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I will keep on fighting for justice for my son

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Cwhittall Thu 21-Apr-16 08:33:19

You will see from the photos that my son Zachary was killed in a car crash. He was a passenger in his best friends Luke's car. As they went to overtake a colleagues car Dan, Dan reacted in a competitive way and would not let them past. This resulted in the instant death of Zach and devasting injuries to Luke. Dan admitted responsibility in the 999 call, to the police at the scene and to a colleague during a phone call. For 18 months I have fought for justice for my sons death which resulted in a 4 day court trial at Leicester crown court on the 4th April 2016. Unfortunately the CPS who have acted appallingly throughout (complaint pending) decided at first to only charge Luke who was actually a victim so I campaigned for him not to be charged. Eventually both went to court charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Despite Dans admittance of guilt he was found not guilty. Dan shows absolutely no remorse for what he has done he has lied throughout and for 18 months following his first 3 comments has said "no comment" at the advice of his solicitor. I am utterly devastated by the my sons death and the fact that Dan goes unpunished . I read in the papers everyday that people have been punished with prison, fines, driving bans and restorative justice for crimes that have not resulted in the death of an innocent victim. Life for me is a constant, constant, constant injustice! Please help me and sign my petition

summerainbow Thu 21-Apr-16 08:39:50

Sign it .
So sorry for your loss.

Gotheftosleep Thu 21-Apr-16 08:42:14

Signed flowers

LisaRinnasLips Thu 21-Apr-16 08:43:18

So sorry, how tragic x

Tate15 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:04:54

Cathy, I cannot even begin to imagine your sorrow and distress.

I understand your campaigning for justice for Zach and admire that you have found the strength to do so. Zach would have been so proud of you.

I hope you get justice. Your son did not deserve to lose his life in such a senseless way.

I will sign.

ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 21-Apr-16 09:13:30

I am so sorry for your loss OP flowers. I cannot begin to imagine your grief.

I can completely understand that you want justice for your son and I am sure everyone on this thread wants to see dangerous drivers prosecuted and the roads made safer. Just like Tate I admire your courage and persistence and I am sure Zach would be so proud of you. Are you looking after yourself as well though? Do you have support?

regularbutpanickingabit Thu 21-Apr-16 09:22:02

Signed. I cannot imagine what 7 circles of hell you are going through. I am so sorry for your loss. There really aren't enough words to express what I want to say. Best of luck with the petition.

RobinsAreTerritorialFuckers Thu 21-Apr-16 09:28:43

I am so very sorry for your loss.

But I can't help feeling if I had a 21 year old son in Dan's position, I would not want the courts to base entire decisions on what he said in the moments after a horrific event like this.

It is awful that your son died as a result of dangerous driving by people he thought were his friends. And I did think about just not posting on this thread, but I wouldn't feel right about that either. I'm sorry, but I feel awful for Dan and Luke too, and I don't understand what this petition ought to do.

wheelofapps Thu 21-Apr-16 09:30:42

Oh, God. What a beautiful young man your son was.
How awful that his life was taken (and he was taken from you) so very young.
I am so sorry for your loss thanks

I have signed.x

wheelofapps Thu 21-Apr-16 09:33:44

I think Dan's acknowledgement of the role he played in the events is very clear.

floppyjogger Thu 21-Apr-16 09:36:38

signed flowers

So sorry for your loss.

howmanyairmiles Thu 21-Apr-16 09:36:54

Sorry for your loss, I have signed as this touched a nerve for me, I lost my son and husband to a drunk driver, I didn't get justice either.

Am not up the relevant UK laws, about a re-trial, It is feasible to bring a private prosecution against him?

wheelofapps Thu 21-Apr-16 09:37:10

I also think that the 'point of the petition' is that justice should be done, and be seen to be done, for the sake of the Family of the victim who lost his life.
It is also important for the British Legal system and society as a whole that decisions are taken correctly, and that cases are looked at again if there is good cause.
It seems odd that, with such a clear admission of guilt, it took the jury less than 60mins to exonerate Dan. I don't know the 'in's and out's of the case' but the OP does so I would expect she feels she has good reason, in addition to what must be mindbending grief, to petition to have this looked at again.

thanks OP.

VertigoNun Thu 21-Apr-16 09:38:58

I am so sorry for your

HeteronormativeHaybales Thu 21-Apr-16 09:40:16

What Robins said.

I cannot imagine what you are going through flowers but, with the greatest of respect, I do not think a petition is the right thing here.

Arkwright Thu 21-Apr-16 09:41:51


So sorry for your loss. I hope you get justice flowers

LizzieMacQueen Thu 21-Apr-16 09:41:57

What is the view of Luke's parents in this?

stitch10yearson Thu 21-Apr-16 09:42:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Rubyredfox Thu 21-Apr-16 09:43:09

Oh Cathy, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son flowers


Is there a tape recording of Dan admitting it? Any chance you can have the case retrialed?

diddl Thu 21-Apr-16 09:48:06

So neither were charged with dangerous driving?

totty77 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:51:11


Sirzy Thu 21-Apr-16 09:51:49

I am very sorry for your loss, but it sounds very much as if both drivers were in the wrong. Luke should not have tried to overtake if he couldn't see it was safe, and should have pulled back in if he couldn't get passed.

Unfortunately it seems the most innocent in the while thing is your son who paid the ultimate cost.

YouSay Thu 21-Apr-16 09:52:04

Signed. So sorry for your loss.

firesidechat Thu 21-Apr-16 09:53:57

So they were racing each other and it all went horrible wrong?

VertigoNun Thu 21-Apr-16 09:55:00

Why are posters pointing out things a berieved Mother clearly doesn't want to hear? For the record I didn't sign either.

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