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Aargh, what size clothes for baby hospital bag?

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SunnyDayDreaming101 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:42:18

I'm SO confused!!!
Who would have thought the things that become important that you didn't even know it's a thing confused

Trying to find nice unisex newborn clothes to do us for hosp and the first couple of weeks but my god! What the hell size???

Every place has different weights and sizes then what if I have a little 6lber or a big 10lber? That 2 different sizes! Or what if my 8lb baby is short and squishy or long and skinny? It's a minefield!

Then add trying to find nice unisex and I'm frazzled!!!

Anyone got any hints or suggestions before I lose (what's left of) my marbles??

Heirhelp Fri 13-Jan-17 21:44:45

Mothercare had nice neutral stuff or h and m for bright clothes.

Ask your mw to estimate the size of your baby. Although baby clothes are based on age they have a coresponding weight,

Heirhelp Fri 13-Jan-17 21:45:50

My 9lb 9 oz baby was out of her up to a month vests within a week.

Whatsername17 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:25:10

I've got newborn and 0-3 in my bag. When u had dd she was 7lb15oz and long. Her newborn stuff just fit her length and the 0-3 was massive. hmm

camtt Fri 13-Jan-17 22:28:24

how big are you, your DP and your bump? If you're small your baby may well be, large, likewise. But most full term newborns will fit newborn size at least till you leave hospital, even my friend's 11 lb-er!

GreenGoblin0 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:29:48


Helbelle75 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:30:29

Tesco and boots have some nice neutral ones as well. I'm going with a selection of New born and up to a month. Hard isn't it?!

Artandco Fri 13-Jan-17 22:33:30

The white Plain organic vests and sleepsuits from John Lewis are great.

Just newborn. 0-3 months is huge

If you end up with a tiny tiny babybor ginormous they aren't going anywhere and will survive happy enough in a nappy and blanket a few days. Most too small would need just blanket anyway to be monitoried more and too big without warning would unusual.

Mine were around 6-8 weeks only before in 0-3 and both 7lbs+ born.

Elllicam Fri 13-Jan-17 22:33:53

I have mostly 0-3 but have been told I'm having a big baby. Generally a mix is safest.

AuditAngel Fri 13-Jan-17 22:38:51

DS was 7lb 10 oz and 0-3 months drowned him.

DD1 was 8lb 11oz and 0-3 months drowned her.

Dd2 was born a week and a half earlier than DD1. She was a puny 5lb 13oz and DH had to do a second emergency shop at Tesco! She wore early baby

Sweets101 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:43:07

I got a couple of tiny baby outfits for mine (after the shock of DD1) as I wanted them to have something that fit without me having to tie the legs together. But when DS came a long I had to send out for new born as it was on the small size. So, if you want it to actually fit, i'don't go for one tiny baby and one new born set.

mumsy2015 Fri 13-Jan-17 23:01:56

I would not buy too many of any size-these days shops are open at all hours so you can always send someone out to buy clothes if you need to. I would buy newborn for the hospital bag, if they are small it doesn't matter if they're too big and if they're bigger they will normally squeeze into newborn at first. Dd1 was 6lb 11oz and Dd2 was 5lb 13oz but dd1 actually needed more tiny baby clothes as she was shorter whereas dd2 was longer but really skinny. We had bought newborn for the hospital which were perfectly fine for both and then just got a couple of tiny baby or early baby outfits after they were born so we could get some 'cute' photos in sonething that fitted. They are comfy enough in anything even if it isn't the 'right' fit.

MrsMogginsMinge Fri 13-Jan-17 23:08:05

My DS was fairly massive (9lb4, 58cm) and was still in the newborn stuff for a few weeks. Just get a pack of plain white vests and a pack of plain white babygros from the supermarket to start you off. Brand new babies look lush in plain white - I positively didn't want to put him in anything else. Any fancier/funkier outfits get in 0-3 mths.

Oh and my ninja hospital bag tip - get a couple of ziplock freezer bags and in each one put a nappy, vest, babygro and hat. That way when they tell you/your DP to dress the baby you/he won't be scrabbling round trying to put an outfit together.

PastysPrincess Fri 13-Jan-17 23:13:26

As long as baby is covered and warm it won't matter 😀 I took first size and 0-3 then he came out at 11lb 9 oz and everything I brought didn't fit him anyway. He went straight into size 2 nappies. Had to donate all my size 1 nappies to the hospital!

WyfOfBathe Fri 13-Jan-17 23:27:49

We took newborn and 0-3mths clothes to the hospital. DD was 8lb10 and fit into the newborn clothes nicely. Now, at 3-4 weeks, she's starting to wear some of the 0-3m clothes as well.

We knew we were expecting a girl but nearly all of the newborn-size clothes we bought were gender neutral - just a coincidence. A little cuddley baby is going to look gorgeous anyway smile so for newborn clothes I would mainly be looking for ones which can be pulled off easily while you're still getting to grips with feeding & changing grin

gammatron Fri 13-Jan-17 23:29:44

I got "up to 10lb" for my baby (born 7lb11), he was in it 3 weeks then into 0-3

thecatsarecrazy Fri 13-Jan-17 23:40:14

I'm going with 0-3 months. My last baby was 8.4 and this one was roughly 4 at 32 weeks and I reckon its going to be big. I've seen newborn that's only 7lb

Mehfruittea Fri 13-Jan-17 23:48:30

Nothing to add other than my DH threw our hospital bag together as I was 3 weeks early. He put a 9-12 month Manchester City vest in. The only clothes, nothing else. hmm I was in for 3 days after EMCS!

peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 13-Jan-17 23:50:09

I'd been warned that DS would be massive (11lb+) so only packed one newborn outfit and lots of 0-3m.

He was 7lb15oz and newborn size swamped him. Go figure.

MotherofA Fri 13-Jan-17 23:59:52

I've got up to 1 month in my bag bar the little jacket which is 0-3 smile

SunnyDayDreaming101 Sat 14-Jan-17 00:53:06

Bloody hell Meh! I would have killed him lol!

Thanks everyone! We are both pretty tall and my family all had long lanky babies so guessing I will be the same. 20 week scan sonographer mentioned the babies legs were already really long shock.

Funny the things you never think of until you are standing in M&S scratching your head! Well seen this is my first!

Can I just say you ladies are fantastic, the support network here is a god send! Xxxx

AudreyBradshaw Sat 14-Jan-17 02:03:57

Get marks & spencer baby bundlers to take to the hospital. They come in packs of two. I had a 8 lb 15 oz long legged bruiser and the newborn size fitted him for the first couple of weeks. All other newborn stuff wouldn't touch the sides. Plus they're much easier for changing initially. Couple of up to 1m vests and a grosnug and you're away! Anything else can be bought from away 24 hr tesco.

kel12345 Sat 14-Jan-17 02:30:31

I just took Mothercare newborn size (up to 10lb) to hospital as didn't know the sex. It turned out my little boy was a fairly small 6lb 7oz, and the newborn stuff was quite big on him, so when we got the blue stuff we got size tiny baby (up to 7lb 5oz). That was even too big for him at first.

Applesandpears23 Sat 14-Jan-17 02:52:49

We took newborn and 0-3 and used the 0-3 as she was too long for the newborn.

vfoster Sat 14-Jan-17 13:07:08

I took newborn and 0-3 stuff and ended up using the newborn stuff for a few weeks even though she was 10lb 10! She was heavy but not massive if that makes sense.
I didn't know the sex when I was induced so bought all unisex stuff. The majority was from marks and Spencer's!

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