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'October 2009-chattering and on the run, our toddlers are such fun'

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HumphreysCorner Tue 22-Feb-11 18:13:17

Right ladies, off we trot into the next stage of our gorgeous toddlers lives. smile


fidelma Sat 12-Mar-11 23:03:32

HT hope you are a bit better.What prolapse?

HC sadly no advice for youwink

CalypsoFramboise Mon 14-Mar-11 14:07:03

Hello my lovelies,

HT ouch ouch ouch, sounds like you're really suffering. Is it because of all the coughing? Hope that it rights itself or do you need surgery? And is the tooth ok now?

scout good to hear you're about

PPM and Iggly you're both awfully quiet!

HC hope coming off the ADs goes really well

fidelma I feel exhausted just hearing about your mad family life!

I'm not ttc just yet, in a couple of months probably!

One friend had her baby girl yesterday (her first), another is being induced today (her 2nd), another one is due Wednesday (my oldest friend who had a mc and would have had a baby same week as Annalise) and my neighbour is due her second next Monday! Its going baby-mad in my life!!
And apparently one can't by wellies for size 2-3 feet hmm poor A; she'll have to make do with some funny boot things until she grows another 2 shoe sizes!

fidelma Mon 14-Mar-11 20:27:30

Good day in the fidelma household.I had a mad cooking session and made enough dinners for the week smug grin

HT how are you now?If you need a holiday contact me as the cottages are quite quiet over the next month.I am happy to let any of you have a week as long as you pay the cleaner for the cleaning and washing when you as long as it doesn't cost me you can use it.Especially off peakwink
calypso great to hear from you
Waves to everyone

fidelma Mon 14-Mar-11 20:28:41
Ours are the Furze and hillfoots

littlepea72 Tue 15-Mar-11 15:19:16

Just sat down to write, but bloody back is broke sad.....while return later xx

fidelma Tue 15-Mar-11 15:22:14

littlepea how long now.I think you need this baby out!!!!!

littlepea72 Tue 15-Mar-11 17:36:17

Fidelma about 7 weeks left! Not long, but having such a hard time lo...can you make my dinners for the week? I wish I was like that is everyone in your house???

I went to see the doctor yesterday after being on with the hospital. Now on very strong painkillers, my back is so sore. Everyone keeps asking if the baby has stopped moving so much, but he is going hyper! Honestly, I think he has a spacehopper in there lol.....and I keep thinking im going into labour, was the same with DS1 for 8 wks before he was born. Never again.....never again!!! LOL....

HC I think you just need to go TTC! grin you know you want to lo.... looking forward to Sunday, Moto GP....happy days!!!

Scout good to see you back!

HT how are you now???

Iggly how is the driving going???

Better go....Faith is throwing waffles everywhere! She thinks its great to sit and throw her food at everyone!

HappyTangerine Wed 16-Mar-11 01:05:22

Hi all, am feeling much better. Just finished antibiotics. Saw a female doctor this morning who confirmed mild to moderate prolapse of front the front wall. I've been referred to a phsyio who'll go through some intriguing exercises with cones hmm. I need to discuss my running-I'm not going to stop but it seems it's not good for a prolapse. It looks like it was mild until a 9 week chest infection made it 100x worse so Calyso you're right, it was the coughing.

Joe is full of beans as usual,he will go in his buggy for about 10 minutes at the time but then wants to get out and push it grin. He is another food thrower, managed to smear porridge in his hair this morning. That stuff is lethal, it's like quick dry cement! I got sick of him weeing on the mat and bought a potty and that bloody irritating Pirate Pete and his Potty book. Joe has no interest at all in sitting on the potty but happilly sits Penguin(fave toy) on it while he still wees up against the toilet! The book lasted a few days and I've hidden it now wink

Fidelma Thanks so much for your generous offer. If dh could get the time off work we'd be there like a shot but it looks unlikey sad. March/April seems to be a v busy time for Immigration for some reason.

HC Go on, ttc-you know you want to!

Calypso How is the insomnia/early waking now? Are you feeling a bit better about your studies?

littlepea You have really suffered with this pg haven't you? It seems to have flown by, just not for you! 7 weeks left, wow. I hope the painkillers kick in soon.

Scout19075 Sun 20-Mar-11 20:53:49

I have a suspected (small/slight) crack in one of my ribs, curtosy of S. He jumped on me a few weeks back when we were playing and I haven't been right since. I've also had a cough/chest infection for about six weeks (which hasn't helped my rib). Finally went to the doctor Thursday and have meds for the cough and painkillers for the rib/s. Now S has pink eye (diagnosed today) so going for his eye drops first thing in the morning (got out of the drop-in clinic too late to get to the shop).

Lost track of what week I'm on with treatments but my appointment scheduled for next week was moved to this one. Getting very tired of pills. Sent M&D a link to video we took of S walking and cuddling last week and got a lecture from Mom on how thin I am. I know I am and I know she didn't mean to Mom made me very sad about it all.

