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Help - Horrible Rosacea outbreak!

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Tallgirl Mon 29-Mar-04 09:16:02

I am 15 weeks and having rosacea outbreak - this is something i have suffered with on and off for several years and posted on here before. i am using Rozex cream (checked with GP first) but doesnt seem to be doing anything yet although only been few days. Last time PG my skin got much better but not the case at the moment. At least most people know i am PG rather than just thinking i am fat AND spotty!!

Anyone else been here or got any tips/alternative remedies. (Dont really want to ask for antibiotics obviously)

Thanks in advance

Tallgirl Mon 29-Mar-04 15:34:38

Well that's done it - was doing OK until someone went to say something - not meaning to be horrible obviously but you wouldnt really point out to someone that they had huge spots on their chin would you? think she realised she had made a bit of a boob as i just said lets not go there. Unfortunately that pushed me over the edge and had to go and sit in the car and weep for a bit (while listening to RHCP Under the Bridge which helped - not!) and now trying to disguise the fact that i've rubbed most of my mascara off. So feeling great!!

Mum2Ela Mon 29-Mar-04 15:39:15

Tallgirl - is Rosacea like acne? Excuse my ignorance if it isn't. If it is, I am havin a nitemare with spots atm (always do, really).

Tallgirl Mon 29-Mar-04 15:52:01

Well not really - It is reddening of the face plus lots of nasty pustules (well in my case)around my chin and nose - not only does it look hideous when having an outbreak like this but also painful. Usually when under control just have slightly reddened face but at the moment totally out of control - all to do with hormones! Therefore traditional cures for acne and things that make it better (i.e. being out in the sun) do not work for Rosacea. Thanks for replying! Sorry to hear you are suffering too - are you PG??

aloha Mon 29-Mar-04 15:59:31

You can use topical antibiotics when pg without any problems.

collision Mon 29-Mar-04 16:22:30

Hi Tallgirl.....I suffered with acne for years and was on Roaccutane and my skin was great. Years later I got PG and had the most horrible red cheeks ever! Felt I had to explain it all the time. Never had the awful pustules though. I went to the dr but it never really got sorted out and although they are better now, throughout the PGy I had to live with it.

I am 7 weeks PG now and really hope it doesnt happen again.

I tried a homeopath for a while but it was very expensive and you have to be very patient.

Tallgirl Mon 29-Mar-04 16:27:08

Thanks Aloha - have been using Rozex since Thursday - only wish i had started before as only really started when it got really bad (and had spoken to Dr). just hope that it is enough to bring it down - upsetting when stupid people say something - i'm pretty damn sure it is obvious to everyone else but they keep their mouths shut.

Collision - i went to see a dermatologist last year to see if there was any alternative to long term antibiotic use (as hoping to get PG) and guess what he suggested - yes Roaccutane! Obviously a complete no no for me so that was helpful!

Hope you dont suffer too badly this time!

tomkitty Tue 06-Apr-04 04:10:25

I have mild rosacea, but it gets much worse in windy or cold weather, or if I spend time in the direct sun. I too resist prescription drugs. I have been using Cetaphil cleanser with no water or sometimes rinsing with cool water, followed by a waxy cream I got in Australia called QV cream. It's not even made for the face and comes in a big tub but seems to help a lot. I recently bought some of the Avene anti-redness cream which somebody praised very highly for rosacea but I can't see that it's doing anything for me.

Mumbabe Tue 14-Aug-07 21:10:52

I have suffered with rosacea for the past 4 years. For a long period, i had papules and pustules on my face and a persistent red flush. Flare ups occurred periodically. I managed to get the rosacea under control through a series of intense pulsed light laser treatments which I had to stop when i fell pregnant. My rosacea did flare up a number of times early on in my second trimester but other than that, my skin has been the clearest that i have seen it in the last 4 years and i have not had any treatment whatsoever during my pregnancy. Only 6 weeks to go now until D day. I have recently discovered the Avene products for sensitive skin and i have to say that the products are fantastic and my skin loves them.

MonaGebhard Sun 11-Sep-16 20:42:12

I have suffered from Rosacea for years off and on and had a really bad flare up when foderma serum arrived....I washed my prescription cream off and put foderma serum on..Made my face feel much better..I'm not saying it's better or to replace the meds a Dr prescribed for foderma serum. It will take a much longer trial but so far I like it.

Craftycakey15 Sun 11-Sep-16 23:17:34

I have mild rosacea and it got a lot worse in early pregnancy and for several months. It is now much better than it has been in a long time. Hang in there!

EmmaMegan Thu 27-Apr-17 14:35:44

If you are having issues with Rosacea symptoms, please give dermalmd rosacea serum a try! It has worked wonders for my symptoms (flushing/burning and redness). I have re-ordered this serum several times now and highly recommend it. It's also worth mentioning that I have done other things as well to control my Rosacea symptoms. Lifestyle changes mostly-no alcohol, no gluten, taking several vitamin supplements, etc. Those things in conjunction with this serum have been very helpful!

jinglebellmel Thu 27-Apr-17 14:50:47

Not sure if this is helpful as I don't have rosacea but have had awful skin in the pregnancy, dry, red cheeks, spots etc. I've found superdrug vit e oil is the only thing to have really worked, it's only a couple of pounds so worth a try.

Fcukthetww Sun 30-Apr-17 17:27:39

Dermalex Rosacea moisturiser- it's a lifesaver. You can get it from Boots if you're uk based and I think in prescription also and it's safe to use in pregnancy

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