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May 2007 The sun is out the sky is blue

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charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 12:11:03

theres not a cloud to spoil the view.

charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 12:12:23

What lovely weather, I could positively enjoy it if the blardy pollen wasn't playing havoc with my eyes and nose. Here is the missing punctuation. ,,' blush

Hope everyone is well love you all, DD fast alseep on my knee so got quick chance to post. Weaning going well, she ate the whole front cover of a magazine earlier. grin

Hope you got the boiler sorted SOH.

April and Pink hope you are having a lovely time.

Gin not long for the school hols wink.

Elkie when are you up North?

Mrs JB are you here for the meetup?

TMAM how is the running? I am back on the wagon and have been on the machine last week.

Jam how was DH after his 3 peaks?

SKY how is the CM going?

Abby are you coping with hot and bothered littlies, what does your school do re sun cream?

TSM how is F doing looking forward to catching up with you over the summer maybe?

Scoot where are you?

Ugh is anyone watching This morning? fish eating dead skin off peoples feet. Tempted tho blush

Must go as DCs room a tip, my job for the day to sort it out, not started it yet. hmm may make it my job if the week.

Take care.

Waves to everyone I have missed, where are you newbies?

JamInMyWellies Tue 22-Jun-10 14:35:36

Charely am sure you have not upset anyone. We all understand the sentiment. x

Themasterandmargaritas Tue 22-Jun-10 19:02:42

Charley don't fret. It's a good idea.

How are YOU?

Tell dh my big run is on Saturday. Think of me. smile Is he still running? Will we see you both again over the summer?

charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 21:16:23

Thanks Jam. Have you had THE party yet? Think it is lovely you get to wear the dress again, dreams longingly of ever fitting in wedding dress and coat again.

I have yet to sponsor you TMAM will get on to it. Yes DH is out running now. Not sure about the meetup even tho Gin has offered mud wrestlng. grin DH is being a bit useless re his birthday plans. He categorically does not want a party but fancies a few days away. Did not realise how everywhere price hikes tho due to school holidays. Obviously realised it happens just first time we have had to work round it. I just begrudge it [sigh]. Oh well he will only be 40 once.

How was fathers day for everyone, A baked a cake, G bought (and ate) a chocolate tool set and H did a hand print. Only prob was DH lie in and breakfast in bed was spoilt as G decided to go up to get a light for the candles (obviously need to make cakes more often) and woke him up and then dropped a box of birthday cake decs/candles all down the stairs.

DH took a lovely photo of H at the weekend will have to put it on my profile which I have noticed has disappeared without my knowledge. We are going to get it turned into a canvas for the wall.

It is 30 degrees in our bedroom have got the air con on and trying o cool it own for H. we are now down to 27. Looking foward to leccy bill.

JamInMyWellies Tue 22-Jun-10 22:02:41

No it's this wkend. Will post properly tom and have a moan. grin

Themasterandmargaritas Wed 23-Jun-10 09:50:52

Wow Jammy how exciting that it's this weekend! We need to hear all about the politics it.

I'd love to see a picture of H. smile

I can't believe how hot it is for you all. It's bloomin freezing here (well, relatively speaking it is wink)

Gin, how nice is it to have dh at home?

charleymouse Wed 23-Jun-10 14:18:23

TMAM have put Hazzywazzy hmm as G calls her on my profile.

Gin, we know what you're doing wink

Jam oh no are they being awkward. Just enjoy yourselves and remember this is why you did it abroad in the first place to avoid all the blardy politics.

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jun-10 19:43:55

I am CM i am wink Nice to see you here. I can't believe i wont get to meet that baby! Blardy dh and his Birthday plans [tut] grin

I have a spanner in the works re: the 27th. One of the twins has just got his date for eye surgery through. It is the 27th. Sorry gals. Can we make it 26th instead?

