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The Preschooler's age 4....(Oct 04)......

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Biglips Fri 23-Jan-09 14:41:06

here we are!

Hiya everyone...hope u all had a good NY? we had a quiet one as i was actually falling asleep at 11pm on NY's eve but managed to stay away till 1am.

DD2 will be 18 weeks this Sunday coming...and she is so adorable!...Yes dd1 loves her and is very protective of her too, so she plays with her all the time. DD2 is teething for England atm and loves being on the floor stamping her feets on the floor grin.

Hope everyone is doing ok?

Im on facebook btw! so i will CAT u all hopefully as jbad is on mine and she is looking great


PuzzleRocks Fri 23-Jan-09 18:27:03

Bumping for you.

cazzybabs Wed 11-Feb-09 22:14:55

helllooooo. Grace is doing OK...well she face-painted her face today and looked a bit like a vampire. She thought she was a princess but her whole face was red. it was a bit strange. she is really into dressing up and make up at the little tomboy is a girly girl after all

geogteach Sat 07-Mar-09 21:45:33

Have you all got the school places you wanted? Geog is going to school with his brother and sister and seems to have taken on board his mate is going elsewhere.
We just got back from a holiday in South Africa to celebrate DH 40th, geog had his photo taken holding a crocodile, but he is still afraid of dogs hmm

Biglips Thu 12-Mar-09 21:37:32

geog - ooooh did u have a lovely time in South Africa? how long did u go for?. lol about geog - being ok with a croc but scared of dogs...crikey...which one is safter??? grin

cazzy - my dd1 (tweenie) is very girly but a boistorious girl. She is friends with everyone in her class and her nursery teacher said to us at the parent evening last week "i wouldnt know what to do without her, as she is a star" and also said "when tweenie is not here, there is summat missing, like you can def noticed there is no tweenie" i had a lump in my throat!! blush, but good thing that once she starts reception this year, the reception is in the same room as the nursery but the reception is seperated away from the nursery as they share the loo and the front entrance too. so at breaktime the nursery and reception play each other in each other rooms.

dd2 is getting bigger now but not as bigger as tweenie was as she was hhuuggeeee!! had her last jabs before she turns 1 and is now 18.1lb smile

cazzybabs Sat 14-Mar-09 22:35:30

geog....south very envy. hey I am off to brum for a week at easter...oh yes!!!

Grace is off to school where dd1 goes and I teach. she can't wait...nor me. It will be much easier rather than having them all in different places.

Biglips...your dd1 sounds like a star. bless her.

I have just signed up for a yoga course to start after easter. I have never done yoga before and I am nor very supple. Do you think I am too old to start? I am blaming dh as he is out for the night and I am bored...

maisiemog Thu 26-Mar-09 18:04:07

Hi everyone, that's great news about all going to the same school Cazzy. I take you aren't allowed to teach your own children?
Tweenie sounds like a very sociable, extrovert girl, it's nice that she gets on so well with the teacher.

That sounds like fun Jbad - your drumming.
We are not really up on the whole games thing, but it sounds like fun. One of the girls at work has singstar or something and she (and her friends) love it.
Do you use it quite a bit?
DP sold his Playstation when Alfie was born. He was a bit of an addict and he kind of did it to make sure he didn't sit up late at night trying to get onto the next game level.
Have you started Yoga Cazzy?
I think you are just the right age for yoga, any age can probably benefit. I wish I did something like that.
I did Astanga for one session ages ago, it was very relaxing, but I wasn't keen enough to go back. Which type of yoga are you thinking of?
It seems so easy to take children along to activities and forget yourself.
We are currently going to swimming lessons and athletics with Alfie, good old nanny takes him to a music and movement type of thing.
I find the swimming lessons a bit bemusing. I'm not convinced they actually want the children to learn to swim, just for the parents to keep signing up for years and bringing the children. Mind you, I seem to be the only one, the other parents have been going to lessons for years and seem quite happy that the children need four swim discs and can only swim on their back.
We are supposed to re-book this week, but I'm thinking of changing to somewhere where they actually aim to get the child swimming without aids within a reasonable amount of time - like a year or something.
Did everyone find it easy to get into schools?
This is the week when they let the parents here know whether they have a place and the school Alfie is linked to is totally over-subscribed, so everyone is very stressed about the alternative, less middle-class school.
Alfie has his extra year in nursery, along with quite a few of his little mates, so luckily we won't have to worry about the school until next year, but I'm sure it will still be a nightmare.
South Africa sounds amazing. Was there a lot child-friendly stuff to do.
Did you have to avoid some areas?

cazzybabs Sun 05-Apr-09 19:22:44

i don't think it is a particular kind of yoga...its just beginners and no I haven't stared yet. I go after the easter break....ahhhh. I have a beginners yoga DVD and bloody hell I am unsupple.

