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carrotsandpeasifyouplease Fri 26-Dec-08 22:25:09

Ok, we were playing a quiz and my mum says that the plural of roof is rooves, she is adament about this , could somebody please supply a correct reference to prove her right, she accepts it is an old fashioned way of spelling it but please prove us right

AugustusGloop Fri 26-Dec-08 22:26:09


horsemadgal Fri 26-Dec-08 22:26:31

Does this help

LongDroopyBoobyLady Fri 26-Dec-08 22:28:41

Definitely wrong.... roofs is the correct version.

AugustusGloop Fri 26-Dec-08 22:29:03

God your name is terrible.

wheresthehamster Fri 26-Dec-08 22:29:45

Although I never spell it 'rooves' that is how I pronounce it. Oh the embarrassment blush

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Fri 26-Dec-08 22:37:11

Well she is still adament having read your posts, (thank you by the way) just one positive reference would make her christmas

LongDroopyBoobyLady Fri 26-Dec-08 22:38:22

Your mum is a lovely lady, really lovely, but she cannot spell roofs although she is a wonderful person (is that positive enough?)

Quattrocento Fri 26-Dec-08 22:39:44

I believe that in RP the word roof becomes ruff. The plural therefore becomes ruffs.

Oh btw your mum is wrong

wheresthehamster Fri 26-Dec-08 22:40:25

Here we are then, just for mum

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Fri 26-Dec-08 22:40:45

The thing is she is normally so correct when it comes to English.

LongDroopyBoobyLady Fri 26-Dec-08 22:44:46

Not this time.

thumbElf Sat 27-Dec-08 00:59:39

she might like this list of other nouns whose plurals end in -ves

weWITCHyouaGigglechristmas Sat 27-Dec-08 01:02:26

oh dear shock

anyway who needs more than one roof anyway....

thumbElf Sat 27-Dec-08 01:09:32

<Hijack - wotcher giggle - see "our" thread has died a bit of a death then.. hope you had a good Christmas! smile>

UnquietDad Sat 27-Dec-08 10:30:09

I think it can be said like that, but definitely spelt roofs.

campion Sat 27-Dec-08 21:36:11

Adamant. You can both now admit to making a mistake. I would only point this out in Pedants' Cornerwink

Ponders Sat 27-Dec-08 21:39:03

She can have hooves though smile

mediocrebronze Sat 27-Dec-08 21:45:59

I was sur eI had heard rooves before so I googled it with Enid Blyton and find this thread first up

I also found this I'm beginning tot hink shes not mad. I'm going to keep looking

mediocrebronze Sat 27-Dec-08 21:53:47

I'm beginning to think she's not wrong but somewhat oldfashioned more stuff I'm not a pedant though.

mediocrebronze Sat 27-Dec-08 21:56:38

Ok I'll stop now

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Sat 27-Dec-08 23:18:27

You have made my mums day thank you mediocre, she doesn't mind being old fashioned just right

Quaxo Tue 15-Sep-09 22:42:22

In the 1958 I remember having an essay marked with a big red line through roofs as the English dictionarys at the time started put roofs as the alternative to rooves for the plural roof. It seems today all dictionarys have droped rooves and only have the plural as roofs yet keep hoofs and hooves ...although in that essay I spelt it as roofs I have always said rooves .. I am told English is evolving .

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 15-Sep-09 22:44:38

My goodness, you must be a real pedant to search out posts that are almost a year old!

onebatmother Tue 15-Sep-09 22:47:00


and dictionaries!

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