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When did you stop using the baby monitor?

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RaspberryBlower Sat 18-Apr-09 11:51:58

DD is 11 months and last night I had a fantastic sleep because I accidently had the monitor on mute!

However, we're in the next room and I can hear her crying from there without the monitor, it's just a lot louder with it obviously. I'm pretty sure I would wake up though.

When did people stop using theirs?

likessleep Sat 18-Apr-09 13:19:14

when ds was about 10 months old and he had grown out of his reflux.

Marne Sat 18-Apr-09 13:34:43

Raspberry- we did the same with dd1 (forgot to turn it on) and had a great nights sleep grin.

We didn't use one with dd2.

Seona1973 Sat 18-Apr-09 14:00:23

we dont use the monitor for upstairs as we can hear if the lo's cry from their rooms (we never used them upstairs at all). We do still use it for downstairs with ds who is 2.5 years as we dont hear him otherwise - the parent unit is in the living room and is used when we are downstairs and he is uptairs.

FAQinglovely Sat 18-Apr-09 14:01:51

I still use mine - and probably will do for another year or so. Can't hear any noises upstairs (crying type ones) if I've got the TV/Music on in the evenings.

I also use it to "monitor" playing upstairs whn they're old enough to want to play upstairs on their own.

SlightlyMadStirrup Sat 18-Apr-09 14:02:05

Have never used it overnight - only ever when we were downstairs and they were upstairs.

Have never used it with DD3. We can hear her downstairs anyway.

glamourbadger Sat 18-Apr-09 18:57:30

I've never used it overnight - you hear every little squeak! My girls are on a different floor to us and we always hear if they cry out in the night. I still use it during the evening as we can't hear them upstairs if the tv is on.

onadietcokebreak Sat 18-Apr-09 19:01:19

exDP left when DS was 11mths. He used to insist that we had the monitor in the bedroom and always on my side. The glow of the power light always used to make me sleep bad.

The first night without him I just left it downstairs and it was the best nights sleep since DS had been born. Now whether it was the monitor or the relieve that we had finally broken up I dont know!

geordieminx Sat 18-Apr-09 19:09:37

Never used one in our bedroom, once ds went into his own room. We still have one in his room and one in the living room so that we can hear him when ifg he cries when we are down here

ohdearwhatamess Sat 18-Apr-09 19:15:18

About 2 weeks with ds1. Never used with ds2.

MIAonline Sat 18-Apr-09 19:53:50

I still use it at 2yo,but we have an old house and can't hear very well at all through the walls. It is probably a little OTT, but I sleep better knowing that if he is sick, upset etc I will wake up quicker.

If it kept me awake it would probably be gone grin

nappyzonecannotcycleuphill Sat 18-Apr-09 19:55:26

ds is 2 and we dont use it upstairs as we can hear everything anyway - i do use it through day if in garden and hes having a nap.

nickytwotimes Sat 18-Apr-09 19:58:42

We still use ours in the evening because we wouldn't hear ds (2.8)from downstairs as the house is old and fairly large.
We stopped using it at night from about 8 mths becasue we can hear him through the wall once we are in bed.

eastereggfeaster Sat 18-Apr-09 21:09:13

blush still use ours and ds is nearly 4 but that's because we wouldn't hear him downstairs if he wanted something and he hasn't really twigged that he could just get out of bed in the night if he needs something.

cory Sat 18-Apr-09 21:25:48

have to admit we never used it in the first place blush

ours is a 3 bed semi and we reckoned we'd be able to hear her crying from anywhere in the house

also she had the same bedroom as us for her first year

RaspberryBlower Sun 19-Apr-09 08:57:58

Thanks for all the replies - there's quite a variation. I think I'll stop using it at night now.

Onadietcokebreak - your reply made me smile! Hope you're still having peaceful sleeps.

primigravida Sun 19-Apr-09 09:03:03

We never bought one as DS was in our room for first six months and then went into bedroom next door. I can hear him crying from anywhere in the house.

spicemonster Sun 19-Apr-09 09:03:38

I think it really depends on your house layout. We are in a flat with bedrooms on either side of it with firedoors. I cannot hear my DS even if he's screaming and I'm awake.

I have a BT monitor which you can turn down the sensitivity on so it only picks up yells, not every cough or snore

elvislives Sun 19-Apr-09 17:57:48

We have a 3 storey house. If I'm in the kitchen on the ground floor I can't hear DD (25 mo) on the top floor, so we still have ours on every day.

onadietcokebreak Sun 19-Apr-09 18:22:04

RaspberryBlower Thanks Yes bar sickness or teething I get alot more sleep these days!

CatHerder Sun 19-Apr-09 18:28:22

I have it downstairs so I can hear when a sleeping child upstairs wakes up. I'll keep using it till ds2 goes into a bed - after that he can come and get me when he wakes up!

I've never used it at night after we go to bed - once they were old enough to go in a room of their own (6mo ish) they were big enough to cry loud enough to wake me.

IheartNY Sun 19-Apr-09 19:16:03

I still have one for DS1 aged 3.5 but only for when I'm downstairs with door shut and TV on and he's in bed. Same for Ds1 (14 months).
Never used them upstairs as we are all in bedrooms next to each other so can easily hear them at night (even with DS2' door shut)

Shylily Sun 19-Apr-09 22:02:51

A few months for DS whose room is at the back of the house - never used one for DD. I can hear crying but not all the other noise - I'd be awake all night! (In fact, I close their doors and wear earplugs! I sleep so lightly that I'd be up all night.)
When I was at my parent's house sleeping upstairs and they were downstairs I put it outside the bedroom door on low so I could only hear crying.

Mummyfor3 Sun 19-Apr-09 22:05:40

Only ever used it if babe asleep in house and we in garden - or vice versa grin!

In fact, I sleep with ear plugs, mainly to not hear DH's snoring, but also because I do not need to hear every snuffle/cough/dream. So far I have never not woken up if there was real crying. BTW, DS3 now 13 months.

emma1282 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:16:06

Until 12 to 13 months I have been using and then stopped.

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