibly tired, started going to sleep at 6/7pm for the night!!!!!

I think the initial symptoms might be due to the cocktail of drugs her body has been through to get to this stage and so is normal to die down a bit.

Fingers crossed for you both 🍀

Ste34 Tue 06-Aug-19 14:37:59

Thank you both for your reply.
I definitely understand after trying for so long for it to finally happen it's difficult now to not worry.
All the best

sweetsaltypopcorn Tue 06-Aug-19 16:42:47

I'm 25+6 with an ICSI baby.
The worry is constant (sorry!) but if it helps, I had no symptoms at all at your partner's stage; in fact, the night before the test I was convinced my period would be starting. Never got any nausea or sickness but now have near constant backache!
Congratulations smile

Newmum2b78 Tue 06-Aug-19 16:52:38

I'm 30 weeks after first round of ivf. I had zero symptoms apart from period type cramps. I've had no morning sickness and not really felt any different apart from tiredness. I think I've been quite lucky, but the worry was awful because I felt so well !!
Best of luck and try not to panic too much, easier said than done I know ! Xx

FlipKat Wed 07-Aug-19 07:21:05

I’m 6+5 weeks pregnant from my 2nd round of IVF which was also a frozen embryo transfer. I got absolutely no symptoms until about 6 days ago when I started feeling slightly queasy. Now I’m feeling horribly sick all the time. My partner is delighted as he interprets this as meaning all is going well. I’m less delighted as it doesn’t feel good at all! I think it takes a while for the hormone levels to get high enough to cause symptoms, though by the sounds of it some women gave fewer symptoms than others

Ste34 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:03:26

Congratulations to you all aswell!
Many thanks for the replies and it makes me feel a bit better knowing everything should be ok, I spose all we can do is wait until the scan in a week or so! Fingers crossed

homley Wed 07-Aug-19 22:21:18

I am 30+6 with our icsi baby. I can only repeat what everyone has said, try not to worry. The only symptoms I had very early on was very weird dreams, physically symptoms didnt come until a little later on. Hopefully she will be able to take the chance to feel ok before the onset of any symptoms but with the knowledge she is pregnant smile

Ste34 Thu 08-Aug-19 18:02:10

She said she woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in her stomach and her back so hopefully that is a good sign? These two weeks waits are arent they???

CornishMaid1 Fri 09-Aug-19 09:21:07

I am 9+4 and I felt a bit sick yesterday morning, but have been okay since. That was the first I have felt sick at all.

I get some twinges now and again, but the only symptoms I have had is tiredness (I like to nap) and more recently needing to wee more and a bit of heartburn at bedtime. I have not had any of the other 'normal' symptoms and some people don't.

The only other symptom I have had, and it is more common with IVF pregnancies, is bleeding as I had a subchorionic haematoma (one of the blood vessels in the placenta burst). I only mention it as if it happens it is really scary, but call the doctor/midwife and get booked in to the early pregnancy unit for a scan.

Brenna24 Fri 09-Aug-19 09:26:04

Mine wasn't an IVF pregnancy but with my only successful pregnancy after a few miscarriages my symptoms came and went. I felt horrendously sick most of the time but would have runs of a few days when I felt fine. Those days were harder than the days I took a bucket everywhere I went. Fingers crossed that everything is ok for you.

Ste34 Fri 16-Aug-19 10:31:17

So we have a scan with the fertility centre next Wednesday. Wy wifes symptoms are still there, coming and going. However she was getting stressed out and did another pregnancy test today and it was negative?
What could this mean, does it mean she is not pregnant??? Help!!!

Ginmonkey84 Fri 16-Aug-19 10:53:00

How many weeks is she?

Aneley Fri 16-Aug-19 11:03:15

Try not to panic - it also depends which test she used. Clearblue is notoriously late to read the pregnancy, for example. Takes sometimes weeks after pregnancy was registered by cheaper tests for CB to show. Also, in the early days when bHCG concentration is still not very high a lot of things can affect it - how much water she had to drink (how concentrated urine is), how much time passed since last urination (that's why its recommended to do it with the first morning urine, the assumption is that you slept through the night and didn't use the bathroom so the period since your last urination is the longest), which test was used, etc. Fingers crossed!

Teddybear45 Fri 16-Aug-19 11:13:28

IVF pregnancy symptoms depend on the medication you’re taking. However there are several symptoms like cramping, spotting, and nausea that can be positive. Suggest you tell ehr to stop testing abdcwait for the viability scan to see if anything’s wrong - that’s what it’s there for.

Ste34 Fri 16-Aug-19 11:39:48

Think she is 5/6 weeks.
I appreciate all of that but when you have gone through years of this and for it to finally work it's hard to not worry and even harder to wait another week when she thinks the pregnancy has stopped

Celebelly Fri 16-Aug-19 11:41:54

Try diluting her urine - sometimes tests get fainter around this time as the HcG levels are too high.

What test did she use?

Ste34 Fri 16-Aug-19 11:48:43

I think it was a cheaper one as we used two clear blue they day of test and a couple of days after.

If we went to a normal hospital would they do a blood test to see if she is pregnant?

Teddybear45 Fri 16-Aug-19 11:55:24

I think, honestly, you both need to get a bit of a grip. I was ttc for 10 years and then IVF for 3. I get that you’re worried, I was too, but you have a positive pregnancy test and you have a scan booked for next week. All you can do is wait. Would your local hospital even see you as an ivf patient - my infertility clinic told me clearly that they had to sign me off to the NHS after the viability scan, so the local EPU may refuse to see you. Not that they’d be able to see anything anyway - 6-7 weeks is often the bare minimum to see anything on a scan.

If she’s worried she needs to call the fertility clinic. It’s their job to reassure her.

Aneley Fri 16-Aug-19 11:58:32

Ste34, I completely understand. We have been trying for 6 years and had quite a few IVFs. I know how difficult the wait is, how scary it is for you and your wife. I also know that telling you to calm down can only irritate you as that is pretty much the last thing you can do at the moment. I hope you get your BFP so that your wife can rest a bit until the scan!

Ste34 Fri 16-Aug-19 12:12:01

Teddybear45 I'm not here for sympathy, im here for a bit of advice. If you feel we need to get a grip maybe keep that to yourself and not comment on my post, very easy to just bot post anything, thanks.

Aneley thanks and me too

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