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Last week or two of pregnancy

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squidkid Sun 16-Sep-12 13:44:27

Just a place for advice/suggestions or a place to chat for those of us in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. I am on a brilliant antenatal thread but my due date is the first there and I don't want to bore them all with nonsense about braxton hicks and how to fill my days when lots of them are still at work... and I think they would prefer their babies to stay inside for now! I'm not quite at the "get it out of me" stage yet... but I'm definitely at the "if you came now you'd be very welcome" stage.... smile

I am 38+5 today and this is first baby. I know most first babies come late, so I've been trying to tell myself I'll be late throughout the pregnancy, but now I'm term it's hard not to be excited. In the last three or four days I've had long periods of continuous mild period-like pain, and some painful tightenings (sometimes very close together, but then they stop). Are these imminent signs, do these mean nothing... I don't really know. I haven't had a show.

Baby has been engaged since 34 weeks (uncomfortable!) I'm pretty sure his/her back is on the left side at the front (all the kicks are upper right hand side) which I think is ideal. I'm a little obsessive about keeping baby in a good position - I spend time on all fours, make sure I get plenty of walking/standing, sit on a gym ball when I'm on the computer, sleep on my side, I don't lie back on the sofa. I'm probably overthinking this.

I am doing pretty ok for late pregnancy - still walking at least a few miles a day, or swimming, or walking into town every day. I actually did a charity night hike last night! (Boyfriend carried maternity notes in his backpack through the woods - it was a bit stupid really!) I am slow, but I thought I'd be a lot heavier and more immobile by this stage to be honest. I stopped work a while back - a very busy, stressful, physically and emotionally demanding job - so I've had a lot of time to relax, nest, exercise, see almost all my friends, sort my flat out. Everything is neat and sorted and stocked and ready.

I'm grateful that I've had a troublefree pregnancy and hoping the birth will go fine too. Feeling positive and relaxed about it, just impatient!

How are other people doing? Staying busy, getting anxious, waiting, over-analysing every tiny sign!? Any suggestions for good things to do in the last week or two? Please no one tell me to 'get lots of sleep' as this is the one thing I am completely incapable of at the moment - up every 30-60 mins through the night...

dickiedoodah Sun 16-Sep-12 14:20:11

Hi Squidkid

I'm due 25 September with first baby. I'm trying to encourage the baby to arrive a few days early by walking everyday and using my birthing ball when ever I can. When I saw my doula yesterday she said that crawling around on your hands and knees is supposed to be a good way to encourage things along! So this week I'm planning to scrub the kitchen floor and will practice some labour positions.

Over the last couple of days I've had mild period type pains and felt a bit yukky. Today I feel pretty much back to normal which is so annoying! I'm trying to prepare myself for my due date to come and go but feel like I'm ready, excited to meet the baby and to take on the challenge of giving birth! This will probably all subside once I realise how painful labour is!

squidkid Sun 16-Sep-12 14:25:12

Hey dickiedoodah! I am due 25 September as well, how exciting! I'm doing the walking + gym ball + hands and knees things as well. I can't wait to be able to move normally again though... I'm so slow and awkward!

I know several people who have found labour perfectly manageable, so I try and think about them rather than worry about pain - possibly a naive approach, but I'm sticking with it for now. I think stress / fear slows down labour too.

Mikyahrose Sun 16-Sep-12 14:30:46

Hey there!

I'm 39+5 today, i dont think anything is happening just yet. Had a bit of sexy time earlier though so maybe that'll bring it on? Thought i might also sit on the ball for a bit later too.
I'm still quite comfortable and managing to sleep ok, so not in a massive rush to get him out.
The pregnancy has been a doodle (sorry to those that havent had it so easy) I did give up work at 12 weeks though, so that may have helped. We relocated in April and i wasnt able to find work. I've managed quite well, and definitly got right into the lady of leisure lifestyle - lounging in bed all morning, pottering around the house in the afternoon. The time surprisingly has flown past.
I havent been too bothered about doing anything to make sure labour goes smoothly. Oh, apart from drinking Raspberry leaf tea when i remember. He's been head down since about 32 weeks and was 3/5's engaged at the 36 & 38 week appointment. I dont think he's fully dropped yet, my bump still looks pretty high up. I seem to have a very long bump - it dosent stick out much, but starts right under my boobs, a very different shape to other mums to be i see around. (i've posted a pic of me today, if you fancy a nosey).
I am still getting out and about, walking and swimming and planning to carry on next week too. My BF is going to carry on working till he gets 'the call'. So its all just a waiting game now.

