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Anyone taken anti-sickness tablets during pregnancy?

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stepfordmum Sun 10-Jun-12 18:28:10


I apologise in advance for the moany nature of this post!

I am currently 8.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and am suffering from chronic morning sickness, by chronic, I mean feeling sick 24 hours a day and being sick intermittently throughout the day. I bring up most food although not immediately after eating, sorry about the graphic detail! I cannot even tolerate thinking about food let alone cooking which obviously makes it very challenging looking after my daughter.

This has been going on 2.5 weeks now and I already feel exhausted and don't want to do anything for fear of being sick, with my previous pregnancy I was sick all the way through, but it eased a great deal at around 5 months.

I am seeing the Dr tomorrow to ask him about anti sickness tablets as I just not feel I can carry on like this for the next 3 months, so I was wondering if anyone else had tried anti sickness meds whilst pregnant and whether you felt they were safe?

Thanks for any advice.

milk Sun 10-Jun-12 18:34:09

With DS1 I took cyclizine.

silvachick Sun 10-Jun-12 18:53:09

I took buccastem for a couple of days. It let me keep something down for a bit. I thought the anti-sickness bands worked better for me. Best of luck to you I would have given anything not to have been pregnant when I was suffering from it :-(

kirrinIsland Sun 10-Jun-12 19:11:24

I took cyclizine with DD from 8-18 weeks. I felt they were safe, they appear to be widely used. They didn't stop me feeling sick, but they did reduce the actual vomiting from every hour to once or twice a day.

TitsalinaBumSquash Sun 10-Jun-12 19:14:31

I've tried Buccastem and I'm now on Metoclopramide, 18 weeks and have been a week without being sick until today :/
Sometimes I think it's acid related sickness though.

Littleplasticpeople Sun 10-Jun-12 19:15:38

Sorry you are so poorly stepfordmum. Unfortunately there are a few of us who have/ are suffering terribly with pregnancy sickness. Come on over to our thread for support.

boredandrestless Sun 10-Jun-12 19:17:39

I had severe sickness hypermesis for four months and was in and out of hospital. I couldn't keep cyclizine down (duh!) and the only thing that worked for me was having an anti sickness med injected into my system. This would work while I was in hosp, I would get rehydrated, they would discharge me and they cycle would start all over again. I looked more like a skeleton that a pregnant lady!

Docs were VERY VERY reluctant to prescribe even cyclizine, they do not prescribe anti-sickness meds in pregnancy unless sickness is very severe.

stepfordmum Sun 10-Jun-12 19:18:28

Thank you all, it's good to know others have taken some, I just feel a bit uncomfortable about taking meds during pregnancy.

silvachick that's exactly how I feel right now! Dreading my DH going back to work tomorrow as I'll have to try and function again, he's been amazing and done everything this weekend whilst I've mostly been lying down.

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jun-12 19:31:02

I had Hyperemisis for 4 months in both pg and was in and out of hospital both times. I have had cyclizine, metraclopromide, stemitil, ondanestron and Avomine. Intravenous cyclizine in hospital worked best. Both my DC are healthy. I am surfing on my phone at the moment, but I will pm you a link about Pregnancy Sickness that may help you. I was very lucky to have a supportive GP - found out later that he is married to a midwife, which may explain his understanding of Hyperemisis.

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jun-12 19:34:37

Have a look here

PavlovtheCat Sun 10-Jun-12 19:36:31

I had cyclizine (sorry about sp), then at 17wks had metaclopromide, for most of my pg, doc did not want to prescribe that until after 17wks.

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jun-12 19:36:38

I also had 8 weeks off sick from work in first pg and 7 in second. Don't be afraid to call in sick, time off work for conditions related to pregnancy can not be counted against you.

BuntyCollocks Sun 10-Jun-12 19:48:57

I had cyclizine to begin with, but it didn't remove my nausea and I still threw up. Now on day 3 of avomine, and touch wood, no sickness or even nausea.