The swimming lesson thing is a waste of money until they are confident at putting their face in the water. The only good thing I can see if that it makes them go and have practise in the water. I did 6 weeks with Evie and then decided I could better spend my money else where (Boden), but the other 2 have swimming lessons. it has taken a long time but fianlly they are getting their...the trouble is without lessons we are rubbish at finding time... when we do then we back up the lessons by taking them to the pool.

I don't go on SIngstar/ROckband unless i can help it (have consumeed a large amount of booze)

Biglips Fri 17-Apr-09 16:10:48

hhm yoga!...i wud have my back snapped in half if i have a go as weve got in on the Wii fit so will need to get fit! blush

Maisie - me or my other friends still not heard anything about the reception entry as atm Tweenie is at a pre-school and it is joined on the reception and primary school. We was told by the headmaster a few weeks ago that we shouldnt worry about anything!....well now we are nearly in May!! hmm!!

geogteach Fri 17-Apr-09 16:41:04

South Africa was great. My parents are involved with a charity there so have a house near Durban but it was a big treat for DH birthday our next holiday is ...camping!
Geog holds the Wii bowling record in this house.
We are back to investigating geogs hands (he had some problems when he was born), he has issues with grip and is still pretty rubbish at dressing himself and feeding so an occupational therapist is going to pre school next week.

KathH Mon 25-May-09 18:27:45

Hello all. Havent been on here for ages but I keep having a sly nosey to see what you're all up to. Moley has been to look round school as he starts full time in September - am not quite sure what he made of it! DD1 is in the middle of doing her GCSEs so lots of trauma in our house!

cazzybabs Thu 28-May-09 10:51:03

My yoga course has finished now - it was really fun but the guy was a bit hippy for me. The pain you are feeling is all the bad energy being converted to good energy (errghh no its just lactic acid); reach up your hands to the eky - feel the universe postiive energy flowing through your body!!!!!

I like Wii tennis best - although dh beats me everytime.

Ohh and the other news is I am having number 4 (the last baby ) in Dec...slighty unexpectedly but I am now getting my head around it.

KathH Thu 28-May-09 20:48:35

OMG Cazzybabs! If you want any tips on 4 then let me know (admittedly I have differen age gaps than you will) Moley is nearly 5 & I havent gone dolally yet (maybe dh would disagree!)

cazzybabs Thu 28-May-09 20:52:43

I know...I will come to you for advice....4...oh lord..

I think I am more sad about it really really being the last baby

Biglips Thu 28-May-09 23:10:38

wow!!!! cazzybabs...many congrats grin grin

well dd2is now 8 months old and ive added some photies of her and tweenie on profile. i will type more tmrw as soo tired!!

cazzybabs Fri 29-May-09 09:18:14

Biglips - your girls are gorgeous. How is it going with 2?

I wonder how jbadgirl is?

Biglips Mon 01-Jun-09 21:23:43

oh its great having the 2 as tweenie cannot wait for dd2 to start running walking with her and play with her properly but tweenie always have her in stitches grin grin

i will miss Tweenie terribly when she will starts reception this year sad as ive been so used to having her with me all the time (well 10/10 on school week daytime). IT will be very strange for me. Dd2 is nothing like tweenie as tweenie is still a hyperactive, full of life child that wont stop till her head touched her bed pillow at bed time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! grin. Dd2 is more laid back and contented than Tweenie (phew!!!)

KathH Thu 11-Jun-09 22:31:00

Hiya - I think about jbadgirl & little Tobes quite a lot - I had her email address but lost it.

I was in a dragon boat race on Sunday with people from work for a local charity - was absolutely cream crackered afterwards!

Has anyone heard from Masiemog lately, she's not been on for months.