squidkid Sun 16-Sep-12 14:47:19

Hey Mikyahrose - nice to hear from other people who are still out and about and active. People I meet out seem completely shocked I would leave the house near to my due date. You sound very comfortable.

I wouldn't say I found pregnancy a doddle, though I think I was luckier than some. I found work the hardest thing, but have been off since 33 weeks now. I probably substituted labour-prep for work just because it was so much of an adjustment, I'm rubbish at relaxing! I'll try not to be too jealous of the lady of leisure thing grin

I can only see your bump in the bath! It does look lovely though! There are some pics of me under my profile too - I've been quite low for a while now, I think. It certainly feels like baby is almost falling out of my pelvis when I walk for any amount of time, quite painful sometimes.

My boyfriend is also working until I call him - am very lucky though in that he works a few minutes from our flat.

milk Sun 16-Sep-12 15:36:50

Can I join even if I'm 37+6?

I have 2 weeks to go, and it honestly cannot go fast enough! smile

dickiedoodah Sun 16-Sep-12 15:45:46

I'm trying to stay positive about labour. At this stage giving birth is all I can focus on but am trying to take on board only good birth stories. I've heard some horror tales but also from women who have stayed in control of the contractions and had good births. My plan is to exhaust every natural pain option before I turn to anything involving a large needle in my back. Personally I find the thought of an epidural more scary but as I've never experienced contractions it's difficult to know how I'm going to cope. Currently reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Having just moved to Texas from the UK I'm obsessed with reading about the US way of having babies.

Mikyahrose Sun 16-Sep-12 16:01:20

Right, picture now uploaded - had to have a fiddle with it, did a bit of cropping and rotating.
My due date is the 18th - only next Tuesday! Eeeek. I think i'm happy with him staying in there as i'm more worried at the thought of having an actual baby to look after. As excited as i am about becoming a mummy it really does scare the poop out of me.
I have felt like the bump is heavier the last few days and i'm definitely a lot slower at getting up and moving about, but still managing. smile

Orenishii Sun 16-Sep-12 17:03:17

squidkidd I remember you from that weird thread right at the beginning of our pregnancies - the woman who was bitching on Facebook! God that seems so long ago now - I can't even remember what username I had but she was perturbed that we'd want to continue with our "extreme" exercise (I have an open water swim planned) wink Hope your pregnancy has been all good!

Can I join in, even though I'd 36 weeks (tomorrow!). Also doing the all fours + walking + yoga ball. I'm working from home until 12 days before due date in mid-October so I do a half hour of pregnancy yoga each lunchtime.

Getting apprehensive about labour sad I've been doing hypnobirthing, have a home birth planned, the pool has arrived, have had the carpets cleaned, new curtains put up, and had a mad phase of literally smashing things to pieces because everything felt so cluttered and chaotic.

A woman is coming round for a private three hour session of hypnobirthing next week because I'm prone to getting anxious...and I'm getting anxious! Also have the home birth talk with the community midwives next week, and a weekend thing called Babies Know...

Mikyahrose I'm with you, the thought of an epidural is so much worse than contractions. We should share our sources of good births! I've been watching some videos of good home births but the wait is like torture - I just want to be in it, dealing with it already! My fear is about the last bit, about crowning and tearing sad But have been assured by many women on here and offline that you hardly notice that bit - so maybe I'm just being naive about contractions?

Squidkid I get the walking-with-legs-closed feeling the baby is going to fall out too! Is that a good thing?