<<Waves>> to all.

HumphreysCorner Sun 20-Mar-11 21:25:00

Hey Scout-your mum is only worried about you like you are about Seb. smile Cracked rib <ouch> You are coping so well.

HT-please take it steady <begs> Potty training biscuit and wine Not ready for that yet.

littlepea-'tis the final countdown, you can do it! smile

AF was 3 days late and although I don't want to be PG yet I was a tad sad Need to be able to drink in Spain in August. grin

Big wave!


fidelma Mon 21-Mar-11 15:15:52

PMT aughhhhhhhh why why why

been away with my dad and the 4 dc for a long weekend.I need a weeks holiday to get over it.

scout hope that rib mends soon.Try soft play next time!

HC my AF was late last month and I realised that I never want to be preggers again.That is a real break through.Will still cry at One Born tonight though.

HappyTangerine Mon 21-Mar-11 20:36:53

HC-Lol at the potty comment! For the last 7 weeks, Joe has been running into the bathroom during nappy off time and weeing up against the toilet. Am still treating it as a game but friend with 6 dcs advised me to just get a potty and stick it in the bathroom so he gets used to seeing it. So don't worry, no training, we're far from it!smile He wears it on his head, slides around with it on his foot and has sat in it swinging his legs but thats about it.

Besides, J has a new fascination, having just discovered his nose has holes in it.hmm He keeps trying all manner of things to see what fits. He's so funny, life is very amusing with him around. I think it's one of the things they should tell you about more as a parent-you laugh so much more than you did before.

Scout Sorry about the cracked rib and especially about the chest infection. Your mum didn't mean to upset you, its so hard for her to know you're in treatment and she so far away, she wants to mother you a bit. Can you and Sebby get back over to the States this spring?

fidelma Had a good time by the sounds of it!

Love to all x
PS-Physio/prolapse appointment next week

CalypsoFramboise Mon 21-Mar-11 21:12:33

Hi all, not helping broodiness but...
MY NEIGHBOUR HAS JUST GONE INTO LABOUR! Am so stupidly excited! I'm on toddler baby-sitting duty if she has to get to hospital before her parents get here. ooohh a new little neighbour! She sent me a text to warn me incase I have to pop over

On the otherhand one friend was induced on Monday and had her baby by C-Sec 2 days later, bah, and my oldest friend is now 6 days late. Makes me remember when we were all birthing - who's next?! :D

Scout Fractured rib is incredibly uncomfortable, hope it mends quickly. Your treatment sounds very tiring. Take care.

HT are you feeling better? I hope so X

HC* & *Fidelma kisses X

PPM & Iggly hello?!

fidelma Mon 21-Mar-11 21:45:46

HT keep an eye on the nose thing, I have had to go to the DRs with a bead stuck up dd1s nose,ds1 a cherry stone and then a pencil led in his ear !!!!!!

If they do lose something up there
( a friends dd stuck up a bit of sponge, they only noitced when she started to really smell!)
Close off the other nostril and get them to blow. (may start teaching Connor to blow his nose now in antisipation!)

calypso I love it when friends are having babies confused

HappyTangerine Mon 21-Mar-11 22:09:06

Just had good news - all my sister's students from N East Japan seem to have been accounted for. She is due to go back out to Chiba(v near Tokyo) on the 28th but I don't see it happening, she's getting v nervous about the lack of food about and the aftershocks. Seems only mildy concerned about radiation atm. The other good news is she has been told she casn get a full refund on her £700 airfare so thats a huge weight off her mind.

Fidelma I'm being vigilant and trying to get dh to do the same. My cousing got a wodge of cotton wool stuck up there when he was younger and it stank-had to have an operation to remove it all! So fsr it's been toothbrush, spoon handle and the ariel from the baby monitor

Calypso Much better thanks. How exciting -keep us posted! IS it all making you feel v broody?

CalypsoFramboise Tue 22-Mar-11 13:15:30

Hi - so I got up this morning and saw my neighbour's car still parked outside and I thought 'oh no, she's had to go in by ambulance after all', but then I saw her head in the kitchen window and when I bumped into her outside she said 'well it was all going fine but then totally eased off' - she didn't say it but I'm pretty sure its because her parents turned up.
Unfortunately her dad then said to me, 'well, we might as well stay until it comes now!' and my poor neighbour actually made this face hmm behind their back. I mean, really?! Who could happily go into labour at home with overly-anxious and overbearing parents RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE. So we'll see!

HT Joe is so funny, he seems so bright! But smelly stuff up a nostril, yuk Really glad you're feeling better, I hope you can still run (I had the best race of my life on Sunday; 10km in 50mins! 12th woman in of 68, that's fast for me ). Hope you can enjoy the spring weather for some good runs.

Annalise getting over her second gross stomach upset, please please be well enough to go to nursery tomorrow! My thesis is turning into a joke - I wish I could click my fingers and zoom forward 12 months; PhD in, viva exam done, corrections done and possibly most of a pregnancy done. Wouldn't that be fab?!

