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'October 2009-chattering and on the run, our toddlers are such fun'

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HumphreysCorner Tue 22-Feb-11 18:13:17

Right ladies, off we trot into the next stage of our gorgeous toddlers lives. smile


Scout19075 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:28:42

I'm tired of being cold. Anyone else?

littlepea72 Wed 13-Feb-13 22:37:37

Its freezing Scout! We had more snow today hmm

Where are you all??????

Scout19075 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:42:39

S hates the snow. sad

littlepea72 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:52:24

Whats the weather like now Scout?

Where is everyone?????

Scout19075 Thu 21-Feb-13 09:18:00

Variable. I can't wait for spring & summer! S wants to go to the park and the forest with no mud. He's tired of mud sticking to him.

littlepea72 Sun 24-Feb-13 22:41:18

Oh dear Scout.....where is everyone???

Scout19075 Mon 25-Feb-13 10:11:20

We've been swimming (class and open swim), going to forest school, outdoor club, soft play.... I'm starting up an arts & crafts club and a science & nature club for some HE-ers in the area. Life is all a-go here.

fidelma Tue 26-Feb-13 16:49:02

Still here.
How are you Littlepea love your fb photos. How is school going?
Scout well done you sounds great fun.Sometimes Iwish I did HE however school is working out well for my 4. Connor loves playgroup but doesn't like to leave me first thing.
Girl how are your gang? Are the girls better at school? And how is the talking coming on?

Mental mental chicken oriental at the Fidelma house.Lots of sickness,swimming,homework,11 year old strops.

I have anew healthy eatting plan going on.We had slid into alot of sugar in their diet!!!!! now on day 12 of very liittle sugar. I am much happier.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 26-Feb-13 21:59:29

Boo! Sorry to neglect you all, have taken up my knitting again and with that and FB MN has taken a back seat. All well here and Matthew is saying so much, we are so relieved. He is loving his time at nursery and I help out every Thursday morning. I love it! smile

Trying to diet, not going well as usual <sigh>

Have made a mental note to check in. I keep imagining that there will be so many posts I will not be able to catch up. smile



Scout19075 Wed 27-Feb-13 00:42:43

In some ways I think S would be fine at school but not in this area. The school that would have been our local (as in, half-a-block from our house) had shocking Ofstead reports, attendance, etc. I know you can't judge everything by reports but I used to see kids & parents going to/from school every day and they all just looked so miserable. (I should add that they closed that school the end of last year and merged it with the juniors at the top of the road to make it an all-through school.) And seeing what all S can do academically already I fear he'd be bored in YR. I plan on re-evaluating the situation every year to make sure it's the right thing for S/for me/for our family. It is going to be a big leap and an act of strength to go against the grain around here.

He's still loving his swim lessons, especially being a big boy who only goes in the pool with his teacher and friends (he's in "Preschool" lessons now). But he & I go for open swim sessions to play and splash, and he loves that, too.

News from the doctor is variable and I could start round two any time between now and 2015. Bah! They clearly do not know me and do understand that I need dates to start to prepare myself, my family, my friends. Gah! I like to be in control of these sorts of things.

I'm not sure why I'm still up at this hour -- I really must go to bed!


littlepea72 Wed 27-Feb-13 08:08:01

Happy days.....glad to see more of us girl......please just come on and let me know your ok......please......

Will be back on later, just going to get devil child ready for pre- school.....she is evil.....evil!!!!! Lol xxxx

Scout19075 Wed 27-Feb-13 09:52:06

Has anyone else had their preschool check-up and jabs yet? What do they check?

AnastasiaGrey Wed 27-Feb-13 22:36:18

Hi all

Feeling really rough now I've caught Matthew's cold.

Scout, I don't think they have the preschool check and jab until next year.

Girl-where are you as we are all very concerned about you.

Can't sleep so think I will catch up with the weird Black Mirror programmes. Then I definitely won't sleep!

Night all!


fidelma Wed 27-Feb-13 23:08:32

Just watched "child of our time" the children are the same age as dd1. Interesting. Apparently 50% of the families are now divorced! That's huge.
Connor is pretty full on at the moment. 18 months until school. By then I will of had an under 5 for 14 and a half years!!!
I am looking forward to a day to myself.
Dd1 turns 13 next week. She is 5th 10" !!! I am 5th 5" so now feel pretty small. My gang are all enjoying sport.
I have turned a job down with the Royal ballet sad and given upmy evening dance class. The family need me after school. Tea, homework,different clubs etc.
Dd1 is the club champion for swimming ( takes up alot of time however has been the making of her)
Dd2 sport and singing. ( played the flute but sadly doesn't practice that much and I can't make her)
Ds1 is 7 and sensitive. All the girls love him.
Finding bramble the cocker spaniel very hard work! Might give her away to another loving home ( but very worried about the effect on the dc) what do you all think?
Don't forget the only dogs I like ate HOT DOGS!

