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November/December Babies - new thread

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susanmt Thu 02-Oct-03 10:28:34

To make it easier for all of us!!!

eefs Thu 02-Oct-03 10:58:03

good plan!

things are going fine here - I have a scan next week, I can't wait. The baby has dropped somewhat and I can finally breathe a bit better.

How are you getting on Susanmt?

elliott Thu 02-Oct-03 11:18:55

wot, you mean I have to type out that long list all over again???? hrrrumph!!
How are you feeling susanmt?

susanmt Thu 02-Oct-03 13:43:44

I'm not bad, thanks for asking I'm having my operation 3 weeks today, so just hanging in there until it happens. We decided to get a cleaner which has helped me a lot, the house was a tip and I had no energy at all for cleaning etc, so that hsa all eased up a bit. We're kind of taken over at the moment as dh's Grandma is dying, so we're all shooting over to Belfast this weekend to see her.
So I'm coping, but I'm getting a bit fed up being pregnant. I'm 29 weeks now, and dd was born at 39, ds at 38, so hopefully only about 10 weeks to go. Apart from the kidney stones the pregnancy is going fine, baby looks brilliant (and I'm getting a *lot* of movements - I'd forgotten how much being pregnant makes you aware of your internal organs!!
I'm trying to plan ahead a bit - for example, for Christmas shopping, as there is no way I will be able to do it nearer to the time. Hooray for the Internet and Visa Cards!

elliott Thu 02-Oct-03 14:10:39

OK call me anal but if a job's worth doing....
Here it is again:
whellid 6-8 Nov
1sttimer 9 Nov
Stripeymouse 11 NOv
sprout 11 Nov
chanelno5 11 Nov
Monkey 13 Nov
www mid Nov
buttercup mid Nov
nobby mid Nov
Jaytree Nov ??
Shari 18 Nov
allatsea end Nov
Rachael17 end Nov??
eefs 28 Nov
elliott 3 Dec
grommit 4 Dec
Rhubarb 11 Dec
susanmt 13 Dec
Ruth21 Dec??
tinyfeet Xmas
zippyb end Dec/early Jan

pupuce Thu 02-Oct-03 14:15:26

Susanmt..... great plan about the shopping. DS was born on 11 Dec and I did NO shopping as I thought he'd be born earlier (he was 2 weeks late)... and then got very uncomfortable.... and then baby came and shopping was not my top priority with a newborn!
So it was a cheap christmas !

elliott Thu 02-Oct-03 14:25:39

LAst time I was due almost exactly the same time and during Novembr on maternity leave, I managed to get all my christmas cards and shopping done - very handy as all I had to do was put a birth announcement in with the cards, and post them!!
Am hoping to do something similar this time. pupuce, can't believe you really thought you'd have a baby at the end of November and still have time to get ready for xmas...perhaps I just have very low expectations of myself!
susanmt, glad you are doing ok.

Grommit Thu 02-Oct-03 14:36:47

I've started Christmas shopping this week- made the most of the £10 off on-line order with john lewis to get dd Barbie stuff. Last time I could hardly walk in my last few weeks so want to get it all done early! Haven't bought baby stuff yet - too superstitious . Good to see the list of names and even better when we can start crossing them off!!!

pupuce Thu 02-Oct-03 14:36:50

No - I was naive

Rhubarb Thu 02-Oct-03 14:56:17

Nope, mine is now 2nd Dec - worked out the conception date a while ago. Sorry to screw up your list! I didn't realise so many were pregnant. Good luck everyone.

monkey Thu 02-Oct-03 17:23:39

Well done elliott. Got any good site suggestions for Christmas shopping? I tried to get summat 4 mum 4 b'day (makeup) and could only find £15 Argos sets of 300 eyeshadows (or similar!) I would've thought women's gifts would be easy. I finally found a site, but they wouldn't accept my non-UK address, even thought the gift was for a UK address. As I obvioulsy won't be going back to UK for Christmas, I was kind of banking on doing all of my Christmas shopping via internet, but feel slightly un-confident after my b'day pressie attempt.

