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I thought I was 7 weeks but baby measuring 5.5 weeks.

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Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:05:49

I had an early scan today as I had a mmc early this year. According to my calculations I am 7 weeks along and the sonografer said that I'm 5.5 weeks. She told me to come back in a weeks time. I'm really worried now and praying that I will be ok. Has any of you ladies had a similar experience??????

milk Mon 24-Sep-12 10:09:12

According to my last period my DD should be 26th Sept, however after my 12 week scan they said my "new DD" is 2nd Oct sad

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:12:14

I'm so early on in my pregnancy that I'm worried that it means that if the baby is so small it's not developing properly and that i will miscarry sad

sundaesundae Mon 24-Sep-12 10:46:41

Unfortunately it could be either, be positive, lots of us get put back at 12 weeks and would have been at the same boat at 7 weeks. My EDD by LMP was 13th March, by scan 23rd march. I had a scan at 10 weeks (thinking I was 12) and then at 12 weeks and it had grown normally.

The only thing you can do is wait for the next scan and try not to worry tooooo much, though I know that is near impossible.

MissMedusa Mon 24-Sep-12 10:54:21

I'm in the same position. Everything is just a little slower than normal. I should be 6+5 today but at the last scan (at 6+1) we didn't see anything in the gestational sac. So naturally, I'm pretty worried as well. I go back on Thursday and am hoping and praying we find something in there.

What did you see on the scan? I seems that, at this early stage, the development is a bit all over the place and the early scans bring more stress than anything. I wouldn't worry too much until you know for sure (easier said than done, I know). You're only really looking at a difference of 1.5 weeks which isn't that much when you consider how unpredictable delivery dates are. Maybe you implanted late or maybe develop will speed up at some point.

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 11:01:00

At the scan we did see a baby and a faint heartbeat. I asked about the heartbeat and she said that because it's an early pregnancy the heart just started beating .....

RightUpMyRue Mon 24-Sep-12 11:14:40

They're not particulalry accurate, especially when they're that early. Really it's to within a fortnight so not accurate at all. Lots of people come away from dating scans with a different date to where they thought they were. Try not to worry, it all sounds very normal. So long as you're not bleeding and you have no very painful cramps you can assume all is well.

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 11:21:36

Thank you RightUpMyRue. I'm not bleeding, spotting or cramping so fingers crossed....

ZuleikaD Mon 24-Sep-12 11:26:32

I had this with DS - I'd only had one period after coming off the pill and so my ovulation days were unreliable. I had a ten-day difference in my dates after my nuchal scan but everything was fine. DS was two weeks late as well when he finally arrived so by my calculations I'd been pregnant for nearly 11 months. grin

angeltattoo Mon 24-Sep-12 12:24:04

Same here; LMP and USS dates differ by a week, hoping for a more definitive date at 12 wk scan.

Try not to worry, my 4 week scan showed nothing, a week later a scan showed a sac ad yolk x

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 24-Sep-12 12:25:18

My EDD according to the standard dating using LMP was 23 April. Last month I used OPKs and happen to know when I ovulated so I knew the midwife dates and my dates wouldn't match. When I went for an early scan I went from being 8 weeks to 6+4 in the space of a minute. Had I not known that I ovulated later in my cycle than 'expected' I would have panicked. It could well be that you didn't ovulate in the middle of your cycle and so the dates are out because of this.

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 12:29:07

Yes, i don't know when I ovulated so hopefully I ovulated late. I'm turning into a polly paranoia sad

CountryKitty Mon 24-Sep-12 12:45:42

You're not paranoid, it's a horrible time! You've seen a heartbeat so that in itself is really positive! And no bleeding, pain etc so looking as good as it possibly can!

I had this in Feb this year. My experience didn't end well but am now 22 weeks with DD3. I refused the offer of an early scan until 8 weeks this time as all it did was cause me so much additional stress last time. Goodluck!