Orenishii Sun 16-Sep-12 17:07:53

Sorry! The bit about the epidural was to dickiedoodah blush

Forgot to say I've been on the Raspberry Leaf tea for two weeks now, and been getting mild waves of period pains. I like to think it's my uterus limbering up!

funchum8am Sun 16-Sep-12 21:46:45

Hi, I'm very similar to you squidkid, feeling fairly good and staying reasonably active. I am 39+3 and finished work a week ago but had six week holidays off and just went back for one week (am a teacher) so really have had a nice long break. I too am hoping for a straightforward non-medicalised birth at the local midwife-led unit but will go along with intervention if I have to I suppose! I have been preparing with a hypnobirthing book and cd but haven't listened to the cd as much as I should have!

Am feeling LESS prepared for being a parent than I was 3 weeks ago, perhaps because everything is bought and in place so I am not spending my time comparing nappies and cot bedding any more! Anyone else feeling like that?

Heartbeep Sun 16-Sep-12 23:33:04

Hi I'm 37+4.

ELCS booked for 25th sept. this will be DC2.

I'm still pretty active, have a 3yo to run after/dance with/give horsey rides too etc so not much lounging around to be had.

We got the pram out of the attic today to get covers etc washed, bit scary as its just over a week away!

Packed my bag today, planning to paint the hall tomorrow much to DHs annoyance but it needs freshening up & I need something to do during nursery time. I promised I'd take it easy.

I've had a few episodes of period type pain this week but they don't last long. Don't think baby has engaged yet but it is definitely head down, which is largely irrelevant now as I'm having a CS but does mean I'm probably not as uncomfortable as some. Heartburn & insomnia are my two main gripes at the moment which isn't bad really.

Good luck to all over the next few weeks.

Orenishii Mon 17-Sep-12 07:32:45

I have to tell someone this because it was horrendous! I woke up 20 minutes ago with the most horrific back pain, confined more to the right, but in my lower back. I was sleeping on my left side and with right leg slung over a pillow - but it was painful enough to wake me up and make me feel that kind nausea that only pain can bring on! OMG it was awful!

I've had a few issues with the sciatic nerve on that side, and needed regular intense stretching and massaging sessions from DH - he's a personal trainer and knows how to get those trigger points (the agony!) - but this was horrendous. The bed is already quickly becoming a place of uncomfortableness and sleeplessness sad

I've walked around a bit and it's eased up but this gradually increasing general uncomfortableness is doing my head in a bit. I genuinely think I will prefer the sleeplessness from a newborn, and looking so forward to curling up in bed for a few hours, than this new stage of dreading going to bed because it's not comfortable, I can't turn without it being a major act of movement, and am generally now only sleeping 5 hours or so a night. BOO!

(Sorry for the moan - I literally am just so fed up right at this second!)

Mikyahrose Mon 17-Sep-12 08:24:04

Oh i hear ya! I managed to go to sleep ok, but woke up about 2am for a good hour or so - i probably didnt help myself as i got my phone out and started playing and reading stuff. Then when i finally dropped back off it was a pretty broken sleep. Boo!

PollyIndia Mon 17-Sep-12 09:21:38

Hello! I am 38+4. I can't believe I am nearly at the finish line! Also convinced I am going to be late though have definitely started to feel a bit different in the last few days. Same as you squid kid, just period pains and backache. I can't complain though as I have loved pregnancy and not found it hard. Like some of you, been really active and think that has helped a lot.

Am still walking and doing preg yoga and going to the gym a few times a week. I went to a party on sat and stayed there until 11 which I was pleased about but felt pretty tired since! I am also still working but I work at home, though I d have about 4 meetings in central London this week so baby has to stay out for a week more. I am pretty sure he/she will.

Baby was head down from about 28 weeks then had a fall and he/she moved transverse. So I had to see consultant last week and luckily the head had gone down but. Have to go back again today to double check as am hoping for a homebirth.

Like mikyahrose and orenishii, I dread the thought of an epidural, but what will be, will be. Labour is one thing we have zero control over!

Dickiedoodah I loved Ina may's book! I may reread it as I get closer. Also been doing hypnobirthing, having rlt, taking (and now inserting, ahem) evening primrose oil, bouncing on ball etc etc. Trying everything I can to bring it on naturally - apart from sex unfortunately.

