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Anyone had a private gender scan?

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pinkie87 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:26:11

Has anyone had one? Are you glad you did? I'm really debating whether to or not. I know it won't check if there's anything wrong with the baby but I feel like the wait between the 12 week and 20 week scan is going to take forever, and seeing baby again would be reassuring even though it's not going to check for health problems. I'd love to be able to know what sex the little bean is while I'm waiting for the 20 week scan!

Number3cometome Mon 02-Mar-15 16:29:36

Firstly, you're going to have a few people commenting on the fact you have called it a 'gender scan' as there are some who insist you call it a 'sexing scan'.
I will absorb that for you now by pointing out to those ladies that the companies call them 'Gender scans' and you need to report your views on that to the company and not the OP.
There is also a second lot of people who will say the 20 week scan is not for finding out the sex of your baby, but is a detailed anomaly scan designed to detect any issues.

I personally booked a 'gender scan' to find out the 'sex' of my baby, it was lovely and reassuring (although does not detect problems)

Mine was £39 well spent.

S2b16 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:32:19

I did. Well paid £59 for reassurance scan but they told us the sex. Was amazing. Totally different to hospital scans. You watch it on tv instead of tiny screen, seems ages at hosp before you see baby but when we went private we saw baby for the full 15 mins, we took our daughters and they loved it too....weren't meant to find out sex but when they asked I couldn't resist. Now 19 weeks with 1st son smile still 2 weeks 4 days for 20 week scan (be 21 +5)

hippymama1 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:36:48

I had one at 16 week to check the sex of the baby and it was fab - I am really impatient so couldn't wait until the 20 week scan, only to find that he had his legs crossed wink.

I would definitely have another one if I was PG again - as well as knowing whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, it also helps to pass those weeks between 12 and 20 where you have stopped puking but there is no movement or bump to report... Slowest. Weeks. Ever!

applecore0317 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:52:50

I had one at 17+2 and it was great, they take a lot more time with the private scans. She showed us the blood flowing, the bladder working and other bits.

It took a while to find out the sex as she was being stubborn but they persevered until they got the view they needed smile

She then flipped the screen over to a 4d image as a treat and it was amazing, best £60 spent

m33r Mon 02-Mar-15 17:01:36

We got one as out LO has his legs closed at the 20weeks scan. We went for a sexing scan 2days later. Was CLEARLY a boy. We loved it so much we went for another private scan at 24 weeks. smile

D0nnaO Mon 02-Mar-15 18:28:40

We had one when I was 25 weeks. We found out at the 20wk scan but wanted to double check before we went crazy buying boy things. 9 weeks to go until we find out for sure!

It cost £40 at Take A Peek in St Helens if you're up north. We also used them for a reassure scan when I was 7 weeks - would highly recommend smile

pinkie87 Mon 02-Mar-15 19:28:30

Thanks everyone! I want one even more now! Where did you all have it done? I'm down south and it's £79, which is putting DH off. Boo!

Number3cometome Mon 02-Mar-15 20:13:12

I'm in essex - do the Just Gender scan at Baby Bond

pinkie87 Mon 02-Mar-15 20:21:13

I've booked it! 2 weeks to go! I'm so excited! smile Thanks everyone!

BumWad Mon 02-Mar-15 20:42:14

Number3 the 20 week scan IS to check for anomalies.

The OP is asking about the time in between. So I am unsure of your reason to bring that up?

To answer the OPs question, it is up to you completely, if you can afford it then why not?

Number3cometome Tue 03-Mar-15 09:45:22

Just incase anyone 'dared' to mention waiting for the 20 week one to find out!
I know how 'some' people on here love to jump on that and yell about how it's not a sexing scan (which we already know by the way)

Kittymum03 Tue 03-Mar-15 09:59:54

We had one as we had an early one at 8 weeks,then weren't going to get another one until nearly 21 weeks.So we had a private one at 16 weeks,we didn't ask the sex as we didn't want to know yet.The one we did though was £70 I think,you got pictures and a dvd (which we used to tell people the news) it was a reassurance scan but they did say that if they saw anything wrong whilst they were doing the scan,they would send a letter to the hospital highlighting it.

Number3cometome Tue 03-Mar-15 10:06:25


I was thinking of having another one, maybe a bonding scan later on.

We didn't get the DVD with ours, just some scan pics (about 5 really good ones!) but it was only £39

Kittymum03 Tue 03-Mar-15 10:20:26

We wanted to pay the extra for the dvd,but we struggled as things were really tight at the time! And we had to travel as nowhere near home.We got 20 pics so plenty! The first scan was so stressful and rushed as they thought something was wrong.We were so releaved all was ok we didn't think to ask for a pic.As soon as we realised we weren't getting the 12 week one though I was so upset,tried to get the other pics but they had been thrown away sad

Jenny1231990 Tue 03-Mar-15 10:58:37

When I was pg with baby number 2, our hospital no longer tell people the sex of baby, so I paid at 16weeks to go private, it was cheaper if you went at 18weeks via baby bond.

Im having number 3 now and had my 4d bonding scan on Sunday, we didn't intend to find our but curiosity got the better of us and we found out again. It's amazing, I've had the 4d bonding ones with all 3 of mine.

Eek so exciting. Congratulations

Our baby girl

Number3cometome Tue 03-Mar-15 11:02:40

Ahh that's amazing!!

How many weeks were you at that scan?

Jenny1231990 Tue 03-Mar-15 12:32:33

I was 29weeks and 5days hunny. Was amazing smile

blowinahoolie Tue 03-Mar-15 12:49:59


Number3cometome Tue 03-Mar-15 12:50:09

I am having scans at 24/28/32/36 weeks, so I guess it won't harm to squeeze in a 30 week one smile

Mumto3dc Tue 03-Mar-15 13:13:54

Just a word of caution, we had a private scan at 16/17 weeks and the sonographer commented on the placenta being overly large.

Cue 3 weeks of panicked googling by me until the 20 wk nhs scan where the sonographer there didn't think the placenta was particularly large.

The point being that private scans do have the potential to raise concerns even if they might not be significant enough to warrant referring you back to the nhs. So you do risk causing yourself more stress.

I would still do it again though!

S2b16 Tue 03-Mar-15 13:40:58

I've just booked a 4d scan for when im 27 weeks, hope my picture is as clear as yours jenny. Your daughter looks beautiful already x

PenguinTuxedo Tue 03-Mar-15 13:45:27

I had one done yesterday for £39 (in South West) and it was amazing. If you're as impatient as us then it's def worth it!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Tue 03-Mar-15 13:51:08

Yes I did, £39. It was lovely to see the baby again, and I didn't want to make the 20 week scan about finding out the sex IYSWIM. They were lovely at the scan and showed us what they were looking at.

WingsClipped Tue 03-Mar-15 14:13:21

Number3cometome thank you for your amazing posts Hahahah it annoys me soooooo much when some idiot comes on these type of posts JUST to say "it's not a gender scan, you can't tell the gender till they are 2 or 3 whine whine whine" tell that to the damn companies!
OP I did a private GENDER scan with both pregnancies and I would for any future ones as well (even though we are sure we are stopping at 2). I hate feeling out of control and not knowing what to expect and yes none of the scans guarantee the sex 100% but I want to plan as much as I can so I found them really helpful. They are also more relaxed than the NHS ones, you can bring other people along. I found them a really great experience.

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