PavlovtheCat Sun 10-Jun-12 19:54:39

if it continues later in pg, you may want to talk to gp about omeprazol if it is acid related sickness. I ripped my oesophegus at about 32 weeks due to acid vomitting so was prescribed omeprazol to take alongside the metaclopromide. it helped a lot.

stepfordmum Mon 11-Jun-12 14:20:16

Thank you all, off to the dr in an hour so will see what he says,

Thank you BikeRunSki for the great link.

Empusa Mon 11-Jun-12 14:21:57

I had cyclizine, stemetil, metaclopromide and omeprazol

insancerre Mon 11-Jun-12 14:25:00

I had hyperemesis both pregnancies and was prescribed Avomine. This was a long time ago, in 1989 and 1996.
I was so ill that I could hardly function but the avomine was the only thing that worked.
The only drawback was that it made me really sleepy. But I did go on to have good deliveries and 2 healthy children.
The Avomine seems to have had no effect on either of them.

stepfordmum Mon 11-Jun-12 16:10:04

Back from the Dr and he wouldn't give me anything, he said they only give if it gets so bad I stop weeing! Feel really low that I'm supposed to carry on like this for what's likely to be at least another 3 months!

Empusa Mon 11-Jun-12 16:12:50

Bollocks!! Get a second opinion.

Doctors seem to be so crap at dealing with hyperemesis. My GP just kept telling me she'd coped with sickness in pregnancy so I would too. Of course I then got admitted to hospital as I was severely dehydrated. hmm

I'm angry on your behalf

PineapplePol Mon 11-Jun-12 16:29:06

I've experienced nausea and vomiting for the first time in my current pregnancy and it is awful. I was fortunate that a hospital Dr prescribed cyclizine for me which has reduced the puking from 4x a night to once. Still very nauseous but not dehydrating and risking hospital admission. I've found 2 things really useful - support from the other mums to be on the hyperemesis thread and from the charity I phoned the helpline and received great advice from a retired GP who was very knowledgeable and practical about the condition. Their website is very good too. I hope you can find a more sympathetic GP.

BikeRunSki Mon 11-Jun-12 16:35:18

stepfordmum I am glad you found that link helpful. Since your GP had been disaterously unhelpful, I would go to A&E. They will do a urine test, maybe bloods too to establish if you actually have Hyperemisis, which is a different situation to normal pg sickness and needs to b treated. You need to be prepared to be admitted though, if you do have Hyperemisis then the first line of treatment is to rehydrate you by drip.

stepfordmum Mon 11-Jun-12 16:35:33

Thanks Empusa, I think I might have punched your GP if she'd said that to me wink. She's a better woman than I if she carried on like normal, I feel too sick to do anything and thats aside from the exhaustion of not keeping much food down! Going into the kitchen to cook for my 5 yr old is like my own personal hell at the moment! Sorry couldn't help venting a bit there!

Think I will ask to see another GP.

Empusa Mon 11-Jun-12 16:48:01

Vent away, hyperemesis is the most horrific feeling! Are you managing to keep fluids down at all?

I'd have punched her if I'd had the energy by that point!

stepfordmum Mon 11-Jun-12 16:52:25

Thanks PineapplePol, that website is incredibly helpful and infant I have just emailed them.

BikeRunSki, thanks for the advice, I don't feel that I do have Hyperemisis at this point as I can keep down some fluids and I don't have dark urine. But I still feel that my sickness is bad enough to warrant intervention, feeling constantly nauseous without respite 24 hours a day and vomiting 4-5 times a day makes functioning even close to normally virtually impossible.

Meglet Mon 11-Jun-12 16:54:02

Bollocks to your GP angry. And bollocks to the waiting when you stop wee-ing! Does he want to wait until you end up on a drip?!!

I was prescribed Avomine as I couldn't keep water down, like someone else has already said is also acts as a sleeping pill so you will need help for a while but it helped me turn a corner.

Go and see the out of hours Doc or A&E this evening.

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