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Weight gain during pregnancy

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charlieis30 Tue 20-Jan-15 18:29:57

Can one of the further-along ladies give me some advice on weight gain? I should be about 14w this thurs based on last week's 12w scan (which put me at 13w). So firmly in the second trimester (yay!)
I lost around 5-6kgs across the first trimester as I wasn't really eating much. Now I'm back on most foods (not meat bleurgh) but eating about 1800cal per day, so normal. I've struggled with my weight my whole life, I started the pregnancy just over 25bmi so ever so slightly overweight but nothing major. I'm not sure if I should be aiming to gain at the moment (so eating more than that) or staying about the same, and I'm not seeing my MW for another 3 weeks. I just want to make sure I don't gain too much weight in the pregnancy, just whatever is healthy for me & bub.

ToriB34 Tue 20-Jan-15 18:36:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCorr Tue 20-Jan-15 18:48:25

I'm 36 weeks & have only gained 8lbs my whole pregnancy. Midwife has assured me that's fine as baby is growing properly. I've been eating as normal, not really watching what I'm eating or anything. Think everyone is different, there's no amount of weight you need to put on. I wouldn't worry about it too much but you could always give your midwife a call to put your mind at ease grin

BotBotticelli Tue 20-Jan-15 18:59:02

I think the advice is to just eat a normal balanced diet and not worry about it? Medically I don't think it matters (which is why after your booking appointment they don't weigh you?).

With DS 1 I put on almost 3 stone (BMI 26 at booking. A curvy size 14). Weighed myself in early labour (!) and then a couple of days later and I literally lost a stone of it giving birth!! He was a large baby, massive placenta, lots of waters etc.

Lost the second stone within 2 months of giving birth without really trying (the exhaustion diet!). The third stone took a lot longer and I was a few pounds away from being back to my pre preg weight when I got pregnant with dc2. So now that's all fucked!

sleepybee Tue 20-Jan-15 19:08:47

I'm 26 weeks & lost 7lbs due to sickness but I've gained it back & I'm up 17lbs blush eek! My bump is big I measure 1 week ahead. I just eat normal & walk everyday for an hour. I have swelling & think some weight is hormonal rather than due to over eating. I know I'll need to work hard after to lose weight tho I've lost 70+ lbs in the past so I know I can do it

charlieis30 Tue 20-Jan-15 19:21:46

Thanks all. It's slightly difficult because I find it really easy to overeat, and I'm still wiped out so exercise is beyond me for the time being! All my normal weight-control methods are not really pregnancy-friendly (e.g. going very light on carbs, high on protein (the last thing I want to eat right now!)

DontBeBlueBeARainbow Wed 21-Jan-15 02:06:43

Congrats on reaching the 2nd trimester flowers

I wouldn't worry too much about weight, but you may want to concentrate on making all your calories count nutritionally, especially if you're having less meat. Get loads of veg and veggie protein could you stomach bean-based stuff, protein-rich grains (oats, quinoa) and hummus?

I'm 32 weeks, now 27lb up shock didn't lose weight early on as white carbs calmed my nausea. Gained a lot between 24 and 28 weeks but it's slowed down now. As a vegan i have to work hard to get enough calcium, folate, etc (starting to go off broccoli and collard greens...)

Best of luck with it

BigCatFace Wed 21-Jan-15 02:12:01

My BMI is obese, 37, I'm 36 weeks and have gained only 8lbs, 5 and a bit pounds is baby.

BigCatFace Wed 21-Jan-15 02:17:47

This might help as a rough guide

veronicaperas Wed 21-Jan-15 05:19:16

You only need about 300 extra calories a day during pregnancy to support your baby’s growth and development. So just relax eat healthy, there is no ideal weight just make sure you are eating healthy nutritious meals .

purplemurple1 Wed 21-Jan-15 05:39:21

I started with a BMI of around 27, had gained about a stone by 20weeks and 3.5stone overall. I calorie counted eating maintance level cals for my current weight (so increasing as I gainned weight), plus 300 until the end of tri 2. I was back to my prepreg weight within a couple of weeks of giving birth without any dieting, exercise etc and DC1 was just under 7lbs.

With DC2 i started about a stone heavier (BMI around 32) and gained 2.5stone overall (most at the start of the prenancy) and she was just under 8lbs. I didn't count cals at all and ate loads esp sweets and chocs to keep me awake as workign FT with a toddler is tiring!
I only gave birth a few days ago and am still in hospital so not sure of my weight, but the can tell it isn't coming off as easily this time.

To be honest I don't think you know how much weight is the baby until a couple of months after the birth which is not massively helpful for you.

blankfornames Wed 21-Jan-15 07:23:28

Im the same Don'tbeblue, I'm 35 weeks and have put on 31lbs. This is my first pregnancy so can't compare it to anything. I ate my way through the first tri as all i could eat were waffles but once my baby is healthy, it shouldn't matter what we put on..we're growing little babies and our bodies are building them up until they are ready for the world. It's magic! Enjoy your passes quickly!