Orenishii, that sounds awful, you poor thing. I think the other key to feeling ok in late pregnancy is sleep. There are some yoga exercises that can help with sciatica, though sure your oh knows about them.

Anyway, time for porridge, shower and conference call with my boss. Hope you all have a good day.

paperclips Mon 17-Sep-12 13:16:26

Hi everyone.

Had to join in with this thread as so many of you have described how I feel. 39+5 today. I've had a lovely easy pregnancy, I was camping at 33 weeks- people thought I was mad- but it was fun. I've not been as active as some of you guys- ashamed of myself because I was really fit this time last year. Trying to go for short walks daily to keep myself sane but bump aches and top of my legs ache and tired etc.

I finished work at about 33 weeks because I do a physically draining job and I had loads of annual leave to use up. I was really looking forward to being off work with nothing to do.... Everyone (rightly) says "enjoy it because you'll never have this time with no responsibilities again" But after a month having nothing to do is boring! I've started baking cakes and I love it but having to give them away because me and DH have already got too fat! He's been eating for two throughout my pregnancy including joining on on my chocolate cravings!

Weeks ago people were like "I bet you're getting really fed up now?" and I was like "No, I love being pregnant!" but the last week or two have been getting tough. I still love looking at my bump in the mirror and feeling all womanly, and the knowledge that there's a little wriggly person inside me, but I'm getting more and more uncomfortable. Not quite at the "get out now!" stage - but only because I'm insisting on thinking positively and not allowing myself to feel like that yet because it could be another 2 weeks.

Loads of braxton hicks type "tightenings" at least one an hour for the last week, getting stronger but not painful. Last 4 or so days had dull period pain type aches, more over the weekend. Last week the head was not engaged and doesn't feel any lower now despite extra walking and sitting on the ball. Woke up with a belly ache last night. Got me wondering until I had a big ol' fart and then felt normal again!

It seems like EVERYONE is popping babies out left right and centre at the moment! Hope it's me soon. I'm ready and want to meet him/her. I'm not scared of labour, or nervous, but I'm a very chilled out person. I bet I will be scared when it starts.

How are you ladies keeping sane?

squidkid Mon 17-Sep-12 13:48:18

Hello all

Wow, there are quite a few of us then!

Milk, of course you can join, though we will all be jealous if you come first!

Dickiedoodah - you're in Texas? Wow, is it very different there? I always imagined americans to take a much more medicalised approach to childbirth. I wouldn't be too scared of epidurals (so easy to say, I know!) - they will give you a bit of anaesthetic first so it shouldn't hurt - and if you're in the middle of labour I doubt it would even register! I'm keen to avoid one if possible because they can slow labours down and make other interventions more likely. However there are situations where I'd definitely consider having one, like if I was being induced.

Orenishi - yes I remember you! My pregnancy has gone fine thanks (and I did do that "extreme" hike at 14 weeks, all 60 miles of it, it was great!) Impressed you're still working, I bowed out at 33 weeks, I was nearly collapsing at work daily, it was tough.
Sounds like you're pretty well prepared - sorry you're feeling anxious. I sometimes wonder if too much overthinking is a bad thing - I'm not watching any videos that's for sure, though I have seen women deliver before. My abiding memory of that is that when it's all over they cry with happiness and it's like it didn't happen. My mantra on labour is - it's only one day. Perhaps two. And you get a baby at the end.
Feeling like the baby's going to drop out probably means you're engaged? Which isn't always essential before labour, but it means things are going in the right direction which is encouraging. Where was your baby the last time you saw your midwife?
I also feel like I'm going to sleep better with a newborn... SO sick of people telling me to enjoy my sleep angry

funchum - I hear you on the suddenly feeling less prepared - I sorted all my stuff out a week or two ago now, and I suddenly remember I only half-packed my hospital bag, or did I actually buy the baby a hat...
Sounds like you're doing really well too (is this the thread for the lucky/active preggo girls!?)

heartbeep - nice to meet you too. I am very keen to have a vaginal delivery, but I must admit, knowing the date your baby is coming is pretty sweet! That's my due date - I'll be all jealous on that day if I haven't delivered by then! Good luck to you too.