Phew, that was long winded. You can tell I've been stuck in the house with 2 poorly kids & no adult comp[anmy for ^ bloody weeks now.

eefs Thu 02-Oct-03 17:25:41

monkey - is good and they accept non-uk billing addresses for uk deliveries.
I'll try to think of more.

Grommit Thu 02-Oct-03 17:39:16

Monkey - lots of sites for toys such as,,, Adult gifts are more difficult - esp for women. Might be worth starting a new thread on this subject...

Ruth21 Fri 03-Oct-03 15:00:04

Hello--realized I hadn't posted here since about May or June, but Elliot's list has prodded me back to life. Mine is due December 15 (according to scan), so I'm near the end of the long list.

Just ordered my birthing pool for home birth!! And discovered that I have already missed the first NHS 'parentcraft' class. I guess that means it is really happening soon ...

Good luck everyone.

mumbojumbo Fri 03-Oct-03 20:17:08

hello, not posted for ages and now find myself 35+ weeks and getting nervous! This will be number 2 for me - ds1 is 22 months old and varies between an absolute angel and complete handful! My due date is 4th November. ds1 arrived on 30/12/01 so I know all about christmas shopping via the internet! good luck everyone - hopefully get to chat to some of you b4 the big day!

monkey Sat 04-Oct-03 15:54:47

thanks a lot for the sites. just doen (nearly) all of my Christmas shopping today. All I'm missing is dh, and 3 kiddie pressies, which I'll get from the sites you kindly posted.

I've even bought all my birthday cards for the next 6 months or so, plus stamps (enough for the Christmas cards) oh, to at least be organised in one area.

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Oct-03 20:59:54

Well done for starting a new thread susanmt, the old one was taking a ridiculous time to load. Monkey, what about Amazon for adult presents? Elliott, well done with the list, most impressive (did you know you can copy and paste from another thread though? Hope you didn't retype it!) I'm due 21 November (so 33 weeks) and feeling fatter and more uncomfortable by the day. Need to wee far too often although I'm only waking once a night so I suppose I should be grateful for that. I can't believe there are a whole 7 more weeks to go, it feels as if it really should be nearly all over by now. Devil and the deep blue sea though, once it's nearly all over there's childbirth to look forward to (not) and then however long of sleeplessness and all the rest. We've moved and all is well, I'm very relieved but must arrange a new midwife/doctor etc next week. And I must do all my Christmas shopping soon too. I can't quite believe there's a baby on the way despite all the evidence - I've been reading the "which was easier, going from 0-1 children or from 1-2?" thread with interest. It still feels unreal to me really - it's been the 3 of us for so long. I'm hoping that the 6 year gap will mean it's easier since I will be able to sleep while ds is at school during the day. Sorry to sound so negative, just scared of childbirth, pnd, knackeredness, relationship strain again I guess. I am aware that this is self indulgent whingeing really and that susanmt, you have far more to moan about and justifiably so I'll shut up now. Hey, who needs an ante natal group? I'm looking forward to when we can all post on a "those Nov/Dec babies" thread and compare sleeping/eating etc and know that we're not alone. I'm going to need it - I've forgotten *everything*

zippyb Sun 05-Oct-03 11:28:10

Hello everyone - have not posted for a very long time though I have been 'nipping in' to see how everyone is getting on. I have felt very stressed & having panic attacks about the thought of being a mum of 2 - know I should be enjoying it all but am really wondering how I am going to cope - have great family but at the end of the day it will be me going through it all. Had PND last time so obviously worried about that too but have confided in my midwife so I hope that actually talking about these feelings will somehow make the reality not as bad as I fear it wil be. Sounds awful doesn't it but as much as I want another baby just wish I felt happier & stronger - big moans today - sorry.

holyhandbag Sun 05-Oct-03 20:39:24

Hello all, this is my first posting on mumsnet although I've been reading lots of threads for a few months now. EDD is 30th November, so I'm 32 weeks now. Wondered if anyone became a bit panicked at parentcraft classes? I went to my first last week and it was time to face up to it all - I really hadn't given much thought to pain relief, labour, birth or breastfeeding. I don't think I'm altogether facing up to being pregnant really! I'm due to go on maternity leave in a fortnight, is that when it will hit me? I still push myself onto do things when I should probably rest.