Kisses to all X

HumphreysCorner Wed 23-Mar-11 19:12:10

Aaargghh help-*fidelma*, anyone?

Have discovered that mum at school and 2 DC now living next door with horrible wife beater man. Tonight DD1 had friend for tea and boy next door squeezed through chicken wire (breaking it) then DD1's friend invited him and his sister to play. Fine, then DD1 offered them crisps, drinks, tea??? (said no) Sent them home when tea was ready but as soon as they went out to play after tea the boy came through into the garden. The girl next door is already planning her next visit on Sunday! When DD1's friends mum came to collect her I told boy to go home and not to come through the wire as I didn't want Matthew to escape so he said he would come over the wall or though the gate. Lordy, have visions of the doorbell ringing day and night! DD1 isn't even friends with the girl and boy. Don't mind them playing before tea but don't want them coming in unannounced and tramping round my house!!!!!

Feeble wave!

HC & wine

HumphreysCorner Wed 23-Mar-11 19:13:07

fidelma why didn't it go bold?

HappyTangerine Thu 24-Mar-11 21:16:48

wine anyone? I need it tonight. Slightly mortifying day. I took Joseph to town on the train and there was a man with a very pronounced tic on there. Joe thought it was hilarious, giggling non-stop and pointing at him, shouting "Nok Tok! Nok Tok, Oooh, Nok Tok!" God, the shame. blush I moved him away and he leant over until he was practically falling-just to point and say Nok Tok again. After 2 hours of me trying to shop and Joe chasing pigeons shouting "bird bird!" we get back on train. This time a lovely old lady tried chatting to him. He put his finger up his nose, pulled out the contents and examined them to her before offering them to her with a "Mmmm." I was so glad to get home.

I'm guessing this is where the fun begins, when they start to talk more? He doesn't normally say much. That all changed yesterday when he was chasing two dogs in the park. He ran the whole width of it 3 times giggling and shouting "dog dog." At one point he took a huge tumble, I checked him over asking if he was ok, alright. He was still scanning the park to see where the dogs have gone then scowled at me saying "Alright, YES mummy-DOG dog," before legging it after them again. Talk about stroppy!

Please can someone bottle some energy and send it to me? I'm worn out. Am trying to fix our dvd player before dh comes home at the moment-Joe has been messing with it and now the screen is flashing HDD repair. This is not good is it?

HC No experience of that so can' offer ay good advice but maybe they will all tire of each other pretty quickly? Sorry, no help I know.

Calypso Is Annalise better now? Hope so. Your poor neighbour, my blood pressure would have been through the roof if I'd had my family around me when I was waiting for Joe to arrive. I still think you're amazing for even attempting the thesis, hang on in there.

fidelma You are a wise woman. Your advice helped release a petis pois from Joe's left nostril earlier, thank you!

Love to all x

HumphreysCorner Thu 24-Mar-11 21:55:09

HT-have shared a wine with you. Blimey what a day! Can't believe how much Joe is saying. shock Matthew doesn't say anything apart from Mamma and Memma (Emma).

Sick to death of my itchy skin which the Dr claims is dry skin. hmm

Bed soon, took the girls swimming so no unexpected guests in the garden. Saw the mum this morning and she never even acknowledged me. Don't want to form a friendship anyway.

Big wave!


Iggly Fri 25-Mar-11 09:13:58

Hello ladies ! HT your story about Joe prompted me to come and find the thread and catch up. It's been toooooo long grin

HT - Joe sounds adorable. I think him and William would make a great (yet terrible) combo as they sound similar - except the talking, William doesn't day much.

Calypso sorry to hear about A. She better? And I'm in awe, as always, of everything you manage. I'm struggling enough with work - have temp gone up to four days a week as busy and don't like taking stuff home.

How bizarre and rude HC!!

How are you fidelma?

scout, blimey hope you heal ok! Love the pictures of S on FB

Well it's sunny here, I'm off work and William is napping. I also have mildly exciting news - got a BFP last week. But given what happened last time, am a bit nervous. So fingers crossed.

HumphreysCorner Fri 25-Mar-11 09:58:11

Mildly exciting Iggly? That is fantastic news, congratulations. grin smile We will hold your hand all the way until December. smile

Matthew has just laid on the floor and fell asleep, bless him, I think he has another cold. <sigh>

Have a lovely day all!


Iggly Fri 25-Mar-11 12:47:05

Thanks HC. Cant get excited yet.... Doesn't feel real really and don't want to get hopes up just yet!

fidelma Fri 25-Mar-11 16:47:46

Back later hectic here.
Dinner party (wht why why!)
and a few issues at school (sigh)

HC u need to say only when invited.Will be back x

HumphreysCorner Fri 25-Mar-11 18:08:50

Iggly-I know how you feel having MC between DD1 and DD2 but all was OK then I went on to have Matthew. Is it OK if I am excited for you? smile

fidelma-you do too much! grin


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