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I have to get rid of my dog .I can't do it anymore.

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ComeWhineWithMe Mon 19-Jan-09 15:53:31

We have had our dog 2.5 years,we all love him to bits when we get home he had come from a home where he was left alone for quite a while each ever day and this made him anxious it was also the reason she gave him away .With us he would hardly ever be alone certainly not for long periods.

So fast forward to now and the dog is only left alone on school runs and if I go shopping or to the library /friends house in the day .He is well fed ,happy and is walked three times a day and a good long walk once a day .

But whenever I leave him he poos and wees and I can't cope I have a toddler and I am pg it is making me ill ,the vet has checked he is fine ,we have tried putting paper down ,letting him out just before we go out ,leaving him outside (he is safe and warm) but he barks and barks and a neighbour has complained .We even spent loads on one of those plug in 's didn't work ,have also done the leaving music /tv on.

I have just thrown up everywhere after cleaning poo off my bedroom floor ,and wee and poo from the hallway .

There is nothing more I can do I am beginning to resent the dog and do not want a new baby crawling where he has messed I am dreading opening the fromt door to see what he has done this time .

He is a lab cross and is almost 4.

jooxon Mon 05-Aug-19 22:54:30

Cant edit the typos.

jooxon Mon 05-Aug-19 22:52:33

Christ there are some terrifying bits of 'advice' on here.

- rubbing a dog's nose in mess
- trying to intimidate a dog
- trying to be an 'alpha' full of bs

Couldnt agree more. Jeeez, what a disgusting discipline to rub a dogs nose in it's own poop. This is not normal at all. It would not happen in wild dog life, so why do people think this acceptable in a domestic. Antone who does this is not a dog lover. Period. You would not do this to your young kids while training them ? Not only is it shameful to train a sentient being this way, you yourself end up with a dog in your house with shite all over its nose ? Make sense ? No.

And why is it when a dog has problems, that people give up and pass the problem on to to a doge shelter, and thence re-enforcing the abandonment issues you complain of. JHC, no wonder we have a dog probelm in this country. Its too bloody easy just to get a dog on a whim, and that chuck it back to a shelter when it doesnt stack up to your idea of the perfectly behaved dog.

missbattenburg Mon 29-Jul-19 06:47:48

Christ there are some terrifying bits of 'advice' on here.

- rubbing a dog's nose in mess
- trying to intimidate a dog
- trying to be an 'alpha' full of bs. None of these have any basis whatsover in behaviour training or canine behaviour patterns. You might as well go around slapping people with broken legs to make them get better.

Seperation distress can be worked on but it is a long, slow process. You work with the dog to help it see being left is not a bad thing and you do so at the dog's pace. In reality that is likely to mean several sessions of leaving the dog for the shortest time you can before it gets upset - which may be literally 3 seconds. You then slowly increase the time over several sessions.

A dog that has spent years being distressed at being elft is likely to take a long time and several (hundreds?) or practice sessions before relearning it is not so bad.

That's why it's important to get a proper, qualified behaviourist in quickly and sot someone who just set themseleves up with a website. You act quickly and in a way scientifially proven to help and you are much more likely to succeed.

MovinOnUp Sat 27-Jul-19 23:18:45

I'm gonna guess this dog isn't a problem anymore.

Malvinaa81 Sat 27-Jul-19 23:04:13

You need to try and re-home the dog. This may not be easy.

Also please never have a dog again, as it really doesn't seem you are mentally cut out for it.

Hoppinggreen Thu 13-Jun-19 11:39:11

Shite advice - and a year too late!!

bunnygeek Mon 10-Jun-19 11:39:12


The original poster was 10 years ago. It's unlikely she still has the dog or the dog is even still with us.

The alpha wolf thing is myth-busted. No such thing and poor advice to shout at dogs.

mommalittlefish Mon 10-Jun-19 00:56:09

Also, don't be afraid to be somewhat harsh (to an extent) with the dog, if he destroys a cushion you have to show him that's not okay, shout at him immediately after you see the destruction done and point at it with your finger. Try to intimidate your doggo like an alpha wolf would do to a member of her pack, but don't recur to physical violence.

mommalittlefish Mon 10-Jun-19 00:44:27

My doggo used to have the same problem as yours, always pooping everywhere as soon as I went out the door, I tried everything from Clicker training to even buying him an indoors dog-sized toilet LOL!
Anyways I was desperate until one day on the internet I came across the idea of using stress relief pet medicine and the next day I went to the vet to buy some. He had to order it and it took a while to get here but when it arrived it worked wonders! Every time I had to leave the house I gave him some stress relief and he quietly snuggled into his bed for a couple hours or so, depending on how much he had taken. Anyways recommend 100% and good luck with your dog!!!

SamanthaH92 Tue 05-Jun-18 16:19:06

I am having the exact same problem! Ours an 8 year old staffy will poo and wee even if we are in the house. Uped his walks, changed time of feeds, tried to work on seperation anxiety...nothing has worked. His need for food constantly and the constant howling is more than i can take now...along with constantly cleaning up mess. We are on our last try with him before we seriously think about re-homing him. We are on day 4 of no accidents, he is now in a cage over night so he cannot roam about, a cage when we go out and when we are eating. This has massivly helped the mess situation but unfortunetly the howling has got worse and so has the greedyness for food. If i open the fridge door he runs like mad thinking there is food and on a few occasions has taken my 2 year olds legs out from underneath her. Aswell as knocking me over. He has put a hole in my plaster on the wall running so fast for food he has been unable to stop and gone straight in to the wall. I hope you find a solution x

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 23-May-18 17:46:38

Sweetcheeks - Read Buzzbee's post - she says he is taken out several times, including a 4-6km walk each day.
Buzzbee - I think you need a dog trainer or to rehome him
and by the way this thread is a zombie thread - the post before yours was from 2012.