Dannie Mon 06-Oct-03 16:34:01

I'm due on 1 November, but ds and dd were both overdue. So long as I go into labour between next Saturday and 11 November, I'm having ds2 at home. All the talk about home confinement makes me feel like Aung Sang Suu Kyi, but I was pleased when the community mw asked if she could bring her student cos they didn't usually get to see a home birth. I can't believe you're all ready for Christmas. I just started mat leave from my p/t "proper job" but as I work mostly from home, I'm struggling on with brain at half speed and don't yet own any small nappies (but they're on my list!)

WideWebWitch Mon 06-Oct-03 17:44:07

Hi holyhandbag, welcome! Zippyb, IKWYM about pnd - I worry about it too. Mumsnet wasn't around last time but I just wanted to say why don't we keep an eye out for each other on the pnd front? I think this time I'd know the signs and be able to ask for help a lot sooner. I worry too about anxiety attacks and getting morbid feelings, as I did before. The difference is that I think I will spot it (but who knows) and that I have some preventative measures in mind (in as much as it can be prevented, I do realise the hormonal element means that it can't always), such as making sure I make plenty of new mum friends, get exercise and eat healthily, that kind of thing. Anyway, your post struck a chord and I just wanted to respond.

Grommit Mon 06-Oct-03 18:18:25

Agree WWW - looking forward to some support this time by way of Mumsnet. I had mild PND with dd but I really put this down to isolation - new area, no parents or family nearby or friends. I seemed to be miraculously cured as soon as I returned to work

tinyfeet Mon 06-Oct-03 18:27:45

Well done, susanmt. And thanks again Elliott - for the list - sweet thing. Did Monkey say she had finished her Christmas shopping, or am I imagining things? Still due on Christmas. Hoping these next 3 months fly by.

zippyb Tue 07-Oct-03 13:09:04

Thanks WWW - yes it does help to know that I am not the only one going through this - alot going on on the home front at the moment & everything seems a bit of a struggle - no going back now and I'm sure things will be hard but work out ok - as you say We know the signs to watch for & hope that I can sort myself out 'if' that nasty PND comes back again. DS & I both home at moment with illness (me flu - ds tummy bug) so hope to feel better when I can get out again - that is if I dont catch tum upset & ds gets flu!!

elliott Tue 07-Oct-03 13:20:10

hello all, yes I did type the list out again, don't know why - I think I knew that cut and paste was possible (blame pregnancy brian!)
Nice to see some new bumps out there.
I'm actually feeling physically pretty good at the moment - ds is sleeping better which helps, and I'm on my last few weeks of work so I feel the end is in sight....seem to have an enormous to do list for my maternity leave though.
I'll add my name to the list of us slightly panicking at the prospect of birth and the next few months.....I'm sure it will be ok though, I remember last time I couldn't imagine how I was going to cope with night feeds etc, but in the event a lot of the time I was able to think 'hey, I'm doing ok, this isn't so bad!' Like grommit though I did feel soooo much better when I went back to work (partly because of work, partly because it coincided with ds becoming much happier and easier). This time I'm having longer off work (though need to try and write a thesis in my spare time, ha ha) but I am mostly concerned about coping with the conflicting demands of two plus sleep deprivation (I've also been reading the 0-1 vs 1-2 thread avidly!)

Went to see a friend with small baby at the weekend - ds was charmingly entranced by the baby (but I'm not fooled, I'm sure sharing us will be a huge shock to him). The baby was amazing - didn't cry once all day and only fed 3 hourly - kind of made me realise that maybe ds wasn't the easiest of newborns and there may be more chance of an easier one this time than a more difficult one!
Sorry to ramble AGAIN. I think I will need to hide the phone bills from dh once I am on maternity leave....

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