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Third Trimester - How are you getting along?

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Moonbeamer Wed 31-Aug-11 19:36:11

Hi all - I am currently in the third trimester (28 + 3) with my first baby. I was wondering how you are feeling at this stage and further along? I must confess that this last couple of weeks I have felt pretty un-enthusiastic about being pregnant, feeling more tired again, uncomfortable and sooooo much indigestion (acid reflux), oh and ankles like Shrek - joy!

How are you getting along? grumpy - M X

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 19:42:19

Hi moon, I had it pretty easy in the 1st and 2nd trimester, its my second pregnancy and both have been similar with no sickness and fairly easy going.
But since about 30 weeks I have days where I just feel too exhausted to do anything, or I get up and make dinner and feel knackered after it. Then other days I am 'ok' and although feel tired and pregnant I seem to feel better. x

Moonbeamer Wed 31-Aug-11 19:56:06

I know what you mean, it seems to run in a 'one day good, one day bad' routine at the moment. I am definitely grumpier though than previous weeks / months!

Keep looking at myself in the mirror and sigh at the acne face I remember from being 14 staring back at me. Another glamorous extra confused

Hope all goes well for you X

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 19:59:38

Yep, maybe its natures way of ensuring we cope somehow! I have days too where I wonder how the hell I will cope with another!

crazyhead Wed 31-Aug-11 20:02:44

I am 29 +5 and just started getting heartburn too. I work long days and I'm starting to notice that I've really had enough by the time I'm home from work. I am still able to walk several miles a day to work without trouble, but sitting at my desk, oscillating between starving hunger and heartburn is less fun.

I haven't had a particularly hard time of it either. I find it really hard to tell whether it is all downhill from here, because early in the second trimester - at 23 weeks - I had a really knackered week then I felt better again, so I am still hopeful there could be another upsurge.

What I really notice more and more is that if I get tired now (going out a bit much, sleeping badly) it takes a couple of days to recover - unlike my pre-preg self.

Interesting question!

lolajane2009 Wed 31-Aug-11 20:08:49

37 + 5 and tired and uncomfortable.... baby hardly sleeps and is shoving and barging then when I try to sleep he gets hiccups.

Moonbeamer Wed 31-Aug-11 20:12:50

I agree, my stamina is not what it once was! I am mainly at a desk at work and if I'm honest, standing feels better now as I get more uncomformatble sitting still, but not an option.

I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far too, just miss my old body that could bend and get to my toes easy, was more energetic and had a digestive system that's sole purpose was not to produce copious amounts of acid at approx 1am and send it upwards! X

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 20:18:02

I know, can't even clip my toenails now! sad
Had bad HB last time near the end, not too much yet though here.

Do you know if you are head down yet?
I'm not sure as feeling kicks all over!

crazyhead Wed 31-Aug-11 20:24:18

That is funny you mention the heads down thing Allboxedin - I feel kicks EVERYWHERE and have no clue. Baby was breech at 26 weeks, but that doesn't mean a lot I don't think. Yours sounds a bit more distinct, lolajane

Moonbeamer - I know what you mean, I was no Olympic athlete before this, but I could at least get out of bed without rolling

I am developing massive preg envy of people who are a few weeks further along than me just because it is closer to the finish line!

twinnies26 Wed 31-Aug-11 20:32:23

hi moon and everyone else - i'm almost 30weeks on first pregnancy with ID twins and it's all hit me in the last week -have been doing pretty well up to now, but now feel very pregnant and heavy- have constant tiredness yet almost insomnia at night as i constantly wake at 4, can't bend or reach to the coffee table when sitting on the couch anymore,the simple little movements that i never thought about before are becoming a mission and my belly feels like an octopus is growing inside it! The babies now also wake me up when i'm sleeping if they get too excited! Belly really starting to burst out now, i wonder what on earth i'll look like in 5 weeks time!

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 20:32:58

Me too crazy (I'm due in about 6 weeks) and I just want it to be the day, but then I get days where it seems sooooo close its scary!
I was ceph before 30 weeks but midwife couldnt tell last time at 31 weeks if bby was head down or not.

stripeymummy Wed 31-Aug-11 20:34:50

Ditto to what everyone else is saying. Am 30wks and definitely starting to feel it more and more. It's interesting to note that we all seem to have had pretty good 1st and 2nd trimesters (no morning sickness, cravings or going off things here either). Noticed about 26/27wks that starting to feel more tired and having to have an afternoon nap (not everyday), and I'm definitely having the good day/bad day routine - today's been a good un smile

I have also noticed that Modom must be taking up more room, as I am feeling her wriggling and kicking a lot more, spent a chunk of today with a foot (?) sticking in my right side just under my diaphragm hmm And definitely becoming a fan of Rennies grin

I agree moonbeamer, I'm definitely getting a bit fed up being pregnant confused

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 20:40:52

Gosh can't imagine having twins in there twinnies!

lolajane2009 Wed 31-Aug-11 20:54:55

my little one has been lying head down in the same position for months. little hands out punching and using his head to press down as well as his bottom. I get a nice distinct bum/hip shape most of the time.

