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Dreaming of toilets

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melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 08:57:35

Over the years Ive had various intense dreams of searching and walking around places. For some reason they also have me searching everywere for toilets . I go in and out of cubicals I cant use as they either dont have a loo or dont have a door and so it goes. This mornings feature film had me swooning over someone I sort of pined after for long time but I couldnt seem to get his attention and yet again I was walking around looking for a toilet. I went in room after room and then outside, crossed the road in a car the worng way against ongoing traffick and went walking back in to the buliding again. Near to waking in this dream I came apon a sort of helper support person for students (in this dream I was at University) and he told me to go in a certain room and go out through the Chrsitmas door ! He felt a bit like a spirit guide as he had a message that came to me "do not cause a stir" !!!

lulumama Wed 25-Oct-06 09:15:14

melsy - do you think you are searching for a way to 'flush away' your feelings about this person...but you are not yet able to and you need to move on.....but you have not yet found a way to 'finalise' your feelings about this person?

hope that doesn;t sound too silly !

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 09:26:01

may be , as it drives me mad that theyre sort of there in my head. But the toilet theme often comes about , even when he doesnt.

Gobbledispook Wed 25-Oct-06 09:28:42

melsy - I have very similar dreams all the time. Not involving anyone else, but looking for a toilet but I can't find one and then when I do I can't use them because they aren't private, they have no door or whatever. Often, I don't just need a wee but I'm probably on my period so I really do need a private cubicle.

No idea what it means!

Another one I often have is where my teeth are too big for my mouth, are loose or are falling out. This is supposed to mean financial worries but I don't really have any and I've had these dreams all my life! Bizarre!

Gobbledispook Wed 25-Oct-06 09:29:46

Hmm, don't want that to sound like I'm set up for life or anything - I just mean it's not something I've worried about for a long time!

WitchICouldGiveUpWork Wed 25-Oct-06 09:44:18

Ooh and I thought I was the only weirdo who dreams of loos.
Mine involve the same searching and lack of privacy but alos when I manage to find them they are so filthy/overflowing so I can't use them....

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 09:52:30

thats sooo weird huh, well at least IM not the only one with the same theme. Must be quite a significant symobol if its not unsual theme as I thought.

MadamePlatypus Wed 25-Oct-06 10:15:02

I often have that dream. I always thought it was because my body was trying to tell me I needed the loo, but that I subconciously knew I would have to wake up in order to use it.

rosie79 Wed 25-Oct-06 10:23:59

My gosh, I often have these dreams too, searching for a loo with a door that closes, that is clean and not overflowing etc. Glad I'm not the only one!

I thought it might mean I needed a wee in real life, and this was usually the case as a child but not always now.

Not all dreams are symbolic though, most are just the result of our brains 'filing away' all the accumulated clutter from that day.

SamhainWitch Wed 25-Oct-06 11:30:27

Do you ever feel you don't get enough 'me' time? (hmm, silly question, you're a mum!)

I read these dreams as a need to get some private time, just for you. You feel you just aren't getting enough, something always interrupts or you just can't close the door completely to shut out the outside world and distractions.

melsy - either something extra stressful is happening around Christmas and you need to keep your emotions in check, or else that situation is around you now and will resolve around or just after Christmas.

SamhainWitch Wed 25-Oct-06 11:31:56

Sorry, just to add to that.

The dirty toilets that you can't use are because one more job or situation always seems to crop up, just as you are trying to relax. A mother's work is never done?

LadyMacbeth Wed 25-Oct-06 11:37:44

This is wierd, about once a week I dream of trying to find somewhere to pee in filthy public loo cubicles! I also dream that I can't find a private place to go as the door is missing/set too high or too low.

There are usually several other women in the toilet block and there is nearly always a hostile atmosphere.

I shall take your advice on board StG, thanks .

(I also have regular dreams about having to do my A-levels/finals again and I haven't been to any lectures all year and I'm completely unprepared - I always wake up in a sweat after those ones!)

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 11:57:40

thanks samhain , I was hoping youd see this.

For sure do feel like IM not having any tme for me, feel guilty just sitting here to be honest. Im run down right now with a nasty head cold and cant face taking dd1 out in the rain as have little 10wk old dd2 too. Ive been doing really well breast feeding , seeing to dd1 and 2 and staying relativley calm ish. Although me and dh have NO time together at all , nothing really. Im feeling a bit hard done by in that respect, would like to feel desired a bit just a bit !!! Most of the time I feel like a washed out rag a sweaty and in pj's feeding machine. This chap I mention in the dream kinda gave me those desirable feelings many years ago. To add to it , Im anxious as dh is going away over night friday till sat night with work and I not to happy about it , as weekends for me are about recharging and having a bit of sleep, no chance if alone with the girls. I just gave a big uspet sigh there writing that.

SamhainWitch Wed 25-Oct-06 12:03:31

<<hugs>> melsy (and you must know what an honour THAT is - I don't do hugs!!)

Christmas must be some sort of turning point.

Hold on to the fact that everything you are feeling is perfectly normal - took me months to feel even vaguely desirable again after having kids, let alone 10 weeks! (congrats by the way, I never keep up with announcements ) You WILL come out the other side of this.

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 12:16:45

Thank you for the hug , Ive come an awful long way to this point so may be these are the issues left to deal with now. I felt great for weeks after dd2 was born, just really great , so proud of myself after the awful last 3yrs, it gave me so much energy as had great birth and had healed menatally from PTSD nearly. I have some days were I feel good in myself , get made up dressed up a little and out and about and I think wow Im doing this all alone with both of them Then I spend a weekend with dh and we have no time to just be and its really hard as weve had difficult relationship, but whats helping it not be too awful is be being in fairly good spirits a lot more than I ever was.

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 12:18:35

Oh and thank you for the congratulations dd2 is very sweet little thing. A joy to have, so much so weve named her that for her hebrew name; simcha = joyous

lulumama Wed 25-Oct-06 12:20:21

mazel tov melsy- my DD is Mayim for her hebrew name as anytime i dream of clear water something good happens! and she is definitely a good thing....!

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 12:25:46

awww thats nice lulumam, I think we spoke of hebrew names before wth someone else ???

lulumama Wed 25-Oct-06 12:27:20

possibly... i've been posting a bit on the interfaith thread too.....hard to keep track sometimes..!

expatinscotland Wed 25-Oct-06 12:30:29

If I started dreaming of toilets I'd be in mortal dread that it wasn't just my imagination: my life really was going down the pan .

SamhainWitch Wed 25-Oct-06 12:30:49

Lovely name melsy

You know my email if you ever need to offload.

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 12:38:54

Thank you samhain , thats very kind , I dont think I do have your email hun???

SamhainWitch Wed 25-Oct-06 12:47:20

antlxstew at yahoo dot co dot uk

melsy Wed 25-Oct-06 12:51:25

Ive added u to my msn list X

UnquietDad Sun 29-Oct-06 20:14:37

I have dreams like this. Often in them, the toilets I find are really revolting and I also have to pick my way across a filthy floor to get to one!

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