SweetCheeks1980 Tue 22-May-18 17:59:00

Not sure why you're puking?

He just misses you! Don't let him have the run of the house, confine him to one room like the kitchen. Remove anything he'll destroy.

Go out come back in within 5 minutes, carry your shoes/keys around the house so that his triggers are mixed up.

He also needs a good hour of exercise at leaSt per day, preferably off lead.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 20-May-18 16:03:10

Hi @Buzzbee Can I suggest you start your own thread in the Doghouse section of MN? You'll get a better response that way

Buzzbee31 Sat 19-May-18 22:24:33

Hi hate me dog! Please help
We have a gsd age 2 and getting him has been the worst decision of my life, I took a lot of persuading to agree to get him and I know the responsibility of having a dog as I have had labs all my life but this is something else! I have given it all my strengths and patience and I can’t take it anymore he makes me miserable!

He toilets in the house on a daily Basis even when I am home probably for attention as I also have two young children so to solve the problem I thought taking the time to teach him tricks etc would ellivate it but that was without success, and I cannot suffer cleaning dog poo from my kitchen for another day especially when I have a 2 year old also toddling around the floor! And it’s is not from
Lack of getting taken out as he is taken out several times including a 4-6k job each day. he constantly eats the cloths and sponges for my dishes even through he always has food and water available to him in his bowls, he barks excessively when my partner returns from work and jumps up on him often to the extent of waking the children, he had destroyed my internal doors and woodwork in my house from his jumping up! The list goes on! It’s making me so unhappy that I resend him I wish he was gone! My partner is sick of hearing about how I despise the dog but doesn’t do anything to help in the house with him so I have to deal with all his mess and behaviour and says he is our dog now so we have to keep him I’m at my wits end!

LauraOB Tue 13-Nov-12 21:21:17

hello, Did ComeWhineWithMe manage to get rid of her dog? as i am going through exactly the same issues, and need to get rid of mine quickly, already tried dog centers etc etc but i am beginnign to hate her. plz help

RhondaRoo Wed 11-Jan-12 16:09:30

Instead of a crate have you thought of giving him a 'safe' area?

Somewhere that is his, you or DP clean it/tend to it - no children allowed anywhere near it?

An example - a table with a blanket/sheet draped over it, his bed and teddies (my dog is the same for teddies) underneath?

If he has a safe place he may respond to training better?

(not qualified in dog training, just my dog is obsessed with sitting under the table!)

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 11-Jan-12 16:05:54

You don't need a trainer you need a behaviorist. The two are not always the same. You'll need a home visit and one to one advise. You will be able to find a local one here or contact minimu (a poster on here) and she is a behaviorist and might know someone local to you. Avoid anyone who mentions pack theory or uses harsh training methods.

How did you go about trying to crate the dog? Most dogs can be crate trained but it takes time. You can't just shut them in and expect them to get on with it.

Nothing you have mentioned on here is a serious issue. It can all be worked on if you are willing to put in the time.

wibblymama Wed 11-Jan-12 15:56:25

Hi I am new to mumsnet as I too am really struggling to cope with my puppy. I have a one year old and a three year old and just can't cope anymore. I feel so foolish for getting the dog in the first place. Reading your message made me feel like I wasn't alone so neither are you! Our dog is lovely and my husband adores her but he is out all day and I am at home with all three. I feel she would be happier in a new home that can focus on her 100%.Am dreading the 'I told you so's' from friends neighbours, family etc.

brimfull Tue 20-Jan-09 00:14:30

I old girl is incontinent and the mess is very stressful ,especially when she has a runny tummy.

Mysterymoniker (brave woman) may be able to help smile

mysterymoniker Mon 19-Jan-09 16:42:34

I would take him on

mysterymoniker Mon 19-Jan-09 16:41:43

this page is full of tried and tested methods for tackling separation anxiety

I deal with problems like this in dogs allll the time using these sort of techniques, it is not likely to be a leadership issue (very few things are)

HuwEdwards Mon 19-Jan-09 16:41:41

I meant to add that I had a VERY destructive dog some years ago, BUT I had no children, I really couldn't have dealt with both.

HuwEdwards Mon 19-Jan-09 16:40:39

I, like Emkana think you should re-home him, to someone with more energy and time on their hands than you will have (when that baby arrives smile who can hopefully help sort his problems for him.

You've done the obvious stuff, let him go.

Go easy on yourself and Good luck.

scardypants Mon 19-Jan-09 16:35:57

What 'rules' has he got? Is he allowed to jump up on you, dc's, furniture? Does he run straight to you or jump up when you get home? If so, how do you respond? Do you give out to him when you see what he's done or when you catch him doing it? Is it possible he has placed himself higher in your 'pack' and as such he frets for 'your safety' when you leave causing him a lot of stress?

Mutt Mon 19-Jan-09 16:26:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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