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 20:57:03

lola do you have a smallish lump at the top inbetween or just under your ribs? I wonder f thats the bum?

Glimmerberry Wed 31-Aug-11 21:12:03

39 weeks and had enough really! Went into the third trimester feeling good and fairly energetic. Stopped work at 34 +3, went for a planned scan and was told i had major placenta praevia and had to leave the remote area i live in to head to a larger town for an early section...knackering (physically and emotionally) couple of weeks when finally the repeat scans seemed to indicate that there was just an errant lobe of placenta. Travelled home again for a few weeks and now at 39 weeks having once again to stay away from home until i spontaneously labour. So the past few weeks have meant packing, unpacking, several flights, and leaving the comfort of my own home. Something to think about if you live remote + rural! Wish i'd had my family before i had the bright idea of leaving mainland UK.

Also seem to have gained a couple of dress sizes on general body area this month, aside from huge tummy. Not helped by an appetite to equal 10 men. Really ready for this to end, not to mention desperately looking forward to seeing the little fella and hoping that he'll be ok.

Might still be a few weeks yet, he's very high with a little bottom pushing into my ribs most of the time...

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 21:44:31

wow glimmer, what a rollercoaster. You poor thing. It will all be over soon when baby makes an appearance, x

Merlioness Thu 01-Sep-11 06:01:23

Glimmer sounds rough sad

I am 28+1 and I am achy and still so exhausted sad
I never recovered from the first trimester tiredness and baby loves kicking and pushing against me so hard that I wake up.
He has perfected something that feels as if he is pinching meshock! Very painful sad

cherryjellybelly Thu 01-Sep-11 07:52:34

oh glimmer sad you poor thing!
I was really ill in my first and second trimester, as soon as I stopped work at 34w everything got so much easiersmile Ive been able to catch up on sleep in the day and be in comfy positions, so for me its been sooooo much better than before smile I'm now 38+0

KatyN Thu 01-Sep-11 10:53:16

I'm 30 wks today and thinking of celebrating by not using the stairs at work's the lift for me each day!!

quite alarmed by how emotional I've become too.. been having some good cries but those crazy ones when you sob for 5 minutes and then they switch off and you feel fine again.. think my DH is a touch scared when I might go off again!

that said he congratulated me on making 20 weeks today (when I looked confused he said.. oh is it only 19).. bless him he doesn't seem to realise HOW SOON the little one might be out!

Glimmerberry Thu 01-Sep-11 13:24:04

Thanks all.

I'm settled into my accomodation on the mainland now and planning some nice things we can't usually do (cinema, shopping etc) to while away these last days/ weeks. Trying to see this time as a bit of a treat, being away from home means i can't do any more cleaning/ decorating /chores.

Husband looked at me today and said, "i just can't believe you're really pregnant" (our first). Then we just burst out laughing since i look like a teletubby and am down to my last pair of trousers (actually some very stretchy denim dungarees) that fit me! Just can't bring myself to buy any new maty clothes now! If my growth in the past few weeks is in keeping with baby laying down fat then i think we're in for a chubby wee boy smile

titferbrains Thu 01-Sep-11 13:31:56

only 11 days till my c-sec but have really had enough, back pain when I walk, sit roll get up etc. and baby pushing down. DD driving me a bit potty, tv is on as I type and I'm going to attempt to lie down for a rest now. I really cannot wait to meet my baby so I'll have something to smile about! Endless hosp appointments have been a bit depressing as I have to do them on my own, DH working super hard atm and can't really justify coming along just to hold my hand.

Have generally been more and more grumpy these past few weeks, I think it's just that everything is such an effort. However, have also been feeling very emotional, not crying but very overwhelmed with love for DH, DD - can't believe how much our little unit is about to change.

RobintheRobin Thu 01-Sep-11 15:57:41

Oh let me jump-on the bandwagon! 34 weeks and know how you're all feeling....please just let it be the end! I've never ever felt this tired in my whole life, even doing the smallest thing is a major effort. So grouchy, breathless and farty.

HPonEverything Thu 01-Sep-11 16:15:45

I'm 35wks and was SO smug about my easy pregnancy up til about a week ago. Now I feel like absolute $$$$ and my body is breaking down bit by bit.

All I want to do is sleep day and night (and I'm still working full-time which is a real struggle), I can't sit down or wee without major pain in my [ahem], all my joints are aching and creaking, I feel hot all the time and lay in a pool of sweat on a night, I'm snoring so loudly that it wakes me up.

God knows how people cope when they already have a small child - I'm totally in awe. My house has gone to pot as all the things I used to be able to clean or pick up are just getting left.

It's all minor little niggles though, and as long as the baby is ultimately healthy then it's all insignificant.

Pastabee Thu 01-Sep-11 17:57:08

Just coming up to 30 weeks and feel very fortunate to be doing ok so far.

Bump is very defined now and DH has started being very considerate towards me. Think it's partly how pregnant I suddenly look and partly the basket of sandbags they handed round at NCT representing total weight of baby, placenta, water etc. He was quite shocked by that!!

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