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Breech @ 34 weeks - did they turn?

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jmscp2015 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:03:17

Just wondering if others could share their experiences please smile

Baby currently Breech and has been since 28 weeks as far as we know (last scan was then)

Did your Breech babies turn?

I’m really not keen on ECV if it comes to it but I was really hoping for a natural birth sad

Thank you

Ijustlovefood Thu 12-Oct-17 19:07:27

My breech baby did not turn. Couldn't have ECV as baby was measuring too small. They suggested a C-section and asked me to think about it. I was terrified. Turned out baby decided to come 3 weeks early. I was about 6cm when I got to the hospital. The same doc asked me again and I said could I try for a natural birth with an epi, she said yes and I had a natural breech birth. My baby was 5lb 4oz though when born.

canihaveacoffeeplease Thu 12-Oct-17 19:18:22

Yes! She was breech from 24 weeks, finally turned at 38 weeks naturally, I was so so delighted, I was utterly convinced she wouldn't and I'd have to have a c-section, which I desperately didn't want.

Go to the spinning babies website, I did all the excercises. Not sure if it worked, but she turned! I also did lots of swimming as it's great non weight bearing excercise again to encourage her to turn. Little bugger was then 10 days late, but I had a fantastic home birth, even though she was 9lb10.

Good luck!

canihaveacoffeeplease Thu 12-Oct-17 19:20:04

Oh also wanted to say that I had no idea she'd turned. They say you'll feel it and it's really obvious, it wasn't at all for me, they think it was a very gradual turn over the 2 weeks between scans, so at the 38 week scan I was still convinced she was breech and was all prepared for the c section chat, that was then needless.

jmscp2015 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:26:09

Thank you ladies

@Ijustlovefood @canihaveacoffeeplease

Fingers crossed she will turn for us

Alwayswaiting Thu 12-Oct-17 19:28:45

Yes, my baby turned somewhere between 34-38 weeks, I wasn't aware at all. Like the poster above I did some spinning baby exercises and she was born weighing 7lbs 11ozs.

primarnoodle Thu 12-Oct-17 19:31:09

The vast majority do iirc but the spinning babies exercises from the website are good. Mine was transverse and she did finally turn! i wouldn't have known either but i had many many extra scans so it was evident from all of them! She finally turned at 37 weeks 4 days before she came

BikeRunSki Thu 12-Oct-17 19:34:53

At 34 weeks my right way round DS, turned breech.
Next pg, DD was breech at 36 weeks and turned back.

soapboxqueen Thu 12-Oct-17 19:38:39

Dd was breech at 33 weeks, didn't turn, was born breech at 35 weeks.

Mehfruittea Thu 12-Oct-17 19:41:17

Not for me. ELCS was planned for 39 weeks but went in to labour at 37+2. Laboured very quickly and was warned I may need to give birth naturally, I wanted a c section.

Eventually got me in to theatre (had to wait as another mum had a baby in distress, fair enough), baby was born perfectly well and happy 2 hours after going in to labour. smile DH phoned work to say he won't be back in after all!

jmscp2015 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:59:35

Thank you for all stories ladies smile

Fekko Thu 12-Oct-17 20:00:32

They can turn up to the last couple of weeks - and turn again, the little monkeys!

mrsmc2017 Fri 13-Oct-17 07:26:02

My baby went breech at 37 weeks, consultant booked me in for an ECV and a c section in case that didn't work. He also said that there was not much chance of the baby turning back. I decided that I didn't want to have the ECV done so cancelled that. When I went in for the c section at 39+3 and baby had turned! I had no idea, I had done quite a bit of yoga and cleaning on all fours so maybe that did the trick, not sure. So now I'm waiting to go into spontaneous labour, hopefully will not be too much longer.

jmscp2015 Fri 13-Oct-17 07:39:43

Thank you all! smile

ellesbellesxxx Fri 13-Oct-17 07:41:49

One of my twins turned from breech to head down.. didn't realise until a Scan and still not sure how there was room! About 33 weeks.. good Luck!

eeanne Fri 13-Oct-17 07:59:35

Mine never turned sadly and I ended up with ELCS. Was breech from about 25 weeks. I think only 5% of babies go to term breech and I was (un)lucky. You can try all the exercises but I think the ones who can turn do, and the small percentage that don't, nothing will shift them.

MrsCharlieD Fri 13-Oct-17 16:27:08

Ds was breech at 34 weeks and had turned by 36 weeks. He was an unstable lie though so had been flipping between head down, transverse and bum down.

I didn't do anything other than sitting on my ball and spending time on all fours and at nearly 40 weeks he's stayed head down.

mummyG2C Fri 13-Oct-17 18:03:34

Mine was breech from last scan at 22 weeks but midwife thought she had turned at 34 weeks went into labour at 40+3 next day was 7cms but labour was stop starting and had meconium in waters turned (head thoroughly wedged in my ribs!) out she was still breech and had never turned so was an undiagnosed breech in labour and had emergency C section. It was absolutely fine though. If I had have known I wouldn't have had the ECV (I had an anterior placenta so don't think I could anyways!) So don't blame you there, husband is a doctor and he knows they are unlikely to be successful, can flip back and can be very painful! so at least you know and can plan 😊 I am now 18 weeks with no2 and will definitely be having a presentation scan at 36 weeks just in case this time! Good luck hope it turns, I heard spinning babies is great to try!

boatrace30 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:38:15

Mine was breech all the way through and didn't turn. Tried an
ECV but the doctor didn't even try for long as DD was so wedged. In fact her bum was so stuck in my pelvis the surgeon struggled to pull her out! 😂

TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Sun 15-Oct-17 14:42:58

A handy way to look at it is that the baby isn't breech at the moment, they are just in a head up/legs down position. There is still so much time for them to turn, and chances are they will, but loads of people (including myself) get really stressed at the thought of a breech baby when in reality they are just in that position at that time and tomorrow could be the other way! What I'm trying, not very successfully to say, is that at this stage there is no right or wrong way up for them 😬

cinnamonwoman Sun 15-Oct-17 18:02:44

Yes they can, mine did the day before my scan to prove she was breech! My god, did I feel her turn!!!! Weirdest feeling ever! She was my second so she must have had more space. Think she turned at 35 weeks.

dementedma Sun 15-Oct-17 18:04:58

Went into labour with an undetected breech. Ended up with emergency CS

Serafinaaa Sun 15-Oct-17 19:37:02

My second baby was breech all the way through. Tried an ecv but it didn't work. Not very painful though! Maybe she didn't try hard enough 😂 Then I wanted a vaginal breech birth but baby head circumference on scan made that a bad idea. Had a very reluctant c section after a natural birth first time around- and loved it! So calm and easy with a straightforward recovery. I'd never had surgery before and was very nervous.

BakedBeeeen Sun 15-Oct-17 19:49:08

Mine turned at 37 weeks. I didn't know that she had turned until I felt the hiccups in a different place! I did the exercises on spinning babies website - kneeling on sofa and leaning right over with elbows on the floor. I even did handstands in the deep end of the swimming pool! I hope you are not too stressed about it, OP. It doesn't matter how they come out really, and at least they are keeping an eye on you so it won't be an emergency c section.

SprogletsMum Sun 15-Oct-17 19:55:43

I was convinced my baby was breech midwife said no no this is definitely the head this is definitely the bum blah blah blah.
Turned up to hospital had an examination midwife said oh you're 8cm and I think I can feel bum cheeks. By the time they ran me round to the delivery room she was on her way. All bloody 9lb of her bum first shock
We were both fine though, hurt a bit more than my other labours but was the fastest from start to finish.

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