He really needs it before he starts Secondary school in Sept. Teasing a plenty there i would imagine. He has a blocked tear duct so his eye drips tears all the time. He hates it sad

Lovely to have dh home. Nice not to be single parent for a while.

Everyone else ok?

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jun-10 19:45:48

CM she is so cute! Lovely pic of her smile

JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Jun-10 20:02:23

Charley she is lovely!

Blimey dont kow what happened there. DH home from work, well the pub after watching the footie we put the boys to bed and had some pre dinner sex shock It has been a drought round here recently. Crikey wonder what will happen if they get to the final! wink

The dramas of the wedding party are far too boring. Suffice to say my family are being knobs what a surprise. Big sisters DP not coming as he wants to go away on a lads wkend. Another sister DH wearing jeans. I know I said its fairly relaxed and no need for a tie but at least put a pair of trousers on. Honestly am so glad a few of my good friends are coming so I can atleast sit in a corner and get sloshed. Oh thats after having to come home and put the boys to bed part way through as mum announced today that Dad wants to have a drink so would not be able to drive the boys and babysitter back to mine to put them to bed. The man never drinks. Why does it always have to be so bloody difficult. Aarrgghh family.

AM looks like you and PJ are having a lovely time.

Mrs JB hows things? You are often in my thoughts. x

LG&T I dont see why we cant swap the day. I actually thought it was on the 26th.

Anyway best go water & dead head the plants.

Tis a fookin oven in the house all the windows and doors are open.

Themasterandmargaritas Thu 24-Jun-10 06:45:59

She is a beauty Charley, just like her sister!

I think I can move to the 26th....

Jammy, poor you. Bloody family are such hard work at times.

And at other times you miss them like mad. Isn't that so MrsJB? Big hugs to you.

I am COLD.

Moijaimelacountry Thu 24-Jun-10 09:14:03

Absolutely right TMAM... atm it's the later. sad

A rushed back on Tuesday "to say good bye" it is truly horrendous, I am a sobbing wreck most of the time, the smallest thing will set me off. The next minute I'm taking the piss, lauging and joking like the usual MRSJB. It's exhausting. If I feel like this here, I can't imagine how they all feel there.

Charlie you haven't upset anyone, I'm sorry I haven't been here to tell you earlier.

Tmam, good luck with your run.

Jam/Gin... behave! wink

Think we scared the newbies right off! oooops

<<group hug>> I need it. x

Moijaimelacountry Fri 25-Jun-10 10:15:34

Amelia Grace slipped away last night at their seaside "heaven" she had her family around her and is at last out of pain and peaceful..

Thank you all for your continued kindness and support thought this truly shit journey in our lives. You are a lovely bunch of ladies who hold a place deep in my heart.

Now very importantly too, where have you all gone.....? Please come back and chat, I need this thread to continue. As you were please. [kiss]

AprilMeadow Fri 25-Jun-10 10:32:14

Heaven has gained another beautiful Angel and the stars will be shining extra bright tonight. Massive hugs to you all xx

AprilMeadow Fri 25-Jun-10 10:41:56

I had a wonderful time with Pink and her gorgeous children. Within 2 minutes of arriving Ella was in a borrowed swim suit and splashing around in the paddling pool! Lucas is GORGEOUS and is putting Lucy to shame in that he can roll right over where Lucy is only rolling back-front. AND he is soo on the verge of crawling!

Pink is so calm and relaxed with both A&L and is truely amazing.

Had lots of fun at a farm/play area and then at the pub the next day. Lots of pictures which i am sure i will upload to fb (with Pink's permission).

E&L were fab on the car journeys and were pretty good on the whole, although I was doubting the trip when Lucy took 2 hours to go to bed on Monday night and then only slept for 30 minutes during the day on Tuesday! She made up for it that night with a 13.5hour stint!

Dh has gone off to the airport and is waiting to board his flight to Chicago. They have been delayed an hour so will likely miss connecting flight and will have to wait until tomorrow morning to head to Rapid City to find gusts of wind

Charley, H is beautiful!