Scout19075 Thu 28-Feb-13 07:28:52

Oh. S has his next month. I was told any time between 3.5 and starting school. Given how behind the HV clinic runs it feels like yesterday that he had his two-year check. My GP clinic is much more on the ball.

We had sun for the first time in weeks yesterday. Even S shouted with glee at it when we went for a walk to town. He was so excited he ran almost the whole way.

Swim lessons day -- hooray!

littlepea72 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:09:21


Looks like i will be back home within 6 weeks!!! Getting rented house, and DS1 is going into special needs school. Getting excited......fingers crossed tomorrow, will know if we have the house. xx

Scout19075 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:52:24

Ooooohhhh, good luck, littlepea!

Scout19075 Sun 10-Mar-13 10:32:51

Happy Mother's Day!

littlepea72 Tue 12-Mar-13 19:13:30

Hey everyone....hope you all had a great mothers day!

We find out tomorrow is the house is ours, removals are ready to go if it is....oh my!!!!

Girl where are you??? Im more than a bit worried. How do I do a private message here, to find out?????


Scout19075 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:39:51

Any word, littlepea?!?!?!

littlepea72 Thu 14-Mar-13 22:33:21

Yes Scout, we got it!!! My mum & dad fly over on the 6th April, and take the 2 little ones back with them. So we have removals arriving on the 12th and should be back home on the 14th April. Cant believe its happened so quickly!

Hows Seb getting on?


Hey to anyone else.....hurry back!!!!

Scout19075 Fri 15-Mar-13 11:45:41

Whoop, whoop, littlepea!

We have had a very busy week, with most days spent out of the house from breakfast until dinner or bedtime. Today is our first free day all week and while I had thought of taking S swimming we're spending the day in our pjs instead. We've been coloring, doing dot-to-dot pictures, building Lego, playing with trains and now watching CBeebies. S definitely needs a slow/at-home day not to mention me and is currently laying across the chair and me, watching television.

I fell roller skating on Tuesday and my wrist/arm/elbow is still a bit sore. Silly thing was I wasn't even on the rink when I went down but on the way to the bin in an effort to clear up S's snack before we went back out on the rink. S didn't fall this week, not that he does much, and he laughed when he saw me on the ground -- "oh dear, you falled over."

MrScout goes to the continent for work next week. The following week I'm having a biopsy so he's having S all day by himself as well as taking me to/from the hospital (it's an all-day, 8 a.m. to earliest 6 p.m., out-patient procedure) then we're off to the in-laws for the Easter weekend on Thursday.

It's all a-go here!

littlepea72 Sat 16-Mar-13 16:08:23

When will your treatment start again Scout? Will it depend on what they find at the hospital? xx

fidelma Sat 16-Mar-13 20:44:31

Full of a very big cold sad

DD1 at a party in very high heels! Been a huge debate in our house this week DH is appauled. (sp?)
(not that at 5ft10" she needs extra height lol)
Connor has scarlet fever.I have only had about 4 non sick children days in the last 6 weeks!
So off to Marjorca for some sun over Easter smile
DD2 almost 11 and very stroppy!
DS1 been poorly but now Ok

We are MOVING OUT on the 1st of May for 6 months while we rebuild and extend our hoose!
Excited and full of trepidation all at the same time.

Non stop mental chicken oriental!

Scout good luck.Seb sounds great.

Littlepea will you be close to your family?
And how long will you be able to stay?
lovely to hear from you all x

littlepea72 Tue 19-Mar-13 21:25:38

Hey ho!!!

Fidelma have a great holiday! How are all the kids now, im hoping you have a sick free house lol.
Where are you moving to while the house is being done?

Scout how are feeling now after your fall? Hope the arm feels better. Is your hubby away now? What day do you go into hospital?

DS1 is now out of school, they decided that they couldnt cope, so goodbye...dont come back sad but they have said he does need a special needs school, so heres hoping it happens back home. My mum and dad take the kids back on the 10th, removals 11th, Marchout 12th, start drive up to Scotland late 13th, boat early hours 14th....and removals at new house 15th!!!! All

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