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PettyLaBelle Mon 25-Mar-19 16:28:16

If you went to a 4th birthday party and it was over lunchtime, what food would you expect? We’ll definitely have sandwiches, carrot/cucumber, fruit, crisps/popcorn/breadsticks, what else? It is at a venue where we won’t have access to ovens. We could do pizza, but it would have to be cold or delivered. I’ll be doing it all myself I think so nothing too complicated.

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SimplyPut Mon 25-Mar-19 16:34:50

What you have said plus cake is ample!

PettyLaBelle Mon 25-Mar-19 16:38:36

There will definitely be cake!

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ItsMeImKathyIveComeHomeNow Mon 25-Mar-19 16:54:14

Sounds great. Maybe humous and/or babybel if you wanted to offer more.

PettyLaBelle Mon 25-Mar-19 18:03:05

Babybel! How could I forget that?

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Peterpiperpickedwrong Mon 25-Mar-19 18:07:13

I would say mini Sausage rolls rather than cold pizza. You don’t have to cook them or cut them up so they are simple.
You have plenty on offer.

AdaColeman Mon 25-Mar-19 18:10:37

Another vote for mini sausage rolls or cocktail sausages.

sam221 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:17:13

All sounds great, maybe a few veggie options like Quorn cocktail sausages and mini cheese and onion rolls.

PettyLaBelle Tue 26-Mar-19 07:20:03

Okay, sausage rolls then. I’m vegetarian so there will be plenty of vegetarian options. As far as I know there are no allergies but I’ll check.

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ItsMeImKathyIveComeHomeNow Tue 26-Mar-19 09:17:50

I wouldn’t feel obliged to offer meaty things if you don’t eat them. They’ll be happy with veggie ‘sausage rolls’ or quorn cocktail sausages aren’t bad.

NCto54321 Tue 26-Mar-19 12:15:26

That sounds great.
I personally hate it when there's too much food or too much choice at parties. My DD is 4 and a small sandwich, couple of carrot sticks and handful of popcorn with a drink is all she wants. Then a slice of cake. If there's too much she gets a massive sugar high and then will most likely have a tantrum at the end of the party. Not ideal for me!

Her favourite is getting a little lunch box with all the food in there already, she finds it really fun. If it's themed as a car or something even better!

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