polyindia - hey, you sound really well too! I really do think the activity helps, if you can make yourself do it... Rather you than me on the still working, though!
Sounds like we're all trying similar things which is encouraging (was beginning to wonder if I was just a mad hippy doing this labour-prep as most people I know said they spent the end of pregnancy on the sofa eating cake)
Good luck to you too - surely it won't be long! Hope you're taking your notes to work with you!!

paperclips - again, lovely to meet likeminded ladies... my job was physically tough and lots of stress and responsibility and I was supposed to be moving to a new post in August - couldn't face it, stopped then. Am so glad I did! Spent the whole of August having the time of my life, best social life in ages! I have slowed down now though and just the last week really got a bit... yes... bored. And I told EVERYONE I wouldn't be bored! Don't be scared of labour, sounds like you've got a great attitude, what will be will be, being relaxed and calm helps, and if problems arise we can all just be grateful we live in the 21st century. That's how I view it anyway.

So, a mega-hello from me!

Been out for a walk today and bought my nephew his 5th birthday present - can't wait to have a kid of that age myself, such a lovely age. Been on my ball... taken my raspberry leaf tea... about to wash up and make food for later... oh and my big news today is the birthing pool is ready to pick up!! (Im hoping for a home birth too.) So I will pop off and get that when boyfriend is home. Do I need to try it out before labour, do you think? I have a TENS machine too, is that worth trying beforehand?

Orenishii Mon 17-Sep-12 14:47:30

Yay squidkidd - home birth/birth pool/"extreme" exercise kindred spirits grin

MyNameIsSuz Mon 17-Sep-12 15:41:19

Hi! I'm 38+1 and am just winding down at work at the moment - spending the week working at home on reduced hours just finishing stuff off. I've had a splendid pregnancy so far, heartburn has been the worst thing I've had and I've generally felt good throughout, so I'm not too sick of it yet.

That said, I'm starting to feel it now and really glad I don't have to go anywhere I don't want to go! I'm also getting some backache and period pains - I don't really want him to come early, but feel prepared enough if he does. Hospital bag is packed and we have most of the things we need. I did feel the whole way through like I was going to be late, probably because I'd done a few online due date calculators based on my cycle (a little longer than a month) which put me at about a week later than my official due date, though I'm now not so sure.

Is anyone else finding it hard to sleep because it's impossible to turn over without massive effort, so you wake yourself up, but sleeping on one side all night absolutely kills whichever hip you're sleeping on??

paperclips Mon 17-Sep-12 15:58:26

MyNameIsSuz- agree totally about sleeping I can't sleep longer than about 2 hours at a time, I suppose usually you change position without waking up. Now changing position is like turning an oil tanker. I hate sleeping on my side.

I wouldn't worry too much about the difference between the length of your cycle and your official due date, since the baby can't read calendars anyway! I'm totally ready but trying to imagine I've got a couple more weeks (edd is wednesday) so that I'm not quite as annoyed if he/she is late.

dickiedoodah Mon 17-Sep-12 16:51:20


Yeah, I would say it's pretty different here. When I first arrived I was pretty naive, hadn't given the actual birth much thought. Assumed I would be able to labour in whatever way I wanted. My original plan was to go it alone at home for as long as possible and once in hospital to get on the G&A. I was told by my doctor in the UK to request to be seen by a midwife when I arrived in the states but quickly realised this wasn't going to happen! Since there are only two midwives available and they are on the wards at very specific times during the week I don't really stand much chance of getting one of them. The hospital I'll be at is a teaching facility so you're seen by students and apparently an actual doctor makes an appearance at the end to catch the baby!!!

So I had a bit of a freak out about all this at 36 weeks before getting my act together and putting some plans in place to bring my blood pressure down! I wrote a detailed birth plan and hired a doula to coach me on managing my breathing and to support me along the way.

I'm now alot more knowledgeable on the US birthing system. As far as I can see they're working to a deadline to get the baby out. It's not really about listening to your body and doing what comes naturally. I feel like I'm going to be constantly battling with the staff to be allowed to stay on my feet. If I didn't object they would have me on a bed hooked up to a monitor from the start. But I have made my intentions clear and since I've had a low risk pregnancy I don't see why I shouldn't be able to steer clear of the leg stirrups!

