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Help! Glam event - outfit needed

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happygonicky Wed 17-Oct-12 11:16:19

Hi all,

Arghh, thought I'd got my pregnancy wardrobe sorted! Surprise invite to glam event at partner's work coming up end of next week and it's black tie. Any ideas for places to try (hate shopping at best of times, never mind 29 weeks)? Isabella Oliver and Crave have a couple of potential things. Anywhere else worth trying? There was a website people mentioned in connection with maternity dresses for weddings, but (damn pregnancy brain!) have forgotten what it was called. Help!

I'm going to have to wear high heels, aren't I? My back is sore as it is :-(

mummy2benji Wed 17-Oct-12 11:27:05

Tiffanyrose does beautiful dresses but quite pricey - have a look at their website. Also Seraphine, more reasonably priced. Happy shopping! smile

mummy2benji Wed 17-Oct-12 11:27:36

Kitten heels? Good compromise!

emzypoo Wed 17-Oct-12 11:27:57

Hi I went to a wedding at 33 weeks and got a lovely black lace dress from asos maternity. It was very flattering and I didn't pay over the odds x

Havingkitties Wed 17-Oct-12 11:32:01

Agree ASOS maternity have some very reasonable and flattering fashionable dresses. I got an expensive creamy lace number from seraphine luxe collection for a wedding and got no end of compliments but it was very expensive. Have a swizzle on eBay, you may be able to find something second hand that was previously very expensive.
Another alternative would be something empire line from a non maternity range, just in a larger size than normal.

happygonicky Wed 17-Oct-12 11:33:11

Tiffanyrose is the one I was thinking of! And will check out Seraphine too. Most of my maternity gear has been from Asos so far, but wasn't sure about the dresses on there at the moment. Will take another look though. I think I was a bit put off by a couple of maternity bodycon dresses. Just because I'm not feeling up to bodycon at the moment! Have been impressed with them generally though. Kitten heels, yes!

I was picturing my silver (mega) heels and wincing even without putting them on. And (hopefully) I won't fall over on the red carpet.

Thanks so much for the fab advice!

BigW Wed 17-Oct-12 11:51:07

I had two weddings at around 30 weeks and found Tiffanyrose etc really expensive and also worried about not being able to try things on. In the end I went to Phase Eight - they have great stretchy maxi dresses and other smarter dresses that can accomodate a bump. Also, I wore high heels for the ceremonies and swapped into flats later.

elvislives2012 Wed 17-Oct-12 12:10:43

I was a bridesmaid recently and my friend got my dress from new look!! For the simple reason that it was the best we could find. Fitted really nicely, good range of stuff and the price was good too

PragmaticWench Wed 17-Oct-12 13:39:35

I had a wedding to go to recently and found a dress on Everyday Maternity, and there were a few on the website that would have done. Wasn't expensive either thankfully. Probably depends on your taste if they have anything suitable.

In fact, I'm taking DH out to a rather lovely restaurant on Saturday, purely so I can wear the dress again and not waste it.

Paddocks1 Wed 17-Oct-12 15:34:28

Also have some really nice maternity clothes. Very reasonable too :-)

happygonicky Wed 17-Oct-12 15:45:01

Thanks ever so much - some more ideas!

mummy2benji Wed 17-Oct-12 17:43:15

Definitely worth having a look on ebay as I've bought some Isabella Oliver clothes from there that were as good as new and much cheaper than buying full price. I also sold my Isabella Oliver clothes on there that I'd bought new and some people got some good bargains - particularly for occasion wear, some maternity clothes have only been worn once or twice.

BikeRunSki Wed 17-Oct-12 17:52:00

There's a lovely evening dress at JojoMamanBebe at the mo. Not long though - knee length. On phone, so can't do links, but it is called Grape Chiffon Dress. They have some long ones too. 10% off and free delivery with MN21.

Brugmansia Wed 17-Oct-12 18:07:36

I had a smartish event about a month ago. I wore a black jersey tube maxi skirt from topshop maternity with a pretty (chiffon and lace) non maternity top I already had that was slightly flared so easily accommodated my bump. The skirt went over the bump and is very dark soft jersey double layered and looks smart when dressed up. I wear flat shoes anyway but wore gold pumps.

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 22:51:05

How about a nice black jersey dress that you can dress up with fab accessories? It means you can wear it with flats and you can wear it afterwards. Lots and lots around, suitable for various budgets and if you don't have a big chunky glam statement necklace its quite easy to pop out and buy one - lots around at the mo.

I'd def buy something that you can wear again. Whether whilst still in maternity, or because it is a jersey dress and not necessarily maternity, will work post baby too.

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