Moley is addicted to the wii - he's the best at golf in our house. DH plays golf quite a lot so he's not happy about this!

jbadgirl Sat 04-Jul-09 12:39:55

Hello everyone,

Yes I am still here, just not as much.
Well we are off to Ibiza next saturday (11th) cant wait. We are finally going to finish the holiday we should have had a long time ago.
Its nice to hear that you have been thinking of us and Toby, I miss him terribly. We are nearly at the 2 year anniversary and are planning another bbq with family and friends. We now refer to it as Toby day and always wear yellow!

Work is going great although very busy, there never seems to be a day where I can get on with stuff and paperwork.... oh well!

I have just finished my NVQ level 4 in childcare and have had my interview for university. If I get in I will start a foundation degree in September on childcare.
Its all exciting stuff. As I have just done level 4 I should be able to start on year 2 rather than year 1, as its a 3 year course it makes it less time.

We were thinking of trying for another baby after our holiday but as I may be doing degree for 2 years it may go on the back burner for a while. I dont want to start the slog and then have to stop if I am pregnant.

So all your little ones are starting school this year then, they have grown up so quickly (or so it seems).

Well take care everyone and ill catch up after the holiday.

Oh by the way I thought the lime tree had died but it has suddenly sprouted a new bit so it lives on and I didnt kill it! lol

maisiemog Wed 15-Jul-09 17:51:06

Hello everyone,
I haven't been on MN for aaaages! Sorry for absence.
Jbad, that's great that you can finally finish your holiday. Quite touching as well, I remember you came home early.
I still think of you and Toby and I'm glad to hear the tree lives on. Have you ever made anything with the leaves, or are there only two? smile
We are on holiday now, start a bit earlier in Scotland, and I am being grumpy. Poor old boy - he can't get outside for long before there is a huge downpour, so he has a bit of cabin fever.
He has that thing where he doesn't 'hear' me when I tell him to stop putting mayonnaise onto his bread because it is falling off the sides. So I tell him calmly and then shout 'stop!' which isn't really very helpful. He does tend to look quite shocked if it happens.
I have deferred him from school, so he won't start primary until he is five. The nursery teacher and I agreed that he needed a bit longer in nursery, learning to pay attention and reduce the silliness to 50% of his behaviour.
Bit sad though, seeing some of his little mates going to school, but I'm secretly relieved, because he was younger than a lot of the other children and some of the older boys could be a bit grumpy and irritable with him - one in particular.
Do your DCs have best mates at all?

cazzybabs Mon 20-Jul-09 22:06:38

bugger 0 think i have been posting on the old thread...stupid woman!!!

nice to see you jbadgirl

biglips - have been thinking of you lots

My sad news is I am no longer pregnant - had a horrendous miscariage at 15 weeks - heartbeat day before then lots and lots of blood...

still onwards and upwards

am enjoying my summer holidays. can't believe they are all about to start school...grace is very excitied

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 20-Jul-09 22:11:54

An october 04 postnatal group!
Shame I didn't discover mumsnet until 07.
If only i'd found you all when DS1 was born.....i really needed your help then.
Anyway, hello, nice to meet you.

cazzybabs Mon 20-Jul-09 22:18:47

nevergoogledragonbutter - better late than never, although we post infrequently now we are all very friendly

Helloo....i am cazzybabs - i am a teacher and have 3 dds, of which the 4 year old is in the middle

Biglips Mon 20-Jul-09 22:23:31 sooooo sorry to hear about your loss sad sad.....Hope youre getting lots of supports and {{{{hugs}}}}


Biglips Mon 20-Jul-09 22:36:37

nevergoogledragonbutter - welcome on board grin...ive got 2 is 4 (obviously!) and other is 10 months tmrw! eek!

Jbad - i read on your FB now and again and its good to hear that youre keeping busy...and are u sure u didnt kill that lime tree!! wink

maisiemog - hellllooooo!!! well it was tweenies last day at nursery today....i feel quite sad sad as shes no longer my bbbaabbyy!!! she also got 2 wobbly front bottom teeth since Saturday...i thought she was too early for them!! dd2's first tooth popped thru a month ago and now another one slowly coming thru - 2 bottom teeth now. Does up in scotland the kids starts primary school earlier?? as tweenie will be 5 when she starts primary - a month before she turns 6. (yes she got 2 best mates - 2 boys) Hope he get well soon xx

kathh - i bet u had fun at the Dragon boat race on Sunday grin....and talking about wii.....tweenie is better than me..where am i going wrong?? as her faves is DORA...

Yes ive got a joint funeral this Friday as soo dreading it as my cousin and Nin had died sad RIP xx

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