I think you're spot on about the epidural. I'm sure there will come a point where if its necessary you go with it. What scares me the most is not being able to achieve what I'm capable of. I think this is why I've focused on staying active, have seen it as training my body for a marathon and don't want to fall at the final hurdle.

Has anyone been feeling a bit sick at this final stage? I have waves of sickness at some points during the day and my appetite is a bit all over the shop. Not sure what this is or if it's normal.

funchum8am Mon 17-Sep-12 17:18:33

We do seem to be a relatively lucky/active/healthly pregnancy lot don't we? It's nice to feel I'm not some kind of macho freak - I am sure some friends who already have kids are thinking I'm lying about feeling well at this late stage!

Having said that I have just had a really annoying MW appt - they have cancelled next week's clinic, at which I was meant to have a sweep. I would be 40+4 then so I thought if I go that far it would be nice to have that to look forward to as potentially DOING SOMETHING about bringing baby into the world, but without it being a huge medical intervention. However now I can't have one til the next clinic on Friday 28th when I will be 41+1. I am not sure why but it has really annoyed me so came home and had a little weep on DH, which is completely out of character.

However I have also been booked in for induction on 2nd October (40+12) - the MW said that even if I don't want to be induced it's best to get the appointment so that if I change my mind I can go for it! I can always go on the day, discuss my options and opt for expectant management with daily monitoring instead. So looks like things are all mapped out and all I can do now is keep active (possibly in the bedroom area as well as by walking etc...), eat right, drink my raspberry leaf tea and hope for a nice natural labour to start asap.

Hope you're all feeling as good as before and the NHS isn't annoying you!

lisbethsopposite Mon 17-Sep-12 18:00:24

Hi girls - can I join?
I am on the same thread as Squid - due in October. I think you started that one first day Milk. It has been lots of fun and support.

I am 37 +3 (due Oct 5th) with no 2. I will be 2 weeks to DD on Fri.

I was induced at 39 +3 (I think) after waters broke with #1. I felt awful last week, heartburn and nausea, and was thinking of begging hospital to DO SOMETHING, but quite good in last few days so calmed down.

My worst symptom is a combination of heartburn/nausea

PollyIndia Mon 17-Sep-12 18:47:06

Dickiedoodah, I did the london marathon last year and I've felt that this is quite similar! Actually as I get to the final hurdle, i feel that less but certainly earlier, it felt similar in terms of preppng and staying fit. I am definitely in the same boat re appetite and nausea. I never had morning sickness but Ive had nausea on and off for the last few days and I've not had much of an appetite, which is totally unlike me. Oh, other than for chocolate which I can eat at any time! The doctor at my appointment today said I was contracting quite a bit - BH I presume - so must be to do with that as also had backache and bad period pains.

Mynameissuz, I had been sleeping fine (other than waking up every 2 hours), but last night, that is exactly how I felt. That my hip was getting crushed, but I didn't want to turn over as am scared of baby getting out of position.

Paperchips, I feel like I am in the same boat as you - in no way at the get it out stage yet but definitely starting to feel uncomfortable. I got told today my baby's head wasn't engaged though he/she is head down, so that means no slouching on the sofa and lots of birth ball bouncing and walking to try and encourage the head in. Sometimes when I am walking it feels low, I feel it in my bum or even on my cervix, but it's not all the time so maybe its moving in and out?

Funchum8am, this isn't based on anything except my own ideas (and I know nothing!) but I wouldn't be worried if I couldn't have a sweep earlier as unless the baby is ready to come anyway, they just seem to bring on uncomfortable cramps and pre labour but not to actually bring on labour itself. My sister had a sweep and it broke her waters (at 40+4 I think) but nothing started so she had to be induced. My mw said even though she has to offer a sweep at 40 weeks, she doesn't really advise it until 40+7 at the earliest. So frustrating I am sure, but maybe not such a bad thing?

milk Mon 17-Sep-12 19:46:25

Hello, My name is Milk, I'm 38 weeks pregnant... and I want it out!!! angry

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