Has anyone got a recipe for a rectangular sponge cake?

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parachutes Wed 16-Jun-10 11:55:46

Would be really grateful as I need to make one by the weekend! TIA

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gladders Wed 16-Jun-10 12:16:40

same as a recipe for a round sponge cake surely?!

raucousdorcas Wed 16-Jun-10 12:56:27

Do you mean you need quantities? If you measure how much water is needed to fill up your round tin to the level your usual recipe reaches, then see how much more you need to fill the rectangular tin to the same level, then make that much more mixture.

Hope that makes sense!!

parachutes Wed 16-Jun-10 13:50:03

yes, quantities, sorry.

Gladders, that assumes I know a decent recipe for a round sponge cake surely?! smile

Raucousdorcas: that just frightens me! I know I'd end up with a brick.

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wannaBe Wed 16-Jun-10 13:53:27

by rectangular do you mean loaf tin shaped?

dilbertina Wed 16-Jun-10 13:57:30

well, it depends on the size of your tin of course....have you considered, um, buying a cake? grin

parachutes Wed 16-Jun-10 14:02:20

I don't have a tin. I was hoping that I would be directed towards a recommended recipe that stated quantities, tin size etc. for a rectangular sponge cake. I'm looking for one online but it's always better to have one recommended.
Thanks anyway, I'll keep looking.

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fillybuster Wed 16-Jun-10 14:09:29

well, obviously the first thing you need is square eggs wink

seriously, sponge cake is easy - take a look on here for some recipes. If you do a google search you should be able to find a conversion chart that tells you what size square tin equates to a round one; so find your recipe then do the search, then bake the cake.


parachutes Wed 16-Jun-10 14:10:58

Thanks fillybuster. You can probably tell that I do not spend a lot of time baking grin
Ds wants to make a very specific one for father's day, cue panic.

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Horri Tue 15-Aug-17 22:25:26

I'm hoping to make a 38cm x 25cm rectangular sponge cake. Does anyone have a recipe for this size of tin please? Also i only have one tin but want it double layer. Would the recipe enable me to cut the sponge in half to get the two layers or would I need to make another sponge ? Thanks.

reetgood Tue 15-Aug-17 22:38:57

You need a square tin, and the regular sponge cake recipe will do. This is a conversion chart is based on the American cup system, but basically if you find a recipe for an 8inch sponge that takes 5 cups for one layer, and a square 8inch sponge takes 6 cups. You can prob just then use a normal sponge cake recipe as long as your square tin is the same diameter as the round tin.

I've explained that really badly.

Example: this recipe is for two 8 inch/20cm round layers. www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1997/classic-victoria-sandwich

That's 10 cups. You need 12 cups ideally for two 8 inch square layers. You can either do some sums (times everything by 1.2, write it out if you take this option!), or just have slightly thinner layers. If you take the less maths option, don't cook for as long as given in recipe.

NanooCov Tue 15-Aug-17 22:44:21

Zombie thread. It's from 2010.

reetgood Tue 15-Aug-17 23:13:58


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