LG&T, 26th is fine by me

Pebblemum Fri 25-Jun-10 10:43:26

Big Hugs MrsJB nothing we say can ease the pain but we are all here for you. Amelia was such a brave girl always smiling in her photos despite it all, you must all be very proud of her. {{hugs}}

JamInMyWellies Fri 25-Jun-10 13:15:20

Terribly sad news Mrs JB, you are all in my thoughts. Much love. x

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 25-Jun-10 16:52:16

Such sad news Mrs JB . In our thoughts here xxx

Hi to everyone else. Just back from a glorious week in Devon. The cottages we stayed in were fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend them if anyone is looking for that sort of thing (indoor pool, farm animals, play areas etc.).

Charley - H is gorgeous. Would love to catch up over the summer at some point. Ferg is good - lovely smiley chubby little chunk smile

AM - glad you and Pink had a good time

Jam - ignore the knobs and get pissed enjoy your party xx

charleymouse Fri 25-Jun-10 18:35:56

Mrs JB so so sorry to hear about Amelia. I hope you/they are getting all the support you/they need. Much love to you and yours. Allow yourself to grieve too, it is paiful for all of you. How have the DCs taken the news?

charleymouse Sun 27-Jun-10 16:21:00

Thanks for all your lovely comments re H [proud mummy emoticon]

How was the party Jam? Hope you had a good time.

Good to meet up TSM look forward to it.

MrsJB hope you are okay. <<<<<<<<hugs>>>>>>>>>>

Themasterandmargaritas Sun 27-Jun-10 19:25:55

I posted a message from the bush but it didn't reach cyberspace!

H is adorable. smile Now we need to see the other two.

Jammy I take it last night was a good'un?

The run went not so badly, better than last year but still a bit of a poor effort for me. Must try harder wink. But at least we raised a good deal of money for my little charity.

How are you all MrsJB? Probably pretty raw. I've been thinking about you all lots. xx

Moijaimelacountry Mon 28-Jun-10 13:27:45


Thanks for all your lovely messages and wishes here and on faceache...

We feel ok now, kind of some what relieved that she is now at peace. Our sadness now lies for those left, her Mum & Dad are doing ok atm, I think it will be after the funeral and all the arranging is done that'll hit them the hardest. Alex's mum has taken it all very badly only time will heal her I think.

The funeral is Tuesday next week (we think) we will all be coming back but I haven't decided whether the children will come to the funeral yet. We have been told that apparently the funeral is going to be very children orientated as Amelia obviously had many young friends who want to be able to go to say goodbye. If thats the case then mine will come too. It is also going to be rainbow themed as I'm sure you all remember Amelias Rainbow day event that was held in March. I'm pleased, through all the sadness I hope it will be a beautiful uplifting day to celebrate a truly inspirational gorgeous little girl.

There is a dance we do called "Heart of an Anglel" it is a beautiful Walz.. I haven't been able to dance it for a few weeks now as each time I try it makes me cry. Saturday night we had a very big night on, surounded by lots of friends I had pre decided I had to dance it for Amelia. I love the dance and I think the longer I had left it the harder it would have been to get back to it. Anyway, it was just perfect, all my fellow dancers surrounded me and we all did it together for Amelia, I held it together until the music finished and really only broke because everyone threw their arms around me at the end. I feel very happy to have danced it again and each time from now on I'll think of her and smile

So what else is new on the block? any scandal? wheres our lovely lg&t she's very quiet?

TMAM, well done on your run.

Moijaimelacountry Mon 28-Jun-10 13:29:46

Jam... the party.... please tell us all about it.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 28-Jun-10 17:24:46

MsJB - you just made me blub. That is so lovely about your beautiful waltz. I'm sure the funeral will be befitting for such a special little girl.

Yes Jam - spill the beans on the party

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