Catacat31 Wed 21-Jan-15 07:38:21

Hi. I'm 32 weeks and have put on about a stone. I was 10.5 stone to start with and BMI 22. I've put on the weight quite steadily but was horrified at gaining what I thought was so much! Although I now think it's probably quite normal.

In the early stages I had to eat whatever helped with the nausea (ie beige carbs!) and now I'm focusing very much on fibre to fend off the constipation (oh the joys!). So as others have said, think it's best to listen to your body and relax. At least that's what I'm trying to do.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

Currentlyclueless Wed 21-Jan-15 08:41:09

I'm currently 8 weeks but getting weighed constantly because my bmi is 14! The gp said normally it's okay to lose weight when preg as long as it's no more than 10% of your original weight. You're supposed to eat 2,300 calories when preg but obv in first trimester it's a struggle and it's a struggle for me as I'm used to coping off 1000 or less

SueV14 Wed 21-Jan-15 08:48:17

I'm 12w+3 and haven't put on any weight so far, although my jeans and other bottoms are not fitting around my waist anymore. I found this guide very helpful:
Just put in your data on the bottom of the table and recalculate.

SueV14 Wed 21-Jan-15 08:52:21

curentlyclueless I'm surprised to read that 2300 kcal are needed so early on? The books that I have and most internet sources say that you don't need to eat more than you normally do in the first trimester. It is actually closer to the 3rd trimester that you sort of "eating for 2".. But maybe there are different opinions. Most importantly is however that you eat a varied and healthy diet

Currentlyclueless Wed 21-Jan-15 08:58:51

It's only 300 calories more than recommended and it's through the entire pregnancy not just early on.

I also was taught that in Uni (medic student) and my midwife friends told me it too aswell as a my Dr consultant and bloody counsellor.

SueV14 Wed 21-Jan-15 09:07:40

Well, that's probably because your BMI is so low. And considering that baby is "eating" off you you do need more. Good luck with your pregnancy! :-)

Currentlyclueless Wed 21-Jan-15 09:13:01

My lecturers weren't aiming the lecture at me when they spoke about calorific intake during pregnancy but thanks.

SueV14 Wed 21-Jan-15 09:29:09

Fine, whatever.

ChickenMe Wed 21-Jan-15 10:13:24

Hi charlie I'm 29w now and I would say to you not to worry because things do even out. Try not to make calories an issue. I found I went through both feast and famine and still do. I think the body knows what to do. At this point I am eating normal food except I am off certain meats too. Yuck. I try to think of nutrition and satisfaction.
But at your stage I was still struggling because of the nausea and I said to myself I'm not going to go into battle. Do what you can. Sleep as much as you can too! Pregnancy is hard sometimes!
I was a 10-12 pre preg. I still fit into all my pre preg tops apart from those which are too short and bought 14 leggings and jeans which still fit fine. I'd put on a stone by 22w-haven't been weighed since. No idea what I am now but I don't care. It doesn't matter. grin

kaykayred Wed 21-Jan-15 10:55:14

You're supposed to eat 2,300 calories when preg but obv in first trimester it's a struggle

What a load of nonsense. A person's calorie intake during pregnancy is totally dependent on their HEIGHT and their weight at the very beginning of the pregnancy.

You don't need extra calories during the first two trimester's unless you are woefully underweight. In fact, if anything people should probably be reducing their calories due to lower activity levels since most people feel too shit to do much other than vom and sleep. In the third trimester women need an additional 200-300 calories a day. That's it.

Of course, many people eat much more because hormones drives them crazy hungry, and that's understandable, but it isn't a medical REQUIREMENT.

2000 calories is the average calorie intake requirement for women. An average is just that - you can't take an average and apply it to a specific woman. That would be like saying "The average shoe size in the UK is a size 6, so you must wear size 6 shoes, regardless of whether or not they are like boats on your feet.

If someone is telling you that ALL women need to be eating this SPECIFIC quantity of calories a day, from the very beginning of pregnancy, then they are either morons, you misunderstood, or they were drunk.

fattymcfatfat Wed 21-Jan-15 11:11:46

Kaykay.....pretty much what my response was going to be! I was overweight when I got preg 11 stone or there abouts....Ive put on two stone and im 14 weeks....I couldn't stop eating! Now im completely off food and only eat as much as I physically can without throwing it all back up. Every pregnancy is different and it is fine as long ss baby is healthy

Nottalotta Wed 21-Jan-15 18:49:06

I have been advised 300 calories a day more than usual, throughout the pregnancy. Which is where the 2300 comes from I imagine.

I haven't been eating more food, but def different food but(white carbs!) and was amazed to be 2lbs down towards the end of the 1st trimester (only been sick twice) So I assume my body has needed the extra calories and used them wisely!

I REALLY don't want to gain loads. My sister put nearly 5st on and is still struggling 6yrs later!

Edenviolet Wed 21-Jan-15 18:52:13

Bmi of 18 before each pregnancy and put on 3.5-4 stone with each after 20 weeks (had HG and lost weight at first but once I got to 20 weeks I felt better. And hungry!)

Lost it each time very quickly just by bf and walking but it feels like it has taken its toll putting on and losing it so quickly each time and my back is not quite right

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