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 17:45:20

I have been on the Internet all afternoon and I'm just expecting the worst now sad i want this baby so badly and the idea of miscarrying for the third time is just heartbreaking .....

terilou87 Mon 24-Sep-12 18:07:48

hi anya1976 i know the feeling i had 2 prev m/c before this pregnancy. when conceiving this one i found that i am having 35 days between periods so that means i conceive 3 weeks after first day of lmp rather than the two week that the average 28 day cycle person would. i worked out from lmp i should be due 31st oct scan said 7th november as countrykitty said you've seen a heart beat so that is good news. it was all good news for me fingers crossed its the same for you smile

terilou87 Mon 24-Sep-12 18:09:53

oh im 33+5 today so it can end in good news x x

orangeone Mon 24-Sep-12 20:59:34

Hi Anya-

I've had 4 mc and 1 DD. My consultant has always told me dates aren't 100% accurate but seeing a heartbeat means you have a less than 5% chance of a mc even if baby measuring alittle small. I never had heart beats for my 4 mc but I did for my DD even though she measured small the whole time (I knew my dates as she was IVF despite the sonographers always trying to change my due date!).
Try and stay calm, I know it's hard but you are pregnant till proven otherwise....

Anya1976 Mon 24-Sep-12 21:17:17

Thank you so much for your messages.
Orangeone your message made me cry but in a good way. I just so want this baby. I will just have to wait until Monday and see what the scan shows. For now I'm praying and hoping for a happy outcome.

orangeone Mon 24-Sep-12 21:27:09

Good luck on Monday. Let us know how you get on. X

GingerDoodle Mon 24-Sep-12 22:21:26


Just to say; I had early scans at 8 and then 10 weeks as I thought iirc I was 1.5 - 2 weeks ahead of my dates. Apparently I had a really long cycle the month I concieved.

I am now 38 + 4 and baby has stuck to this.

Best of luck!


Secondsop Tue 25-Sep-12 01:24:59

Same thing happened to me - should have been 7 weeks, was told I was more like 5 but there was a heartbeat, and had to go back in a fortnight. After the fortnight I was measuring ok for 7 weeks, so my dates must have been out, but then at my 12 week scan I was actually 13 weeks 5 days! Babies grow at different speeds, and it is really hard for them to get an accurate measurement when everything is very small.

CouthyMowWearingOrange Tue 25-Sep-12 03:09:19

I was told at my 6 week scan that they couldn't see a gestational sac, and that my pregnancy was non viable. Meaning that I would MC. At my 8 week scan, they could see a sac, but no fetal pole, and I was told again that my pregnancy was non viable, and I should have a D&C. I refused.

My non viable pregnancy is now a 20mo toddler snoring next to me in bed. hmmgrin

By my 12 week scan, everything had caught up, and he was measuring 12 weeks, and my EDD was adjusted BACK to what it should have been in the first place. DS3 ended up being 8 days late though.

So not all stories like this end badly, my DS3 is none the worse for being slow growing in the early stages of my pg, and I personally believe that this happens more than medical people realise, but isn't obvious because not every woman has such early scans, and by 12 weeks, most will have caught up.

I'm now (despite having had previous MC's and a SB) of the opinion that early scans are often not entirely useful in determining the viability of a pg.

Haribojoe Tue 25-Sep-12 03:20:25

I had a scan at 6 weeks which showed an empty uterus.

A repeat scan a few days later showed a heartbeat, that heartbeat us now a 2 year old livewire snoring in his cot.

Anya1976 Tue 25-Sep-12 08:19:13

Thank you so so much ladies for your encouraging words. Your messages mean a lot to me. Couldn't sleep last night and now will have to find a way of relaxing a bit as all this stress isn't good for me or the baby.

MissMedusa Tue 25-Sep-12 08:57:17

These stories are very encouraging. Thank you from me too.

Anya I think if you have a heartbeat you are already in a very good position to have a healthy baby. I believe most MC happen before that point.

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